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I do not mean to divert attention from Iran's events - but I do consider this an Iran event (Believe it or not) - especially now that AN has offered to help the World solve it's problems. I think he wants to strike at capitalism - to divert attention from IRI's defaults. Some of AN's advisors have benefited a lot from internet discussions, and in-between discussions and in between the lines have learned enough to be able to make a good case against capitalism. Hence – I am hoping we can start disarming AN right here – by discussing capitalism ourselves.

Let me start by saying that I am a capitalist – but I think it has many problems that needs fixing.

1- Enemies identify Capitalism as a system in which “Capital” rules. While this is partially true – but I have a better definition for Capitalism – and from a different point of view. The way to describe Capitalism is a system that endorses “private ownership”, “Generation of Wealth” and “Inheritance”. Another words, Jazb Servat va be Miras gozashtan servat. I think this is the starting point at which one must encounter Capitalism. Do you think a person should have the right to pay money and buy a piece of earth and own properties? Do we have the right to own a house and the property it sits on? Do you believe in ownership? Your house, your car, your business,…. and more importantly – do our children have rights to our wealth – no matter how stupid, lazy and lame they are? If your answer is yes – then you are very close to be a Capitalist. You have the right to fight to lower the importance of capital in your society, or you can even insist on limits on how much capital an individual can generate – but you are still a Capitalist.

I will add later


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OK Where were we?

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Ok – where were we?Rounding third base of Capitalism, heading for home.    Home is what? A life of peace and prosperity, sanity, joy, creativity, and in tune with humanity and nature.    Again – “First Base” is when one finds him/herself in favor of “Ownership” and “Inheritance”, while “Second Base” is the belief in “Skills” and “Insight”, as much as discipline and hard work.   Finally, “Third Base” of Capitalism is the belief in a small government that works for and is controlled by the people, rather than having a “Big Brother” that controls the masses.    Now – just like in baseball, one can miss the home plate or get thrown out before reaching home.   How does a Capitalist miss Home?   The answer is simple – “Greed”.   Greed is the Achilles Heel of a Capitalist.    Stalin said it best about a Greedy Capitalist – would sell you the rope to hang him with……Greed is what causes a Capitalist media to sell time and columns to enemies.   Greed causes an average voter to vote for his pocket instead of his mind………Greed is what causes a Capitalist to sell-out it’s allies, even consider sitting across a table from a terrorist…….. Greed is to sell arms to the enemy, arms that can end-up killing your own. 

PS - lool AK69 for the 3 amigos clip. 



Brain Trust

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Any Comments?

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between the 3 amigos - that's all you can muster.   Any specifics?  anything?   Even on the ally attack - commone boys - there must be a single line you can dispute.  What amazes me most is the urge you boyz feel to make comments.   Why can't you just remain quiet if you have nothing to say?   Why the urge of researching through all my previous posts?   But I do have some good news for you.   

I have yet one more item that completes a capitalist. 


your second prolific article!

by kharmagas on

masoud, this is your second prolific article, after "Allied invasion of Iran" (//!

I don't know why Ostaad fails to appreciate your sea, .., rather, ocean of intellect!


Mr. masoudA

by capt_ayhab on

Don't upset yourself too much, I do not know what Mr. Ostaad has against Ahmaghinejad's socks?

Cheers dude ;-0)



Self Proclaimed OS-TAD

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that's all you have?  what are you a wanna be socialist too?   First of all we are not having a converstaion here - we are not even having a debate - because all you have to offer is ---- well go back for yourself and see how much of a pedestrian you are at the presence of mastery.   See unlike you - I first produce the evidence of being OStad - at least yours.   Now go back to your bag of comedy - OStad. 


masoudA, talking to you is like...

by Ostaad on

having a converstion with Ahmadinejad's socks.


Getlemen and stalkers -

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Getlemen and stalkers - lol 

The intent here is not to examine Capitalism from merely an economic stand-point.   We are looking at Capitalism as a socio-political system to establish societies.   And again – The idea is to disarm Ahmadinejad before he even starts to resolve problems of the rest of the world – as he intends to do on the soon coming negotiation tables.  Let me clarify something – this discussion is very much on time.   I hear, quiet accidentally!! Micheal Moore has come-up with a movie called “Capitalism” (???? Or something like that) providing more ammunition for AN.   My point is – no matter how bad “Capitalism” may be – AN and IRI are the last to solutions.    

 So where were we? Passed first base on the way to second.    

2- Which do you prefer; to give “Handouts” or “Teach skills”?    If your answer is “Teach Skills”, you have already passed the second base of being a Capitalist, well on your way to third base.    The right answer to this loaded question is however not one of the options – the right answer is “Both”.   Which is also one way Capitalism can be further be improved.   Don’t make a mistake – Capitalists are already making handouts – at least here in America they have been for 3 or 4 decades now.   But the overall effects are still unclear.    


3- Do you prefer: 1- A smaller government that public controls, or 2- A larger government that controls the public?    If your answer is 1, then you are rounding third base, heading for Home.    lol


Just to add to cap's comments...

by Ostaad on

Capitalism by itself has no inherent value. It must be married to the concept of the "free market" in order to become useful. Therefore, the society will only benefit if there is "Free Market Capitalism".


capital - econ 101

by capt_ayhab on

Capital in terms of capitalism is not refereed to only money[ which you seem to drive at].

Capital is defined as elements[some call it factors or means] of production which includes land, Equipment , natural resource  and labor.

As a result, capitalism refers to a system of economy where means[factors, elements] of production are privately controlled.