Are some Scared Hezbollahis out there?

by masoudA

I am sure you all already know about USA Hitting the astray sattelite 250 km above earth ? is it realy true ? If so - then there are certainly some scared Hezbollahis out there. What will happen to the Hezis with only walkie talkies and their FANTASTIC !! long distance telephone systems as means of communications? I am also sure there are also many scared Chinease and Russians running around !!



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by FU (not verified) on

When the Iranian nation (whom you call Hezbollahis) kicked the Shah and the American interests out of Iran, did they rely on satellites? They can defend the country with their bare hands as they proved to be capable of during eight years of the imposed war.

By the way, shooting down a satellite is not a big deal. I'm sure Chinese, Russians, or perhaps someday 'Hezbollahis' can do the same to the American toys up there. So, don't get excited too much.


The views on this thread are

by Wake up (not verified) on

The views on this thread are so stereotypical that it shows a root in common propaganda. Are you people really anti-war? It sure sounds like you pro-IRI are longing for war and destruction evident by your fighting words. Don't you have relatives and families back in Iran? Do you want them to be bombed into nothingness?


To Realist

by Arash- MN (not verified) on

Stop saying "Dude" !...You're neither American nor black. Get a life idiot !


Ey _badbakht!.

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

man_Anam_ke_rostam bovad_pahlevAn! Chinese and Russians are not scared, they are loaded, militarily and economically. Ey_badbakht! We owe the Chinese billions and billions of $.



by Realist (not verified) on

Yo dude, what's to you? That means that now US has more weapons to rape your families all over the globe. And if you go up or down you are still Masoud, a freaking foreigner with a Moslem name! bepaa leez nakhori



by Fariborz Maleknaseri, M.D., (not verified) on

You S.O.B. use my name!!!


Technology is not new.

by AnonymousNow (not verified) on

Actually, Chinese hit one of their Satellites much farther than the U.S. one. The technology is old.

Rather than destruction, how about some positive news what Satellites can do, for example, placing the man on the moon, etc.?

I do not remember who said the following:
You can take a person out of a country, but you cannot take the country out of that person: People such as Masoud will not change.


The yanks, russkies and the

by Guty next door (not verified) on

The yanks, russkies and the chinese all possess the technology to knock out each others satellites. while to the outside observer hitting this satellite can be considered an extraordinary feat of technology, the principles and the technology behind the recent strike is relatively old (60s and 70s).
In regards to the Iranians losing communications, the two doctrines of asymmetrical warfare which doesn't need much sophisticated communication technology and worked well in lebanon plus underground fibreoptic comm lines (being produced in ghazvin) can take care of that.


Parviz1 = Javadagh

by Fariborz Maleknaseri, M.D. (not verified) on

My countrymen Hezbollahis are truely afraid, escaping to Canada with their briefcases full of stolen historical artifacts. And what this Parviz1 or Javadagha does? He chooses Hajiagha as his lover! What a loser! Greetings


They're not scared, they're freaking out!

by Kamangir on

The hezbolahis (party of god) are freaking out not only because of the US military might, but mainly because they know they're running out of time and their main fear is 'Iranian People'

With their nasty involvement in the hell brought upon Iran 30 years ago, with so much crime and terror they have brought upon us, they ought to be scared, really scared!




No, they are NOT scared . . .

by Parviz1 (not verified) on

It seems that Masoud is going out of his mind. Although he is an Ey-ranian, he does not care where he came from; otherwise, he would stop these sort of non-sense.

The title of your post is misleading. I thought you meant the Hezi’s are afraid of Derafesh Kaveyani and MPG crap. But you surprised me with your source.

Look at the source one more time. It is BBC. This organization has promoted hatred toward our heritage and abused it many times. For example, it keeps using the wrong term instead of Persian Gulf.

The UN and other nations, in particular Russia and China have condemned this action. The UN condemned waterbording also but the US continues using it.

So much disrespect for International norms and laws that on wonders what the hell is happening with this chale meedoon mentality of your adopted country.

3,000 – 4,000 Hezi's kicked some real ass in 2005 when they were bombarded with the best equipment and best army. You see, they were not scared. As Behruz says: Get it!!