It is On !!

by masoudA

Well - It is on.   Some of you younger folks are of-course quick result-oriented and look for nothing less than full demise of IR on Thursday.   While that possibility is definitely there - but let me beg you; don't be Ajool - ajaleh kare sheytaan ast. Gar Sabr Koni Ze Ghooreh Halva Sazam.........

This whole post is my attempt to pump some realities into what is going on.   The war against IR is a global war - fought in many stages and in every country.   Don't make it a battle over takeover of Azadi Square on 22 Bahman.   A Green Azadi Square will not be a surprise or news to anyone in the world. In fact the world will be surprised to see IR bring in more than 100,000, despite pays, bus-rides, stew and Sandis!! Having said that - let me tell you - I think Green will take over Azadi - it is already taking down IR signs in Tehran. I think IR plans to air Helicopter shots of a huge crowd and close-ups of their own ommat which will probably have a designated area in Azadi cordoned and reserved for them. But our guys aren't stupid - they will make their mark - how I don't know, but even if I did - would not share it of-course.

But back to the real war - the global war on IR. Did you know today, Basij attacked both the French and Italian embassies!! That is how that war is going......... Another sign to see how that war is going is to take a very good look at the IR guy in Norway (was it noway?) - before and after he got egg on his head - he was ready to cry even before he was egged !!

Finally - please - if you can't attend any of the anti IR rallies - print 100 anti IR fliers and go to your nearest mall and distribute them.


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Thanks for the brief!

by Abnabot on

It sounds like you sat back and looked at the whole thing after personal emotions were gone, and wrote this all things considered! You indicated all the facts. People outside of Iran do not comprehend the growth and awareness of the youth in Iran. The longer this struggle takes, the more time Iranian people and the whole world has, to learn and support. This is necessary in order not to fall in the same trap as 31 years ago. It is not easy to fight such a monster (Ghool) who can buy and recruit anything and anyone not only in Iran, but from great world powers such as China, Russia, and US satelites. They have money, military, influence, and support of all the dictators of the world. We have people of the world. The only way to fight such a monster is by breaking it down to pieces, which means division. The history shows that people, not the governments whether dictators or democrats, are the victors at the end.

 Thanks for the encouraging summation.

Maryam Hojjat

masoudA, I am with you

by Maryam Hojjat on

The war against IRI is global!

Payandeh IRAN & True Iranians


wow - thanks DK

by MM on


Darius Kadivar

FYI/MUST LISTEN: Woman Call from Iran

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