A Persian Response to Natanyahu


by masoudA

I must say I was quiet disappointed and am now very concerned. It looked to me as if you and your gang have agreed to play the same role Saddam played in creating yet another no win war designed to frustrate Iran’s resources, while helping the rest of the world in mending crippling economies. It appeared to me, Obama’s bosses in Europe have convinced you to initiate a long war, one in which everyone with the exception of the people Iran and Israel shall benefit, even Russia and China,….. I TRUELY HOPE I AM WRONG ON THIS TAKE.

I also noticed you have a difficult time with history of the region and therefore distinguishing between the people of Iran and the nomad Islamist government running the country by way of force these days. You mentioned Jews will soon celebrate Purim, an event in which a Jewish girl named Esther was able to save the Jews from the wrath of the “Anti Semite” Persians! How ignorant and stupid of you Mr. President. First of all Esther was not just a Jewish Girl, she was the Queen of Persia, an empire you call “Anti Semite”, with a Jewish Queen! as well as her uncle serving as head minister in King Xerxes court. But I have a feeling you know all this, you know well how Esther and her parents and a rather significant Jewish population ended up migrating to Persia. Just in case you don’t, Esther parents were just a couple out of tens of thousands of Jewish slaves whom the Anti-Semite!!! king of Persia Cyrus freed from Babylon. Esther parents were amongst many thousands who did not wish to re-settle back around Jerusalem, they chose to live in under the protection of Cyrus, the king who was the first ruler on earth to declare freedom of religion. Benji, as one Persian, I warn you….Iranian people (Persians) are the only friend Israel has ever had in the Middle East, because of our belief system, and certainly not due to any blood-lines which connects you far more with your biggest foes the Arabs. Don’t lose the natural and historical alliance with the Persians.


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Tragic Day for Iranians, couldn't be worse really : (

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

That these so-called leaders of democracy and the free world will do the opposite of helping the iranian opposition liberate iran, but instead play th role of strenghtening the IRI and harming iranians.  These are very disturbing times , all I can say is that something will happen because even darkness can't last like this, mollahs may find joy in all this, but I assure you, nothing can save them, not even an israeli betrayal of Iranians in favor of securing IRI.  After all the rape and torture and abuse iranians are facing in iran to see Netanyahoo speak as he did, it disgusted me to be a fellow human, the same way mullahs disgust me.


After learning the right language

by مآمور on

u need to stop being appolegitic on purim, where 50000 persian were massacared !!!!


I wear an Omega watch


Wrong language

by Abarmard on

You must first learn vulture language to talk to this clown.


Masoud A, Great response with

by Azarbanoo on

 historical logic.  Thanks.


I am afraid, you are not wrong on this one...

by Bavafa on

A very well said response and a brief but relevant part of the history but even more importantly, in my mind, to identify the winners and losers of an aggressive war against Iran and Iranian people.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory