Google Earth Calls it Arabian Gulf now !!!

by masoudA

Go to Google Earth - and see what they are calling the Persian Gulf now.



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I believe the first use of

by vahid ali (not verified) on

I believe the first use of the word "Arabian" was
by the British in the mid 20th century. BBC calls it so
in the Arabic programs.
Also trying to distinguish "farsi" and "dari". (dari
was just a particular designation of Farsi as in
Parsiye Dari not a separate language.) The
British as much as Arab regimes are responsible for


This is just wrong.

by Disgusted Historian (not verified) on

Changing the name of a body of water by arbitrary decision is irresponsible. Irrespective of any other point, it is tacitly a-scientific. The fact that the act was committed by a respected and global entity endangers the historical record if not corrected. The idea that it made it to publication speaks volumes as to the attitude of Google towards maintaining historical, scholarly practices. Many people in positions of responsibility had to approve it prior to going 'live'. None can claim ignorance.

By the way, why are all blog pages read from the bottom up? It seems to me that since the page loads from the top-down it should also read chronologically as the page is scrolled towards the bottom, where one would make a reply to the last comment posted. One does not read a book by starting on the back cover.


Deletion of “Arabian Gulf ” from Google Earth

by Persian lover (not verified) on

"Immediate and unconditional deletion of “Arabian Gulf ” from Google Earth "
We need 1000.000 signature, Go to this site and you find the link to delet this Arabian gulf


Answer to Kaveh Nouraee's Question

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

Question: "So, tell me and everyone else here. What is more hurtful? The name on a map or the state of our homeland?"

Answer: "The poor state of our homeland"

You tackle the situation at home please, and we (those of us abroad and in-exile) will tackle what we can here from our end.

Kaveh Nouraee

Re: Don't even try.......

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I understand more than you can even imagine. I know it's the Persian Gulf, and has been since the beginning of time. I know it's not the Arabian Gulf, never has been and never will be.

I am the first one to correct the idiot who calls Iran an Arab country or considers Iranians to be Arabs. I guarantee you that I have more Iranian pride in my fingernail clippings than you have throughout your entire being.

Our homeland has been overrun by a bunch of illiterate degenerates who would be social outcasts anywhere else in the civilized world, and probably would be in prison. These sub-human pieces of garbage all possess an Arab mentality, worship the Arab lifestyle, and who have time and time again given BILLIONS of dollars to Arab groups who have the singular agenda of wreaking havoc and killing indiscriminately, while our own people, IRANIAN people, have nothing. Inflation is out of control, drug use and prostitution is rampant, and it's only going to continue to worsen.

But instead of being angry about THAT, you want to feign nationalistic pride that's so transparent a blind person can see right through it, all because some ignorant jerk at Google changed the name on a map!

So, tell me and everyone else here. What is more hurtful? The name on a map or the state of our homeland?



google is wrong but there is

by ghooghooli (not verified) on

google is wrong but
there is more into this picture.
There is perhaps an israeli sympathizer which some of you may call zionist who tried to create a conflict between arabs and iranians.
This is the strategy.
If Persians and arabs are smart, they can say to helll with you and they can create a search engine in middle east with all the money from the oil.
They can stop buying airplanes and guns to kill each other and use the money to compete with this chinese immigrant who became rich overnight and lost control of the empire as shown by this thread.


To Another lost iranian in France

by Kurdish warrior (not verified) on

Bravo..I wish we were more active in the big issues as you mentioned....


lost forever!

by Persian Gulf (not verified) on

Of course those "pseudo=Iranians" who have lost their identities in the west don't care about the name Persian or Arabian Gulf a bit. They are losers!


Do me a favor.....

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

You are not just lost in France. You have lost your identity too!

Do me a favor, if you are of no help at least keep your French opinion to yourself. Or even better go chase the Sarkozy's new wife! She says she is bored with monogomy!



> you guys have oa lot of free time

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

The iranian youth is crack addicted, our girls our prostitutes in Dubai, most of our engineers have fled overseas, people in Tehran are more worried about their nose and their Mercedes.

We the Iranian diaspora worry too much. Our country is falling apart and all we think about is how Google calls the persian gulf.

Vaghan shomaha bikar in.


