Hadi Ghaemi

by masoudA
Ex NIAC - Under a new cover of fighting for "Human Rights" in Iran is actualy fighting to keep IRI alive, with funding from Europe. Your theatrics in LA last night, hiding behind a folk concert and the likes of Shokouh Mirzadegi was deplorable. You'd be luck if you survive last nights episode of having one of your paid goons slapping a Channel 1 reporter on the face - in an evening dedicated to human rights !!
Buddy - if you read this - let me spell itr for you;
and tell that to your IRI guest speaker Eshkevari too.


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Thank you AO and MA. I don't

by vildemose on

Thank you AO and MA. I don't live in California so I guess I'm missing a lot of infighting between opposition....lol

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Ghaemi is another cloaked apologists who's now on full time spin duty to convince everyone that the IRI should stay and that the Iranian people only want "civil rights", the kind that I addressed in my blog.


apparently fights broke out and police got in

by Hovakhshatare on

The good news is more of these thugs are getting ID'd. 

I'm surprised you have not yet been attacked by NIAC & co already. Maybe shame or recognition is setting in.


Yes Benross

by masoudA on


Iran needs to move from a Religious Dictatorship to a Secular Democracy - no matter how it's done it would be a real revolution - This time a Progressive Revolution.

A new secular constitution would mean a revolution - we will have it and it won't be bloody as far as the Green in concerned. 


Let's not have a revolution

by benross on

Let's not have a revolution - let's not make the mistake we made in 1978 !!

The only way we can avoid that mistake is to correct it. To go back to our real constitution. This doesn't need to be violent. No more violent than preaching 'reform within IRI' and get hooked for a torn picture of Khomeini anyway.

There is this Persian expression, die once, cry once. If you are already accused of dismantling IRI without actually doing it, why not doing it? You would be surprised how much your 'enemy' will be relieved and tolerant once they know what you are up to. Here in abroad at least, even if we want to give 'reform' a chance, we should prepare ourselves for the alternative so that if 'reformists' inside Iran had no more place to go, we provide what would be the ultimate solution in my view anyway.


Dear Vildmose

by masoudA on

Some people who have in the past benefited from IRI lobby funds - are now feeling the heat yet finding other ways to serve IRI - while hiding behind "Human Rights" banners.    As the head of a newly founded Human Rights organization - Senior Ghaemi sponsored a concert in LA last night - a concert in which the main act did not even show up.   Some Iranians went out there to the venue last night and presented a report on Channel 1 today.   They had several speakers, some of them well respectd Mihan Parasts who did a fine job describing human rights violations in Iran (which is no longer a secret) - but as his main speakerGhaemi had a well known Reformist Eshkevari who had a cute message: Let's not have a revolution - let's not make the mistake we made in 1978 !!



MasoudA: who is Hadi

by vildemose on

MasoudA: who is Hadi Ghaemi?? What happened in LA last night. Can you explain?