The Formula to Victory


by masoudA

Do's and Don'ts for Iranian Opposition.

Don’t forget the war against IRI is a marathon.

Don’t conveniently conclude there is nothing we can do.

Don’t assume the Islamic Republic will go away by the following:

1-Cries of foul.

2-Poetry and Shoars.

3-Education alone. Education must go on – but we must stop focusing so much on the past. There are people who are right-now revisiting 28 Mordad for the 100th time – while Iranian youth are counting on us for some sort of much overdue jolt .

Therefore, for anyone engaged in any of the above, they would be frustrating our resources.

Don’t think too highly of yourself to engage in “monologues” or even “dialogues” on opposition airways. With the exception of Meybodi (because of his Erfan), the rest of the current group, especially the news crowds must be replaced with much younger assembly. 


Do get organized. Best way to organize Iranians is to create “Open-Lines” of communications. Build the Pyramid of organization from the base . That means do create a new organization, but don’t form the top of the pyramid in the first stages. Do build the base of the organization – say with 10,000 members all with equal say – and then let the 10,000 build upwards amongst themselves and anyone else who joins them at the base. Again the best and a proven way to do this is via an “Open Line”. Something like this forum but in a much higher scale. It will take time – but with good planning, good resources, and focused implementation it can be done in 1 year. The ideological foundation for this organization must be set in advanced and set simple. Be secular and believe in a democratic parliament to run the future affairs based on the articles of human rights. That automatically means you are against the theocracy in it’s entirety. After setting this foundation there must be no more discussions about the type of future government in Iran.

Do help those inside get strong and armed.

Do help those inside to get connected to the outside world.

And, Do get help. The whole world is about helping one another. Not that we do need any help right now, but we will and must use all resources available to us, whenever we need it. Many, many of our opposition spend much time and effort to prove to the world how Iranians are mistreated by the Islamic Republic, yet the very same people tell the world not to meddle in Iran’s internal affairs!!! I think some of this may even be by design and infiltration of our enemies.


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Mehdi, the shameless IRI supporter

by IranPars on

You're a disgusting IRI jackal, how do you live with yourself? How do you do it? All that blood on your hands! You're the enemy of Iran. How can you say, "no matter how bad things are, do NOT try to take out the regime."

You're a coward, a snake, a traitor, a liar, a monster, a vatan-foroosh, a parasite, a dimwitted baffoon with the IQ of your shoe size, and a blatant charlatan -- an Islamic Republic charlatan -- the worst kind!!!

You have the blood of innocents on your feaking ugly hands, you deceptive reptile!  I hope you die a bloody death, one that involves massive rape, mysogeny and torture, repeatedly over and over until you pass out.

You deserve far worse!




You forgot one item

by Mehdi on

- Don't be an idiot! Do not follow the advice of commies and subversives who while shedding crocodile tears for Iran, only have the destruction of Iran in mind. Revolutions and anti-government activity only makes thinsg worse, according to ALL historic records. No violent regime change has EVER been valuable and they have ALL resulted in a worse mafia taking over - so no matter how bad things are, do NOT try to take out the regime. Just work with what you have and see how you can improve things. That is the way out!


Well Ostad

by masoudA on

I have been thinking on what we as IRI opposition must do to help those in Iran.   Have you?  do you even consider yourself an IRI opposition ?  if you do - then you must have a lot to contribute here - since you are the ostad. 

As far as what I (personally) have been doing - I have done my share - but this is not about me.   In fact another good Don't would be to never bring personal matters to political forums.  Even if one has not done anything in the past - one can start today - Ostad!!   


masoudA, let's see what YOU have been doing... blogging is cheap

by Ostaad on

For example, how exactly have you been "educating" the Iranian youth? Any concrete examples that one can follow?

-  What do you precisely mean by, "the news crowds must be replaced with much younger assembly."?!!! Are you suggesting the posters should reveal their ages, and be blocked based on age per your recommendation?

- What do you exactly mean by, "help those inside get strong and armed."?!!! Let's see how many RPG launchers YOU have sent to "those inside", and why do you think this will help with to "educate" them?!!!

I have a hunch to you have rarely dealt with reality in you life. Please prove me wrong.