Your assistance is required

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

With the help of our activist friends I will be contacting Google about this matter. And shortly there after I'm sure you will see various well phrases letter that can be used as a template to write Google and protest. It would be much apprecaited if each and every one of you can write to Google asking them to avoid this nonsensical name change.

In the mean time however, it would be appreciated if as many of you as possible go to Google Earth application and upload ‘relevant’, and preferably artistic, pictures all around the coast line of the Persian Gulf, and label them “Persian Gulf” or even “Khalije Pars”.

Currently, if you zoom in and look at the Persian Gulf area, you will see only two photos, both uploaded on the Kuwaiti coast line, with the labels “Persian Gulf” and “Persian Gulf Region Bechtel Construction”.

We need several dozens of such photo’s there, all of them labeled with the actual name for that body of water. This will help us when we contact Google and whilst they make their deliberations.

Over the course of human history, nearly all regions have had their name changed based on the political order of the era, sometimes based on migrations and new demographics realities. And there is nothing wrong with that.

The “Persian Gulf” however is a body of water that has had the same name since the dawn of time, from before the formal documentation of human history itself, right up to the 1960’s and the rise of what is now called “Islamic terrorism”. Even the Roman named Mediterranean, with a 2000+ history with that name, has in the distant past been known by some other names and cannot claim such a distinguished heritage as the Persian Gulf.

Today the Medi-terran-ean is not the “middle of the earth” and yet no name change is on the agenda, and the Persian Gulf does not belong to present day Iranian’s. However, sitting by as idle and indifferent spectators of this silly name change, amounts to the same calamity our fathers and grand father’s generation brought upon our nation 30 years ago. They are guilty of passively watching a minority of the population force their anti-Iranian ideology onto all the rest of us, through murder and lies. We need to be better that them. We need to make amends.

And a leading technological tool such as Google Earth mapping application is an important forum, and as such worth the confrontation, for the sake of our future.


"Don't even begin to try and

by Me, not you (not verified) on

"Don't even begin to try and think about what may or may not be over my head."

I don't need to, your comment at 10:07 a.m. in this thread already demonstrated 1) you don't understand (or intentionally don't want to acknowledge) the importance of such plays with names and how hurtful it is for Iranians, and 2) that you (by your own admission) can't handle multiple tasks at the same time. Now keep on shouting Einstein.


Persian Gulf forever!

by ZebelTheRebel (not verified) on

What if Mexico start calling San Diego "Tijuana supplemente"! ;-)

Persian Gulf is the historical name of the body of water and an indication of the importance of Iran/Persia in the past and present.

We have to coordinate some action to oppose any attempts to rewrite the history. Thanks for bringng that up.

Again, I see some notes on this site trying to add insult to injury. Nothing is more hurtful than seeing these ass holes making a mockery of our rights and legitimate aspirations.

The low lifes of history. They have been always around. These scum of earth. If I have to bet I'd say these are folks who are in cahoots with Israel.

Kaveh Nouraee

To: Whoever you are

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The only thing illegitimate around here is you, since you are too much of a coward to show who you really are, preferring to hide behind some stupid, childish pseudonym.

By the way, do you know what a pseudonym is? I'm afraid the word might be over your head.

Don't even begin to try and think about what may or may not be over my head. You will only succeed in giving yourself an aneurysm.


Good Job!

by Ali (not verified) on

Good job Google Earth. This is another victory for all Muslim countries around the Arabian Gulf.


It's the Persian Gulf, not

by Kalfus (not verified) on

It's the Persian Gulf, not Arabian Gulf. I'm American and I know this. I don't know if this was accident or just for goofs, it is still the Persian Gulf.


REPLY : GO TO :::::::::::::::

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Google Earth Calls it Arabian Gulf now !!!
by masoudA

Go to Google Earth - and see what they are calling the Persian Gulf now.

1.I mean: better go to simple google search mashin, ask for persian gulf. may be you will get 32.600 items just as I have got right now.
2. Let google and others bark and grunt as much as they will, as much as they can.
3.After 26 years have the states in the Gulf-Cooperation-Organisation invited the Islamic Republic of Iran to join. This just an easy example to see who is the real Master in the Persian gulf. The master is the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN or the honorable Iranian nation. Greeting


So what?

by Anonymous???? (not verified) on

If just a name keeps you happy while is used and controlled by others, then I feel sorry for you guys.



