To Rush Limbaugh!!

by masoudA

On Global Warming:

I generally like you - have been following since the early days you got beat up by gays on your TV show. Some of your political views I support strongly - such as your stand on the war against terror. But dear Rush - the positions you take on religion, abortion, and especialy on the environment, makes your other important messages fizzle out in the eyes of the public.

You keep insisting "Global Warming" is a hoax - it may very well be, but hoax or not, man-made or not - Are people wrong from trying to preserve the Environment? Total disruction of Forrests? It appears you are blindly protecting financial interests. Is it the meat industry? Paper industry? both? Is it worth to let beautiful wildlife destroyed for the sake of McDonalds or Cascade Paper?


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by timothyfloyd on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Global Warming

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Most scientist at least those not in the pay of oil think Global Warming is a serious threat. Unfortunately extreme right has decided as usual to dig in their heel and avoid reality. This is a real problem and we need to deal with it. Anyone who thinks you can burn an ocean of oil and have a major climate impact is nuts.

Unfortunately on the left people like Al Gore have decided to use it for personal gain. Every time I hear of his 9000+ sq ft house I get sick. On one hand he is telling us to conserve while he flies around the globe. To add insult to injury Gore thinks it is fine since he is buying "Carbon Credits". So if you are rich, you waste as much as you want. A real example to follow. Not!

Another problem is the so called green technology. The worst are the "compact fluorescent lamps". These things are filled with highly toxic mercury and are so fragile that a 6 inch drop shatters them. Imagine billions of these in land fills. Then come the batteries used in hybrids which are manufactured in the most non-green fashion.

Real green technologies like wind power face opposition because they detract from people's view!

What we need is to address the problem. Not with gimmicks like cfls and carbon credits but with genuine technologies that do more good than harm.

What we get is denial on the right and hypocrisy on the left.


Question to the Democrat(s)

by NOT_AK69 on

If "Global Warming" is real, why did You, Democrat, and Obama and all the other "Green Pimping" lobbyists swith to using "Climate Change" as the word de jour?

Take poll, Democrat... then make up your mind... LOLOLOLOLOL Gore/Obama Peace Prize LOLOLOLOLOLOL Don't forget to sell your souls for "Carbon Credits" ... GE & all the other big int'l multi-coms luv ya! ;-)



Rush, Rush, Rush

by pedro on

Global warming, step aside. Here comes, Rush the millionair pill puping, republicans megaphone, Limbaugh 

Many years ago I was able to tolerate him, Lately, as he got older, richer, chubbier, it appears that he has also gotten careless, rude, money hungry, and no longer makes any sense.


Rush the durgster

by capt_ayhab on

IF Rush the drugster can pull his fat head out of even fatter rear end, he might notice that global warming is in fact caused mostly by all the hot air her spews[not to mention all the spitballs].

Hope of his head exiting the abyss is very dismal anyways.




Dear Rush

by IRANdokht on

Would you please shake your fat tush again like the time you did when you made fun of Michael J Fox who's suffering from Parkinson disease? I think that was the height of your career.




by masoudA on

Asabani nasho - I was just making a point.   The subject of my Blog is in case you are interested - not Rush - but his position on Global Warming.    and trust me he is no moron.   Like it or not he holds the Golden EIB mic and right or wrong makes many calls in USA. 

Stay with topics if you would. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

by HollyUSA on

You are right, I stand corrected. 'Moron' only becomes applicable when he gets high.



by HollyUSA on

'Comedian' would be the kindest word one could possibly come up with to describe a follower of a pill popping hate monger. Jamesh kon boro agha.


Dear HollyUSA

by masoudA on

It's a pitty you are a comedian - otherwise you may have been able to make a comment meritting a second thought. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

We agree that Rush is a total jerk. I don't think he is a moron. He is just a bought and paid for right wing blowhard. Now his followers are definitely morons. But he sits there; spews hate; then collects the money. Meanwhile his followers like sheep worship him.

Unfortunately he is not the only one of his kind. Nor are his followers at all unique. In our own Iran we have plenty of people willing to give up their minds to that of a "leader" whoever that person may be.

As long as there are people willing to follow, someone with charisma will show up. Sometimes the person may be benevolent but more often than not they are self serving manipulators of others.

The would would be a better place if people stopped idolizing and following. It is not gonna happen any time.


Since the assumption is that Rush reads ic

by HollyUSA on

I would like to say Mr. Limbaugh, I think you are a complete moron and the less we have like you on this planet, the better off we will be.

p.s. This comment can not be flagged/removed since pinhead is a public figure and nothing is sacred!