Haj Mirza Aghassi

by masoudA

For those who may not know - He was I think the first of the modern Shiite Akhoonds to run the government in Iran - during Ghajar in the 19th Century. His Grandson just officially walked into the LA Satellite TV scene. He has appeared in several Channels - including today for the 4th time on the one Satellite TV show that is worth watching in my opinion - Meybodi on Pars TV. At least it used to be worth watching - it appears more and more Shajareh (Pars Owner) is pushing "Guests" onto the Meybodi show!!

Anyways - back to Aghassi. It seems like Feyzieh is now firing it's version of "intellectual torpedo" at us - too bad as well as the guy is behaved, and spoken - this low talker is short in logic and science. He has all the shrewdness and rezalat of akhoonds. He openly attacks the IR - but at the same time he is pure poison for Iran and Iranian mindset. His poison is not just the fact that he pushes again and again to make Ghoraan into the words of God, it is not even the fact that the guy is pushing Hadis into the equation - presenting them as some sort of dependable......... His poison is the fact that he is trying to divide the Green into religious and non-religious camps - to get us derailed and fighting over Islam.

Just be on the look-out.

One Aghassi Episode that I must share. In a challenge about wether Imam Reza even existed - Aghassi quotes a book from 11th Century!! - of some Arab I had never heared about (given I have not heared of many Arabs). The quote was something like: Imam Moussa Kazem (the 7th Imam - or was he?) had 35 children from 4 wives - one of them by the name of Hamideh, has son named Reza !!!!!!

I am sure at some times during the Safavids and Ghajars - Akhoonds did write books to connect themselves to some Imam........ Now these books - thanx to Feyzieh - have become sources of reference.


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what do you really expect from an akhoond? or akhoond zadeh?

by Hovakhshatare on

decency? humanity? honor?

M. Saadat Noury

براي اطلاع بيشتر

M. Saadat Noury

براي اطلاع بيشتر از شرح حال وي رجوع كنيد به: - صدر التواريخ، محمّد حسن اعتماد السلطنه، با تصحيح و تحشيه محمّد مشيري، انتشارات روزبهان، چاپ دوم، 1357. - ناسخ التواريخ، جلد دوم قاجاريه. - مقالات علي مشيري در مجله خواندني ها سال 25. - سلسله مقالات حسين سعادت نوري در مجله يغما. و یا کتاب شرح حال حاج میرزا آقاسی تا لیف  حسین سعادت نوری- رساله دستور الاعقاب، آقا مهدي نواب تهراني، نسخه خطي موجود در دانشكده حقوق دانشگاه تهران.

Red Wine


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محمدشاه به توصيهٌ معلم و مراد و وزيرش حاجي ميرزا آقاسي به «علما» روي خوش نشان نميداد .



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Great info


Who Was Haji Mirza Aqasi?How Did He Change The Course of History

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Who Was Haji Mirza Aqasi? How Did He Change The Course of History?