by masoudA

This world cup was to me at least a good set-up to observe some of the major differences between the American and the Euro menatlities and their outlook at life. Of-course for the very first time America paid good attention - I would say 10% attention, which is far more than they ever cared. Why they don't care? because the yankees love a lot of SCORING and there is just not enough of it in soceer for them!! Well - they got a taste on what ONE SCORE can mean - especially when it comes after time is expired and your team is playing in the "az koon" time. lol I think the Yanks got the message that it is not the quantity it is the quality of the score!! lol again.

On the other hand you have the Euro mentality - when encountered by the Yankee attitude that hey idiots you got to be able to fix a bad call especially when it is a score which was by a yard and half. Yankee wants to get it right, but Euro says controversies are good for soccer!!! it draws attention!!! Idiots - what a stupid mentality. Let a national folk hero like Maradona get away with hand scoring and expect the little Argentinians to develop righteousness !!?? I agrere it draws attention, and let's say it is even good for football, but it is not good - get it? Maybe they have developed this mentality from their associations with our akhoonds or maybe it was the other way around!! lol


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