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by masoudA

Those who still support the Khameneis theocracy. 

You will lose the war.    As I said here a couple of years ago - you have already lost the most important battle - the battle of idealogy.   Thank god for the internet it took away all the "Shayadi" you had mastered to win arguments.  That war was fought and the Persian culture won.   It won it's rightful place in the immigination of all Iranians and earned it's rightful place in the hearts and minds of the world.    As you can see - you have been trimmed and the filth of your idealogy has been exposed.  The filth of a certain culture even Islam could not fix.  

You are left with nothing but "Chagoo".   We will take care of that too. 

10 years ago you could not believe we would ever reach this point - did you?   You have been so exposed - you can't even push your idealogy to your own families anymore - can you?   It won't take too long - but when it happens you would think Iran has passed through a full-service car wash.  It will be the heaven it deserves to be.   

But the reason I am writing this -

I put IRI supporters into two categories.  First group are those who truely believe in Mahdi, Ali, Abbas, Mohammad and Allah.  While I will not look for much wisdom amongst them but I know at some level we can find decency.   Education can make great human beings out of them - because they can be educated and are faithful. 

The second group however are those who do not believe in Mahdi, Ali, Abbas, Mohammad and Allah - yet still support IRI - and after all of that has happened in the last couple of months!   These are people who as many of you have said in the past; Pretend to be sleeping !!!  People who are capable of treason - living lies - they are true evil.   These are people who as Bob Dylan says: Are constantly staying one step ahead of their concience.    

This second group - I as one shall never forgive.  When Iran is freed - please just leave and if you are outside - don't return. 


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Farah Rusta

Who is the thieving cat in our midst?

by Farah Rusta on

There is a well known Iranian proverb which says:


وقتی‌ چوب رو بر داری گربه دزد حساب کار خودشو میکنه

Now guess who below this comment is alarmed by this blog?


Thanks for the blog Massoud jaan.




Q Jaan

by AK69 on

- Again you and your IRI cronies either don't understand the point or are ignorant to the truth. Our "chief source of anger" is the enslavement of Iran by your murderous islamic regime.

(Dear Editor why do keep deleting my comments?)



Bar Labe Goore Man, Avaz Bekhan



by Q on

another day, another angry revenge fantasy blog....

We can all be thankful that these people don't have the slightest control over Iran or where any Iranian chooses to live or work. And this is surely the chief source of anger.

Artificial Intelligence

Amen to that!

by Artificial Intelligence on

You know who they are and you got it right. Its one thing to be god fearing, simpelton  or uneducated and support this regime. Its more of a crime to be educated/live in the West  and still support these criminals. We know who they are. Many of them are on this site doing the same on a daily basis.



by cyclicforward on

Let's expose all the traitors. Hope to the day that Iran is free.

Mardom Mazloom

Like your blog

by Mardom Mazloom on

Thank you.