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I don't know what the number of people at the June 28th LA Demonstrations were but it was many - the most that gathered for a political cause in Los Angeles history.   Yet 48 hours after the fact, LA Times fails to note or notice it - why ?   Are they waiting for their correspondents in Tehran to send them the news?
Get to the bottom of this - and you'l get to the bottom of all that is wrong in USA-Iran relationships. 


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I've had my subscription to

by desi on

I've had my subscription to the LA times for about 20 years and it's my am paper.  I read it religiously from front to back every morning with a ghahveh tork and 2 cigarettes and I don't even live in LA.  As you all know due to lack of advertising dollars content has become thinner and thinner and most features and bulked up columns end up on line.  As an editor for a completely un related publication I can tell you that everybody is sitting on features, tons of great columns, op ed pieces and photos.  The problem is there are only a few pages to go around and as you guys pointed out the celeb news of the day won out.  The subscribers don't care they get it regardless.  For news stand however it's obviously the front page caption.  For 2 weeks SoCal has been inundated with Iran as a front page headline.  Frankly I was shocked we had that.  Michael, Farrah and the frisky governor won out on the 28th.  Sad but alas.  Here's a link to some online latest from around the world.  I hate to see our papers becoming obsolete.  I guess I'm just old school.


anonymous fish


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You need to teach a class in "Acerbity - the Bane and Curse of Iranian Men".

You want to know how bad it is... I didn't know anything about the subway crash... lol.   If it ain't about Sanford, I haven't heard anything from the East coast.  

But it all just goes to prove the fleeting fancy of the media.

Kaveh Nouraee

Fish...you're not that far off, really.

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The fact is, the LA Times (lack of) coverage is a sign of the reality of today. "Hard News", as it is called, doesn't matter. Especially when it doesn't affect the lives of the average American.

To complicate matters more, the news that does get out of Iran comes through Twitter or YouTube or whatever. So-called "legitimate" news outlets view this as a threat. If they can't control or "spin" it, they have no incentive to report it.

On the opposite end, last week I was in DC, arriving the same day of the Metro Red Line Subway crash. From Monday on, all the local stations did was spin the story: the age and safety of the rail cars, the National Guard officer and his wife who were killed, the relative inexperience of the driver of the moving train, who to blame, who not to blame, and so on. One report was so lame, the reporter says:

"Still no cause for Monday's tragic Metro crash, however investigators revealed that something went wrong".

No shit, Sherlock.


Thank You both

by masoudA on

Thank You both

The numbers realy do not matter - some say 35,000 - but even 10,000 is huge.  

Also -
VOA has done the same and has been silent after 50 hours - for a US Government run TV targeted at and for Iranians - we find it amazing the largest Demonstrations in History of Iranian/Americans missed their radars. Scum   Some iranians in LA are going after them - but I think LA Times may be an easier target.   They are either too incompetant to even know what takes place in the very City they are supposed to cover - or they have become another "mullah hanbdout" addicts - next to many more whores calling themselves "media" in the Yankee land.

Solving this will move the whole world a step closer to winning the war against terrorism.   Please spread the word


Not much report out there...

by IRANdokht on


They're reporting anywhere from hundreds to 5000 but the people who were there know that it was more than 10000 iranians at the federal building:



This video shows the crowd better than some of the others on youtube:


you're right, not a whole lot of media coverage and report on this one.


anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

Didn't you know?  Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett passed away!  Sorry, I'm just being facetious.  I'm sorry to hear that there wasn't any coverage.  I'm also surprised.  It appeared that there had been BIG TIME coverage throughout the media, both online and the press media.  Whether it just got knocked off by the recent deaths and scandals... who knows.  I hope that's ALL it is.  But I agree with you... someone needs to investigate this and find out why.  I don't think there should be ANY let up in the coverage. SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT.