Are we Iranians politically Advanced?


by masoudA

We talk about democracy – yet we can’t see two Iranians truly getting along and have each other’s back.

Many of us think knowing history is the key to political maturity – nothing can be further from the truth.

The key is discipline, ability to organize, willingness to follow, inability to retire and let the youth take over……

Some time ago I read an article here on – “The Power of One” – by Dr. Mirfenderski. It hits the nail in the head, discussing why one Iranian is stronger than two Iranians!!!

Such community leaves itself open to abuse, open to being represented by creatures and organizations which don’t have the best of intentions towards us or our country.

I do not wish to discount the important factor of knowing the history, but even more important is to not take a political stand when one is not fully aware of the political issues and history of the events leading to the issues.

Unless we teach our kids differently, our communities, even as immigrants, will always be susceptible to abuses.

Take the Iranian/American community as an example. Millions of immigrants who ended up in the United States, as a result of greed and wanting without really deserving, our greed or the greed of our countrymen.

Yet, fresh from that experiment, hundreds of thousands of us backed Obama, for one reason and one reason only – for Obama to rock the boat – to shake the wealthy and the powerful, and to bring “Changes” for their personal betterment – in a few cases deserved. This was while most knew well, Obama and his gang of foreign policy setters will not do anything to help Iran if not hurt it.

This is not about Obama, this is about who we follow and why we follow.

This is about how our so called representative of Iranian Americans – Mr. Trita Parsi, the award winning (award for his services) President of the National Iranian American Council is neither Iranian, nor American !!

This is about how easy a bunch of oil cartels can sit around and figure out ways to manipulate 70 million of us.

This is not about Trita Parsi either - since he reminds me of the Eddie Murphy character in the movie “Trading Places”, when a bum happened to be in the right place at the right time, and was transformed into a major stock dealer, virtually overnight. No, this is not about Parsi (which most likely is not his real name either) – this is about a couple of million of Iranian/Americans who see this twenty something kid as their spokesman, don’t feel right about it – yet don’t care in the name of not caring about politics!!

That is a sign of political immaturity. This is however about NIAC members who truly care, some of whom are here.

When you see a NIAC directive telling you to tag NIAC opposition as MKO or NEOCON, MONARCHIST,……..know that there is something sadly wrong with that organization – a politically mature person would.


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No masoudA

by capt_ayhab on

all Iranians are NOT  as backward as you are.......,,,,,Happy?

So do not delve into what  you do not know. If you have to ask that question, obviously you do not know the question, let alone the answer.





I second that Free vs islam

by javaneh29 on

I couldnt agree more .... Iranians are only team players until the going gets tough! Then they opt for the easier  route.  I think an apt description is 'fickle'. There is no long tern view. And in my experience blaming everyone else is a common trait ... I dont think you're wrong at all.Think you have just described it perfectly.

However Iranians do have attributes too ......!!! At the very least,  you cant say Iranians are boring! Javaneh

Maryam Hojjat

No, We Are NOT!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Otherwise those young people would not trust Trita Parsi (NOT REAL NAME).  You are right!  Unfortunately, we Iranians are good followers not good researchers!  If you research about NIAC & his affiliations you know what I am saying!

Payandeh IRAN & True Iranians

free vs islam

MasoudA TRUTH?!

by free vs islam on

My opinion no one is advance in politics unless we all Iranian are politician and and it is Hard to imagine that Iranian people are advance in politics because advancement comes from social awareness and social evolvements and extensive knowledge of what we need and what we want and what is the goal. if you ask any Iranian they would consider themselves quite open minded and could get along with anyone and respects others rights and in Truth we all know it quite far from truth, because we are not team player and we always like to blame others for our own problem and I hope I’m wrong.