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

In the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN it is not possible to Klick on "GOOGLE". As far the reason is know it is because that search mashine had been respectless against Iranian nation.Since each GOOGLE-klick brings mony, so for example also to klick "IRANIAN" brings mony for the Web-master, and Loosing the big profit is one of the most painfull punishments for greedy, gluttonous subjects such as GOOGLe & CO. So is bringing uncorrect informations only the aftereffect of the pain google is suffering from. I, for my part - others may have thier own opinions - am sure just as the, not any more so great, satan is laying in his death bed and snapping air also google will not last long, will disappear. And the heroic Iranian nation, to which I count only those who have founded thier ISLAMIC REPUBLIC, are living there and are willing to protect and defete what they have achieved during the last 30 years, will be for all times the mitghty Gendarm and master on the Persian Gulf. No thieves, no rubbers will be ever able to ship through. But the Friends of the Islamic Republic and all other honests get the permision to. That Gulf had been named Persian since centuries. That is what all the poeple say. I am just convinced: Winter passes by, coal keeps its black face. I must interrupt now, I want to lissen to the FM M. MOTAKI`s Speech in DAVOS in the Video which "IRANIAN" has made available. How good that we have the "IRANIAN". Greeting


I'm from the Arabian Gulf and am speaking New Zealandian now

by Me, not you (not verified) on

Lately they call the name of the language of Iranians, Afghanis and Tajiks; "Farsi", "Dari", "Tajik", when its name for many centuires is Persian, and it IS one and the same language (when the same uneducated nonsense has not been applied to the name of the English langauge). They lately call the Persian Gulf (its name for many centuries) the Arabain Gulf. They claim Nezami was from the ancient country of Azerbaijan, Molavi from Turkey, Khayam from Saudi Arabia, Kharazmi, etc etc. and the errors go on

K. Nouraee, you just stick to your world of politics and leave such matters alone (which are WAY above your head), and don't try to twist matters with your illegitmate proclamation. (".....before we can legitimately and credibly...." p.s. throw your "we" in the trash can.


Actually some Arab girls are OK

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Jewish girls are OK too, don't go into a tizzy, How does
gooze link to shaghigheh.


We Are Arab Lovers!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Let's face it everyone. We are Arab lovers. Arabs have been our masters for the past 1400 years, and they will remain so for the rest of our existence. If you doubt that, just check out this link to another article glorifying the Palistinian cause.


Just see how many Iranians have come out of the woodwork to support the Palistinians, the same people who sent armed fighters to fight alongside the Iraqi army during its war with Iran, and the same people who had declared Khuzestan "Arabestan" and the eventual homeland of the Palestinian State.

As Arabs gain more power and influence in the world, and and expand their wealth and economy, we Iranians pick thier fights for them get ourselves mired in an issue that has nothing to do with us. Shame on us!!

FYI, I posted a link to this article on that tread as well.


and it has a Persian (?) VP

by Alborzi (not verified) on

I bet you he is crack addict. Could not resist

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I agree with your sentiment that we have to unite and have a voice... and a powerful one at that.

But I also think there are much more important issues concerning Iran and Iranians that need to be dealt with before we can legitimately and credibly embark on what may be interpreted as an ego trip over the name of the gulf. Right now, as a people, saving our homeland is much more important than saving our pride.

You know it's the Persian Gulf, I know it's the Persian Gulf, and most people with half a brain know it's the Persian Gulf. It was, is, and will always be the Persian Gulf, no matter what a room full of computer geeks at Google's headquarters says or does.

Ben Madadi

Google earth uses both

by Ben Madadi on

Persian Gulf and Arabian Gulf!


True. Kiss Iran and Iranian Goodbye if we do not come together

by Iran First (not verified) on

Stop this Genocide of Iranians and Iranian culture by coming together and unite.

Leaders, organizations, and a simple platform Needed


We need to unite and have a

by masoudA on

We need to unite and have a voice in the world - and I do not mean Trita Parsi or other Mullah creations.