Brainstorm !!

by masoudA


There are a few of us here in USA discussing how we can deal with extremists who believe in violance in and out of Iran.

Here is one argument - and certainly not mine - we thought i'd be interesting to here your inputs.


first I have to explain my intentions of this discussion as not political,or financial.The intent is truely for goodness and peace for humanity and opening of a precious communication line.

Iran has been taken hostage by a group of extremists that are losing the war since the day took full control of our lives back around 78/79.

The reason for this gradual loss of this war by extremists have not/and will be through violence because the extremest evil feed off of violence.

In big skim of things with or without good intensions a movement has alreday started and will not stop (may be temprorily because of violent forces) that need to be strengthened through utilizing our relavant knowledge , experience and abilities.

The mess in iran will not have a short term solution because the only short term solution is violence.

I can not and will not give detail directions of what to do because of my lack of political experience to suggest such a direction. I can however suggest general direction because of the general laws and rules of humanity and common sense.

The non-violence solution will be slow and painful but will have to be non-violence.


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Some non-sense again . . .

by Parviz (not verified) on

Your post is printed twice. Are you or someone you know is answering your question?


Iranians should take responsibility for what took place and stop blaming others. If Iranians who live in other countries worked as hard as they do in those countries, Iran will definitely become better. Many Iranians helped in stealing our heritage and artifacts.


Backwardness is the enemy

by Hope6 (not verified) on

By ((:-) from another post -- Arabs are also victim of backwardness. Arabs are not out enemy. Backwardness is the enemy. Our common enemy is backwardness that does not allow freedom to reason and thought. The enemy of Iranian and Arabs is Islam and Islam cult that maintains backwardness and stops development of freedom and democracy.

This common enemy does not allow democracy to come to Middle East.

This common enemy can be used by dark forces of other countries to victimize Iranians and Arabs.

We Iranians need to lead the entire region to light from this darkness of Islam.

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

Secular Democratic Federal Republic of Iran is our solution.