Glen Beck & the Drug Cartels !!


by masoudA

This long note is for those of you who do not live in America, or do live in America and do not know who Glenn Beck is! Beck is the latest “hot” personality in the American media these days. This self proclaimed ex-alcoholic hosts the 2nd highest rated talk show in America every weekday at 9-12. He also has his own TV show on CNN, at 8 pm and again at 9 pm, prime US TV time, on every weeknight. As for his politics, Glenn is a middle of the road conservative, who believes in common sense not endorsing either political party in America, describing most US politicians as the “Weasels in Washington”. Overall it’s pretty safe to say Glen is the new coming of Ross Perot, this time just as an informer/educator. As for us Persians, it’s beneficial to know Glen was the first American TV personality to reveal and attack stoning in Iran. Over the last few months, Glenn has been openly fighting the war against terror and terrorism, and begging for Americans to wake-up to the global dangers posed by the Iranian Mullahs and the rest of the Hardcore Islamists. He is of-course openly promoting a regime change in Iran and does a good job distinguishing between the Iranian population and the Arabists. But Glenn’s latest on-taking is what impressed me the most. He is taking on the drug cartels! It was of-course something that was well expected here in America since along with the “War on Terror, “border security” is now on top of all US objectives. It’s been quiet a start, we have already had a US Congressman and a US Sheriff fighting on TV, with Glenn openly insulting the Congressman, who deserved it. It appears that the border town of Laredo in Texas, is basically in the hands of drug traffickers with the local Sheriff fighting a war not quiet supported by the local congressman! This whole story got me thinking about the non existent global war on drug cartels. Who is actually fighting that war? We constantly see people who fight blacks, whites, Zionists, Moslems, Imperialists, communists, neo-cons, left, right, …………. But who is fighting the drug cartels? Why don’t we see any of these good hearted modern day chevaliers, especially the Iranian types, utter a word about this issue, since our country appears to be “station 1” and maybe even a “main terminal” in drug routes. Could it be that this is a “dangerous” foe nobody wants to tackle? That can’t be true, since imperialists, Zionists, communists, capitalists, etc...…. are all far stronger than any drug cartel can ever be, yet we see people who are willing to call themselves their enemies. Then what? Why? - How come there is no open challenges to the drug cartels? I think the answer is simple; Terror! It’s because drug cartels “terrorize” their foes, consistently eliminate them, and advertise it widely. Sounds familiar? Certainly does to Iranians, who have lived under a constant “terror” campaign in the last 28 years. I think it’s time we all take sides.


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Every man who fights against

by andreea3600 (not verified) on

Every man who fights against drugs should be helped. First of all getting the criminals who are selling these things and taking the addicts to an drug rehab center.


Well he has a lot of

by gordman on

Well he has a lot of courage, I give him that. Fighting against drugs is not an easy job even if you are notorious public person. Why? Because there many business interests around drugs, drugs mean money in many languages. Drugs also mean "death" for our society but this is not such an "important" aspect. Is it? Anyway, all I am trying to say is that he needs serious support and I don't know if he will ever get that support.
Drug rehab


Glen we support you

by Kermanshan4life (not verified) on

Shame on those who support IRI and am sorry for those who believe in a reform from within (You must be living in a fairy land).


"does he exhibit "balls" in

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on

"does he exhibit "balls" in taking on the drug cartels ?"
"balls" for taking on the drug cartels?? The jury is out, it's a hopeless case,
..... shaakh o dom nadaare (and the joojeh of course calls everyone here boys and girls).


Read on ....

by masoudA on

Mehdi - Nice response and a good argument.  It's a valid point, but one can also counter with the fact that if all the money and resources engaged in drugs were made avaialable to populations - there would be no suffering.   Besides - much of the drug use is by the wealthiest in the west.   I guess people just look for ways out of their routines !!  

As for some others - You boys and girls are too far up into your political beliefs - you can't even distinguish between right and wrong anymore.  The hell with left or right - is Glenn Beck correct for exposing stoning in Iran ?  IS he right in promoting the fall of the mullahs ?   does he exhibit "balls" in taking on the drug cartels ?  

Dear Curious Joe - Noam Chomsky ?!   How can anyone appreciate those who promote peace with evil ?  When encountering evil - one must have balls not heart.   I am not a hate mongorer, but I have faced evil in the Streets of Tehran.  I have seen how women were sprayed with acid and beaten up in the name of religion.  Has Noam uttered a word about the atrocities in Iran ?  

Again - Glen Beck is anti politics and politicians.   Just like me he is disgusted with the political correctness, and the internal partisan battles causing both liberals and conservative to overlook everything other than how to get more votes.   As some of you know - the right decesion is not always the popular decesion. 



On Glen Beck and his

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

On Glen Beck and his justifying promoter here,
There's a surplus of shady air-heads and this is a fire sale, kilo-ee yek toman each.


Glenn Beck in back pocket of Zionsits

by zionist nabashid he' he' (not verified) on

Glenn Beck is in the back pocket of Zionists (sorry I ment in the "panty pocket" of zionists). He is used to scratch their you know whats!


