Do not Trust the Eyranians!!


Do not Trust the Eyranians!!
by masoudA

Most of us Eyranians hear it, don’t like it, but also don’t make much of it under the assumption they are talking about the mullahs, and the fact that we don’t trust the mullahs either!! However – is there a bigger picture here? Years ago (maybe 20 years) while living in LA, I came across an official US federal government document openly providing directives to all state and local government agencies about how people of Iran, Syria,……and several other countries may be discriminated against because of their country of birth….highly un-American!! Against all Uncle Sam standards – certainly an imported directive from Northern Europe!! - I think now.
To me, the current “Don’t Trsut Eyranians” campaign in America has been originated from the exact same place which filled anti USA slogans in Iran – slogans which had to fill the ears of the millions of pre-revolution pro USA population in Iran - people who were well versed in political problems and social limitations Russia and England had and could bestow upon Iran - and were left with only Uncle Sam as a strong alley. The same group that filled Iranian books and airways with all kinds of reasoning why America is the Great Imperialist Satan, started at the same time an anti Iranian campaign in America – filling American ears with rhetoric’s on why Iranians could not and must not be trusted. Here, Here Yankees, if you have to trust someone we have billions of people in our territories/people farms – here we have millions of English Speaking Indians for you!!! They love to take orders without any questions or much expectations – what do you need demanding Eyranians for? Yes they may be more creative, more humane, and even more honest than us – but who needs the headaches?
To me it is as if there is an entity which fears badly, any possible venture, bonds and friendship between Iran and America!! Uuuuum let’s see – who would mostly be hurt by such coalition?????


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Yep Anglo

by masoudA on

I am thining exactly what you thinkng - except I like the Brits....I just despise their LORDS!!

BTW - I post here mostly for those who monitor these sites!!!  What I say is not news to most Eyranians......


Are you thinkin' what I am thinkin' MasoudA?

by anglophile on

You naughty naughty little boy!


The yanks were saying this stuff

by Zia111 on

In 1977-79 as well. People should recall when they said the same nonsense about the Shah, and look where that got us.



by Sassan1 on

The American people know they are referring to the regime. And any blame needs to be strictly put on the regime. Once we have regime change, Iran will once again be a respected country on the international scene.