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Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Iranian compatriots with Green bands and flags next to the shiro khorshid and leftist flags, shout the same slogan: Marg bar Dictator, Marg bar Khamenei, Marg bar Akhoond, etc.

I am a Shir o Khorshid guy myslef - I know there is no way we can win the war against IRI without the Greens next to us. From what I know, the Greens are people who thought:

-Could use Moussavi to destroy IRI from within (just like most Khatami Fans), or

- Thought IRI could be reformed (know better now), and finally

- They could fix Iran by getting rid of Velayat Faghih.

Well, Kids in Iran made this unity happen - but we must be extremely careful not to allow IRI agents break it up - because try, they will.

Let me tell you about their splitting-out techniques. First they pose as either extreme Shahi, leftist or Extreme Moussavi fan. Then they start saying/writing insane things giving a bad extreme image to all sides. Then they consistantly bombard us with irrelevant news on Iran (Mostly what IRI officials have done or said) to keep us reactive and distract us from being proactive.

Keep and expand the Unity - it's our biggest achievement, and our winning card.


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Good to see a positive blog

by IRANdokht on

It's very important to be able to recognize that the ones who were trying to convey the "green" people of Iran's message all along, were being unfairly labeled in a hasty and sometimes cruel way.

Some of us heard the Iranians message loud and clear when they united and wore green to show their huge numbers. We started wearing green and spreading their message about the elections despite the constant put-downs from the boycott groups.

The people of Iran surprised some of us by continuing the movement after the election results were given. Some were more insightful, I was not. I really thought there would be 4 more years of AN, just like the last election, but I was happy to see the atmosphere of Iran had changed.  

It's never to late to join the people. 

Thank you for the positive blog