The Dictator Quiz

by masoudA

A dictator gets attacked by a neighboring country which defeats and eliminates all the people around the dictator except five people. A guy who can make bread, a scientist, an accountant, a lawyer, and finally a guy who never had a function other than he always truly believed in the dictator and his dictatorship. So – the basic premise is: A dictator is left with nothing but 5 people bread-maker, scientist, accountant, lawyer and a true believer. The dictator gets surrounded by the enemy and is told in order to save himself and his group he must surrender ONE in his group. Which one would you have dispensed if you were the dictator and why? Who will you surrender next if the enemy shows up again later?

Feel free to humor me as long as you also grant me the courtesy to answer the question as well.


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Sargord Pirouz

You've left out the fact

by Sargord Pirouz on

You've left out the fact that the dictator has hidden himself in a spider hole, within his home town's territory, and is about to be captured by US Military forces.

So figuring out who goes and who stays is irrelevant- wouldn't you say? It sure was in 2003.