Bloom Box!!


by masoudA

Bloom Box

A guy from India has devised this box that supposedly converts “Oxygen” to “Electricity”, using filters made of ocean sand!!    Have you guys heard anything about it?   It was on 60-minutes last week.


If any of you electrical or mechanical fellows know more of the technicalities please share.   Here are some thoughts.

1-     Apparently several big companies in USA are already testing the box.

2-     Some famous “Venture Capitalist” out of San Francisco bought out (or partnered – irrelevant to the issue) the Indian gentleman for $150 million (or something like that – irrelevant again) – and named the invention the “Bloom Box” – very much a Jewish name here in America.   Makes one wonder about all inventions of the past!!   Also makes one wonder if Jews suffer from the same identity crisis their Arab cousins suffer from?   This is not a racist comment, since all humans are the same - it's a comment questioning cultures and cultural habits.

3-     Again according to reports – a 6” cube can provide electricity for a full house. 

4-     Some colleagues are saying “Ocean Sand” has by nature electricity stored in it!   Is that a fact?   Could be – with the right combination of chemicals in the ocean sand with water…. But this box does not use water.

5-     Converting Oxygen to Power?   Are you kidding?   How much Oxygen?  I thought the idea was to preserve more Oxygen not use it a way that can have huge global impacts on earth?   I thought we want to keep the air intact – where are we going to get the Oxygen?   From water?   How much water?    Sea Water?  How much Sea Water?  

6-     As much as I love the idea of clean air and new safe and Green sources of energy, I must remain skeptical on this one.  The venture capitalist does present a concern, because they can always use the “Need” factor to justify potential drawbacks, and get a green light by promising limited use of the box.   Just like those wo promised limited use of atomic energy. 

7-     Finally – Just pondering on the idea of gasoline becoming obsolete – and it’s impacts on the world’s oil producers….. After thinking about it – I tend to think the joy of seeing Arabs make a run for “productive” lives, almost makes up for the loss of oil income for Iran lol.   Over the years I have heard many Iranians say Iran would have been better off without it’s oil, simply because then the colonialists would leave our internal affairs alone.  Maybe it’s time to test that venture.   I know for sure, without oil Iranians do far better than they have done in the past 30 years.   Most certainly, if we are allowed to compete in a “fair” free market.    


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Ari Siletz

Not all hype, but quit a bit of it

by Ari Siletz on

The Bloombox still uses fuel as with any other power source--for example you can pump in methanol. It is just more efficient in converting the fuel into electricy. Also using oxygen is nothing new--your car couldn't burn fuel if you didn't give it oxygen. So the wording--energy from oxygen-- is quite misleading though in a banal sense it is true.  The technology has actually been in use in special circumstances like in some submarines or remote locations off the grid. What is new is that they're saying Bloombox can make fuel cells cheaper than conventional sources of electricity, like coal, solar, wind. So the claim really has to do with the economics, not the technology per se, though you would need an amazing design to lower the cost as much as they claim.

I saw the 60 Minutes piece, and it was infomercial, with about 10% journalistic integrity thrown in. Colin Powell showing up and the reference to the White House was a degrading ploy for a supposedly quality show. 


Masoud jon

by Cost-of-Progress on

I caught a glimps of it on a TV show the other night (I think Science Channel) but it was the last few minutes and did not catch a whole lot of it.

The (Indian) guy said that we are years from this becoming a practical reality as a reliable source of power, meanwhile, let's take the Hummer out for a ride, shall we?