Any Iranian who supports the

by Anonymous½ (not verified) on

Any Iranian who supports the barberic and thieving islamic republic is a disgrace and shame to humanity or feeds off their spoils-trough.


Go Glen

by kurdish warrior (not verified) on

He is one of the voices who support regime change for Iran (that's the only way we can get rid of these fascist mullahs).


Douche bag

by Hossein (not verified) on

Glen Beck is a Douche bag a crack head.
One day when on CNN he said
I used to drink a lot and do lots of drugs and
that's how I mess-up my brain.And I was thinking what dose it take for people to stop watching his show and realize that he is and Idiot.

Curious Joe

Beyond Glen Beck

by Curious Joe on

Glen Beck is one of the many similar voices in "media talk shows". He is from the same ilk as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Riley, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin ... and hundred's of others like them, that are the mouthpiece of Murdock and other media moguls bent on imperialism, disaster capitalism and world domination.

 If I were you, I'd switch for a while to other voices such as the latest book by Naomi Klein called "The Shock Doctrine", any book/article  by Noam Chomsky or Gore Vidal, or simply subscribing to the Nation Magazine or the Free Inquiry. You may even try Pacifica Radio Network, where you can subscribe/pay to listen to a radio, free of commercial/corporation influence.If you take my advice, I assure you that you'd feel much better than being bombarded by the main/popular (and yes, free) brainwashing media as presented by the likes of Glen Beck. 

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.  If you pay nothing, you get nothing.



You Are a Very Stupid Person

by Anonymous2000 (not verified) on

If you think Glen Beck is a hot personality on American TV, I have to say that you are VERY stupid person. You are either too young to distinguish between right and wrong, or your are of a very low intellectual ability. Does Glen Beck have any objection to the killing of nearly one million Iraqis? Does he ever mention the destruction of the entire infrastructure of two nations? Does he mention 4 million refuges cause by illegal wars? Does he ever object constant threat of using nukes on innocent people? Do you know that over 15000 Iranian police have died fighting drug traffickers? Did you watch the beheading Iranian border guards by drug traffickers?


President Bush must

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

issue directives for an immediate bombardment of the Islamic Republic and its supporters.


Any Iranian who backs a

by Pej (not verified) on

Any Iranian who backs a right-wing piece of shit like Glenn Beck is a disgrace. You think Glenn Beck cares about the Iranian people? These neo-conservatives only have one agenda: To carry out their plan for world domination by securing the green-belt in response to the dwindling dollar value against the Euro and the huge trade deficit with China, the world's newest superpower.

By spreading his hate mongering and propaganda, you only look like a fool. Please get some education. Don’t promote the ideas of a group of elitist fascists who are using you as a tool to achieve a regime change in our country at the expense of Iranian lives and loss of autonomy. That's not the way to support your fellow Iranian whose roots go back thousands of years. No Iranian should support the attack by a foreign power on Iranian land. When Iran is ready for a new beginning, it will be brought by its own people just as it was done here in US in the 1700s.


Hajiagha (Anonymous8), write in Parsi

by English Teacher (not verified) on

Hey Haji, write in Parsi. No one can understand your very bad English! Your Parsi is slightly better! :-)


Afghanistan back in drugs business

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

if the want fight with drugs,,,,what Canada and USA want in Afghanistan , when plane back from Afghanistan and land in Canada or USA are bring solders back or heroin?


Glen Beck is a moran, Johnny come latey hater

by Agha Mehdi (not verified) on

My friend,

Glen Beck is a moran, Johnny come latey hater.
Don't be fooled, look at what he is advocating.
He is advocating "bomb bomb bomb, bomb, bomb Iran"


Why Fight Drugs?

by Mehdi on

I think fighting drug cartels is not very efficient. While it should be done, the problem of drugs is a problem of life. For as long as we don't have a real solution for the pains we suffer in life, we can't stop drug use. People who are strong and drug free usually do not understand what makes a person reach for drugs.



Another side of this issue is that today, drugs are being distributed legally with the support of governments! The so called psychiatric drugs are no different than "street drugs." Ask any addict and they will tell you. Currently psychiatric drugs are being sold in the black market. People buy it to get high - just like regular street drugs. As a matter of fact it is an unknown fact that many street drugs were first introduced as a wonder drug by psychiatrists. I know of PCP and LSD that originally came out as a wonder drug by psychiatrists. So I am not sure why even bother fighting drug cartels if we are going to have it delivered by governments anyway. I guess they just don't want competetion. Currently psychiatrists are researching drugs for babies so that eventually they will have everyone addicted to their wonder drugs from the moment of birth so that nobody will know what it even means to not be addicted. So there is a whole new field of drug pushing has just opened up!


Glen Beck not good for Iran

by Progressive (not verified) on

This Glen guy is a right-wing warmonger, and the drug cartels are part of the multinationals that rule the world!


Anoy-nymous !!

by masoudA on

Please be specific.

I admire his courage in showing stoning of Iranians on American TV.   Don't you ? 

I love the fact that finaly somebody is serious about fighting the drug cartels.    do you not ? 


are you for real?

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

you admire him???????????

he's the proof how dumb/low/brainwashed some americans are.