Karoubi's 2 Demands

by masoudA
As you know in his last statement Karoubi has made the following 2 demands:

1- IRI to allow!! a peaceful demonstration by the Green.   Karoubi has made this demand to reject IR claim that 50 million came out in Iran on 22 Bahman in support of IR!!!   IR and Khamenei called it "Fath ol Fotooh" the victory of all victories.   Of-course IR will reject this demand - but I think in the outside chance that they grant it - Green must fully support it.

2- IR to allow a refferandum. I think no amtter what - Green must not accept a refferandum while IR still cotrols our country.


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"mundane changes" on referendum as long as IRI is in charge

by MM on

As long as IRI is in charge, the contents of any referendum will be mundane changes, and then it will give IRI the opportunity to say that there is freedom in Iran.  Unless the contents refer to sweeping changes, it should be avoided.


David ET

give up on IR constitution!

by David ET on

Karoubi called for referendum based on article 59 of Islamic Republic constitution. Still relying on IR constitution he has no legal base for his demand as any referendum can only be called by 2/3 of parliament members:

Article 59
In extremely important economic, political, social, and cultural matters, the function of the legislature may be exercised through direct recourse to popular vote through a referendum.
Any request for such direct recourse to public opinion must be approved by two-thirds of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.   

 visit: www.iransecular.org