Liberal BS.


by masoudA

There was this old and not so rich scientist who believed in democracy and lived in a house with his wife and his 30 years old son. One winter their roof started leaking and the guys asks his wife and son to gather around and figure out ways to pay for the expensive repairs. The wife starts her usual – look at us – we are so poor we can’t even pay for a freaking new roof. If you had not blown all of our savings on that damn stock we would not be in this situation…..then the son starts – yeh dad I told you to sell the stocks months ahead…..the scientist falls into the trap and starts defending his decisions in a conversation that is prolonged to midnight when everyone hits the bed all mad at each other. As the old scientist entering his cozy bed the first thing that comes to his mind is: So how are we going for the roof repairs.

Now these days when America and the world have big issues to discus and major decisions to make, the liberals are behaving like the mother and the youth are acting like the son and the conservatives keep falling into the trap of discussing the irrelevant. The worst thing about all of this is us people in the middle. We do have quite a few issues to resolve yet we found ourselves engulfed in the liberal bullshit the seem to never go away and give us a chance to discuss things like Jobs, Energy, Garbage, Environment…….do you see either side talking about Americas excessive production of garbage? Our hope is that the liberals would come up with real solutions – but all I see from them is bullshit such as conservative candidates are witches and Nazis………are you real? Meanwhile we have a liberal president who has zero idea how to create jobs – his best ideas so far has been “Job Summits” – creating jobs for those who want to figure out how to create jobs. Majority of the Americans who live and work around me feel this way – and I am talking about educated Americans with better than a high school diploma. We are sick of this BS – the campaign ads here in Florida have been a horror show on both sides – zero substance – all focused on how bad the opposition is. This year one of the Amendments on the election ballot is: Congress wants to define election districts for the states and other locals…..!!! Oh my god – as if they have nothing better to do – and as if the federal government knows the local needs better than the locals!!! This is a clueless congress creating more work for itself……

BTW – Obama – here is a tip to help you create jobs. Don’t only focus on $/year career jobs – pay more attention to $/hr, $/week, $/month contracts. I hope you can take time from your busy schedule – a schedule which is focused on what????? - Getting Boxer and Reid re-elected?!!!! In case you don’t know by now – your trips and personal appearances do not ignite any support amongst the educated folks.


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Dear VPK

by masoudA on

Thanx for your comments - do generaly agree with your points - but if you read my commentary again, my point was that Liberal BS does not allow us to discuss the real problems regardless of who has created them.   The roof is leaking yet we talk about all sorts of things except for the roof.   Look around you - We are discussing Juan Williams sentiments about Moslems, O'Donnel witchcraft in high school, gays in Military, Republican nominee wearing NAzi Uniform,........

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You see I most the time agree with you but you are wrong here. The problems in America are due to policies of "Conservstives" not "Liberals". The bad trade policies; outsourcing; lack of reulation of banking. Not to mention borrow and spend.

Basically since Carter screwed up the right wing took power. They stopped regulations and handed the hen house over to the fox. The robbers on Wall Street stole and ripped off. Now they are rich and the rest suffer. Then they blamed the victim.

Blaming the victim is a Republican favorite. I do not call them Conservative as true ones do not act like this. You either tax and spend or don't spend. The right wing wants to spend. Just not tax. They represent the overly greedy rich.

This is not Obama screwing it up. It is the result of 30 years of mismanagement. By idiots who followed the Libertarian me first policies of Ayn Rand. Assholes like Greenspan and his kind. People who sell their mother for money.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is mostly right. In fact I don't think the single axis makes any sense. Liberal in what sense? By American definition I am:

  • Pretty Liberal over most social things.
  • Middle of the road economics.
  • Hard right over Islam.

The point I make is that it is pointless to use these labels.


None's 100%

by Parthianshot91 on

 We're all liberal and conservative in some way. Noone's 100% liberal nor conservative. The problem with the American and many western liberals is that they take it too far and absolutely refuse to cope with reality, to the extent that most of the time it doesn't serve their nation nor people, infact it just backfires and makes their problems and issues even worse, the ultra-conservative americans are almost as lost though. 


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"

 "I'd rather be hated for w

Sargord Pirouz

Trouble is, Masoud, we don't

by Sargord Pirouz on

Trouble is, Masoud, we don't have many true liberals in the Democratic party anymore. They're all pretty much beholden to special interests and the Israel lobby.

If you're sincere in seeking liberal candidates, with liberal solutions to issues, I suggest you look into local candidates from the Green party. That is, if you're sincere.