George Soros & Mullah Connections

by masoudA
Mansour Farhang was the first IR ambassador to UN (1979-1980). Those who were in US in the mid 70's saw him on TV constantly playing a major role to disable Shahs friends in America. He currently teaches "International Relations"!! in a 600 student Bennington College in Vermont. Recently he was part of yet another roundtable discussion here in USA on how to deal with IR - and proved himself yet again as a major traitor to Iran. He is still insisting for the world to overlook human rights abuses in Iran and focus only on "unconditional" discussions on nuclear issues. He also had a comment on how the Shah occupied three Islands on Persian Gulf which belonged to Emirates ......

The fact that he remains as one of the last IR Sandis crowd in America to press for "unconditional" discussions with IR without pressing the "Human Rights Violations" is no surprise to me - howver, this I found very interesting:

Mansour Farhang and Literature Professor Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak of Maryland University have received grants from three different foundations, including $50,000.00 from George Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute, to convene a conference on “Toward a Culture of Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran,”

BTW - I just point and provide insights - you do your own research.



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