How can Iranian Immigrants Organzie?

by masoudA

Most of us live in democracies - and in democracies individuals do not count - groups and organizations do.   Demonstrations have little significance unless sponsored by organizations with specific demands. 

We need an organization and a voice.    We must do it - it's the least we can do to effectively support those inside Iran now - and take Iran to greatness after it is freed.   Also such organization will help us Immigrants to make sure our rights are preserved and enhanced outside Iran. 


Please comment on how this can be done.    The time appears to be right. 


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Farhad Kashani

masoudA jaan,   We need

by Farhad Kashani on

masoudA jaan,


We need to organize and start an NGO. It needs to be active. IRI sympathizers such as NIAC and Reza Aslan have hijacked the Iranian voice in favor of IRI for years and it is vital for that to change.


What I would suggest is we need to email all the guys who stand with the people of Iran on this site and get their opinion on whether they are willing to go ahead with this. To mention a few names, I would say Fred, Samsam111, Jahanshah Rashidian, Masoud Kazemzadeh, and there are many out there. Have all of us get together and see how we need to proceed. Find them on the site. And we can also get in touch with people like Karim Sajjadpour and Dr. Abbas Milani or even Reza Pahlavi to get their input on this.


It is VITAL, for the sake of Iran, for us to grow and become a powerful force so the voice of the oppressed people of Iran can be heard, and for us to be able to make a different and influence public opinion and decision makers not only in the U.S, but around the world. This is a golden opportunity and it is our duty to do that.


Thanks aziz.