Good News - Bad News

by masoudA

Bad News First - Obama and the Democrats will do NOTHING to help, unless it is ordered from London.
Now the Good News:
1- The last 10 days has solidified all Iranians against IRI.   There will be some who will be "Fair Weathered"  - Hezb Baad - but IRI has been exposed beyond any explanations or mendation.  
2- The talk in the Americam conservatives circles these days is:
- We should have gone into Iran before Iraq.
- Now that we know we will have the people of Iran with us - It is time now to fight THE WAR and get it over with.  

The way I see it:  Even if IRI wins the current battle (and I don't think they will) - If all of our efforts in the next 3 years fail - A New Republican president will not hesitate to give the Iranian People any physical support they ask for - including armed forces. 

But for now let's focus on what we have to do. 



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Physical Support

by masoudA on

Here is my response to people such as Anony Fish who do not come here because they get paid !!

First of all - when it comes to US foreign relations Obama is an isolationist and a follower of Euros, just like many of his Democrat predecessors.    

Second - Everytime there is talk on what can be done for Iran - pro IRI agents divert the discussions to "Military Invasion" or "Mossadeg", etc...  

 Irandokht - I don't know where your mind and heart is - but us Iranians are desprately looking for ANY means to help our compatriots and at this time we are so pressed to respond to the likes of you - but for the sake of others I will say this:

The only time in the alst 300 years when Iran and Iranians enjoyed some sovernty, freedom, and security was during the 30 years of Mohammad Reza Shah era - because of the WW2 aftermats and US controls in Iran.   If you don't know that - you are cluless about our history and how the Anglo-Russian joint venture had suffocated our nation (they took Iran back in 1978).   To learn more read "Strangling of Persia" - a pretty good book written by  the American Morgan Shuster who was appointed in 1910? by our majlis to fix our banking system.   Not you Irandokht - you keep reading your jozvehs and articles. 

Finally - we appear to be headed towards a National Strikes - What are some of the ways the world can help the strike to be effective in bringing down IRI ?  Can targeted banning of some exports and imports to and from Iran be a start? 


Not another Iraq or Afghanistan

by Arash_1970 on

Are you suggesting another Iraq or Afghanistan kind of "Physical Support" ?


Massoud Jan

by Bavafa on

I thought some body may need to enlighten you...

You are welcome!



physical support?

by IRANdokht on

I don't even want to ask why you said "physical support" instead of "military  intervention"...

Please read this article, you might learn a thing or two about your "physical support"! 


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

Say what you will about the US and apparently you don't like us very much... but dude... come on!  :-)  I'm ALL for staying out of this at all possible with the exception of lending moral support.  But Obama don't take orders from London.  Not today, not ever.

Troneg.  Let me ask you.  And firstly, I'm with you in believing that it's for the Iranian people to win their freedom.  But... even in our War of Independence, we accepted help from France (believe it or not).  Not sure if our war could have been won without them.  Do or rather, WOULD you not accept help at any given time?



by masoudA on

Why did I know you'd be on eof the first to respond ??!! lol

You keep doing your thing bud!!  


We don't need any US support

by Troneg on

People should win their Freedom by their own and IRI is waiting for a small proof of US active backing to say it is a foreign plot and justify all they want. They have already started by pointing English Embassy.


for your good news : Bu11 $hit

by Bavafa on

As they say, bezar in gavi ro ke zaydan bozorg konan,  then worry about attaching Iran.  Bozak namir bahar meead, ghompoze ba khiar meead.