The Idiot Luis!!

by masoudA
Or is it Lewis Farakhan...
The idiot just said:

Christians are setting up Obama to be assassinated to write a new chapter in history, but the Zionists won't let them.

First of all - it is interseting how courageous Farakhan has become lately !! more precisly ever since Obama took the White Houes.
But - What the idiot needs to fixate in his brain is the world does not function as all Christians wanting the same thing, or all Zionists want Obama,........ And more dangerously for us - he needs to understand Moslems will never ALL want the same thing under yours or anyone elses flag.

The worst part is that he may be right - there may be Christians that would want Obama harmed or there may be some Zionists who do not want him harmed - but the seeds luis is planting is far far more dangerous than any plots Christians or Zionists may be up to.

BTW - In no way Zionists represent all Jews - or in no way Jews in America always know what is good for Isreal. Just as it should be - America represents a whole slew of views, faiths, and idealogies - it is almost a crime to try to bunch groups together based on faiths. Just as it should be in a free and vibrant society, depending on their interests, two brothers can live in separate worlds in the same City!!! Listen Lou - find a job buddy. "Ma ra be kheyr to omid nist.......I let you labor on this one" How come I never heared you utter a single world about the Islamic Republic in Iran?? As the leader of Moslems in America - have you not been able to come up with a single word on this so called Islamic government? Do you know what is going on with basic rights over there. I know you have inserted some decency into ISlam - but keeping quiet about Iran and making general yet dubious comments about non Moslems - certainly make me wonder about your wisdom and motivations.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Thank you Captain

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

This guy has Malcom X's blood on his hands. We need more Malcom, less Louis (caricature and slob).



by capt_ayhab on

with both you gentlemen

only regret is that he had X killed.



NOI (Nation Of Islam) is a cult

by Nur-i-Azal on

Who are not even real Muslims. Wallace Fard and Elijah Muhammad, who founded the NOI, didn't even believe in a concept of a transcendent Divinity and taught that hundreds of thousands of years ago evil scientists had engineered white people who had no souls.

The NOI is a cult. No wonder Hajj Malik al-Shabbaz Malcolm X (rahmatullah) finally walked away from it (and paid with his life)!




by Cost-of-Progress on

is an opportunistic power hugry man who hates the white man and is willing to continue the vicious circle of hate much like the ass backward islamic preachers who promote violence with the brainwashed masses....some do it on Western soil while enjoying all the freedom that the evil west has to offer.

"God" damn hypocrites.