Prince of Persia

by masoudA

The movie as a movie was nothing to write home abot - but as for how the Persians were portrayed - All I can say is: Thank you Disney.

Finally a movie that shows Persians for the values and nobilities they stood for and set as standards for the rest of the world to follow.

Maybe this is a sign the west is finally seeing the true faces that form the middle east. Maybe our collective efforts over the internet has finally paid off - and the world know now the fundamental difference between Persians and Arabs. Or, maybe it was the Green which showed what Iran and Iranians are all about.

But thank You Disney anyways.


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Why is this the only topic

by statira on

which discusses PoP? Did anybody (Iranian) write a review?


Thumps up!Movie was summarized in first scene showing the map

by obama on

of persian empire extending into three continents. I knew then that it was not going to be an anti-persian deal. I loved the movie! The costumes were pretty in line with might have been 1000 years ago. At least the persian prince was good looking and a excellent martial artist with a good heart!

As for arabic architecture, I didn't care for it at first, but then I thought this is a movie in line with Alaeddin, Arabian nights, so it made sense to make it like that. Good start! I'll buy the dvd for the kids to show to their grand children!


I agree

by mahmoudg on

Persians are portrayed in a much better light in this movie, than any before it.  What i did not like about it, was the architectural displays, very Islamic.  Minarets and domes in the context they showed did not exist in the old Persian empire.  that part needed some work on.  But overall was happy with the movie.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Persian Disney Resort Project (1978)

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by yolanda on

This movie currently ranks #3........Shrek and "Sex in the city" rank #1 and #2.

The disappointing part is that I don't see a single Persian name in the cast. Reza Aslan's company did some consulting work for this movie, Aslan mentioned that on Book TV interview.


It will take time

by masoudA on

Regardless of historical errors and fictional characters and events - the point is that FINALLY and for the first time (or maybe second time after the movie about Esther) Persians were not portrayed as "Ugly and Brabaric", in fact the opposite. The whole movie was about how a group of Royal Persians (The king and his sons) regreted attacking a City (Alamoot) by mistake and via treason. The point is that for the first time ever (as far as I recall) a leader or a king of that region is being presented as a man of nobility with high morality and virtues - and this kind of thing goes a long way with average audience not knowing anything about history.


Thanx to Brukheimer

by statira on

All the Iranians who live abroad and are able to see this movie, should go watch it and recommend it to others. I watched the movie twice  and everytime encouraged three other American friends to come with me. 

There is nealy one million Iranians in U.S. If everybody do the same, movie is gonna be a blockbuster  and maybe a chance for the future sequel. It wasnt a top movie in the first week, but there is still time to catch up.

Maryam Hojjat

Great News MasoudA!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am going to see this movie.

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