Black & Red

by masoudA

God bless his soul - MRP was a good 50 years ahead of Iran and 20 years ahead of the rest of the world when it came to the international affairs and global politics. Many years before the revolution - MRP gave an advance warning to us Iranians and the rest of the world of the aliance between Red and Black - The Communists and the Islamists. At the time MRP's warrnings were quickly dismissed, because we all thought Red and Black can't and won't mix!!! What we thought at the time was that the reds we knew were too intelligent and sophisticated to mix in or tie in with the backward Islamists..............Of course decent leftists never did mix in with the black while at the same time decent Islamists (if there were any) could not and did not tie aliances with the reds - for obvious and very basic differences in idealogies. What we under-estimated was the extent people can compromise their virtues for the sake of "Power" and financial gains. Said all that to tell you:

Watch out for the Black/Red aliance - it has expanded it's wings beyond Iran and Iranians. It plans to win (as they have in the past) not by offering a plan to make life better - but via creating hate for a certain group - be it non-moslems, American satan - Jews - capitalists,.........

In the long run - it shall be defeated simply because of shaky foundations - but for your sake, please don't find yourself on their side (unless you are Red or a Black) - and more importantly don't let this unholy aliance USE you - as they have used many Iranians before.


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Maryam Hojjat

Great truth

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks.  I never trusted either of them.  both are brutal & inhumane!