Liberal vs. Conservative


by masoudA

This post is intended to be thought provoking and hopefully unifying.   Therefore – jokers and one-liner experts, please kill the urge to participate unless you have an actual thought on the subject. 

Definition of Terms: Democrat or Republican is political party affiliation and has nothing to do with Liberalism or Conservatism which are standards of living.   No person can be 100% liberal or Conservative – each of us can take a liberal or conservative stance depending on the matter at hand. 

We can go on forever on what liberal vs. conservative views are – I would just state a couple for the sake of the younger members.

Abortion: Liberal says it must be legalized while the conservative says it must be illegal.   They both have their reasons and both sides make sense – but I side with the liberals on this specific subject. 

Gun Control: Liberal says public must not own or carry gun while the conservative says public must remain armed to protect itself against criminals and against the governments with tendency to become dictatorships.   I side with the conservatives on this specific subject. 

Now – here are a couple of points I want to you to think about and position yourselves. 

First - In Relation to Iran –  If IR sets 200,000 Iranians on a mass fire tomorrow – a liberal would still favor peaceful encounters and intellectual reasoning to  fix the problem, while a conservative tends to pick up the arms and stand against such evil behavior.    In general a conservative is more apt to take solid and sustained positions against basic ideas – while a liberal promotes flexibility.    They are both good, but each one of us must think things through and take a position, hopefully without allowing your personal individual financial interest deter your decisions. 

In Relation to America and our other Host countries – The concept of “Equal Opportunity for All” is pretty hot these days  - This issue is now especially significant in America where we have Liberals (not just Democrats) in control of the White House, Congress and Senate.    Some who wish to push America towards socialism are now openly promoting “Equal Wealth” to replace “Equal Opportunity”……what do you think?   America was established based on the ideal of “Equal Opportunity” – should we act conservative and not allow for any changes, or should we be liberal with this ideal and re-define or revise it?   Two factors make this especially interesting for us Iranians:

1-      We were fooled and burnt by the promise of “Equal/More Wealth” just 30 years ago.

2-      Iranians do not enjoy “Equal Opportunity” here in America!!!   In fact we are one of the very few ethnic groups that are openly discriminated against.


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No Fear

Neo conservatives in Iran.....

by No Fear on

Modern rightwings headed by Ahmadinejad are mostly a split group from the traditional conservatives who decided to have a firmer and more confrontational foreign policy specifically in regards to our nuclear rights.

We also have the ultra conservatives ( Ansare hezbollah ) who along with the traditional conservatives ( Khamenei , Larijani ) are at odds with Ahmadinejad because of his " liberal" internal policies in regards to civil rights in Iran when compared to those before him.

I always thought this is the winning combination. To be liberal when dealing with your internal problems but adopt a hard and non compromised stance against foreign pressures.

The reformists experience with their liberal approach to our foreign policy ( Nuclear stand off ) proved to be disastrous. " Confidence building messures " adopted by the incompetent Khatami led to a complete enrichment halt for one year and laid the ground work for foreign governments to ask for the same halt even today.

Also, reformists liberal policies did not reduce the possibility of war looming over us since it was during Khatami's presidency when Israel and US both showed interest to attack. Israel openly said that they would bomb bushehr power plant during Khatami's era.

We simply gained nothing during their era. Zilch !




Maryam Hojjat

I am with Equal Opportunity Not

by Maryam Hojjat on

Equal wealth as an Iranian Immigrant on this issue.