Kherad Garaii

by masoudA

Meaning: Reliance on Intelligence.

Today being the great Zartosht’s birthday – I thought I make this post about this subject, which I consider his 2nd biggest contribution to mankind.    His biggest is I think his suggestion that we are all of God – a concept which we have discussed here numerous times before – or was it the other forum?

But Khead Garaii – Reliance of Intelligence, especially your own.   It means not allowing what you consider right to be compromised by things like the “mob effect”.   Another words, if your intelligence tells you there is no way Khomeini’s picture can be on the moon until maybe in 22 Century, then you don’t start believing it could, if even 100,000 people show up at your door and say the saw it – don’t be fooled by mobs.   It is called Kherad Garaii.   This “mob effect” is used quiet a bit by Khrerad Dozadan - Thieves of Intelligence.    Fast talk or “out of place humor” are other methods Kherad Dozd operates to steal an intelligent conversation.   But most importantly watch out for Kharad Dozd when they start pushing Resumes on you.   I was part of the Korean war so what I say is correct?   Or I graduated in “kooft” from “Zahr e Mar” college, so you forget about your own intelligence and rely on mine – that is a Kherad Dozd.    

Rely on your Kherad – but always improve yourselves.  


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