To the Sandis Crowd

by masoudA

Just a few months after the revolution, a very low percentage of EDUCATED IRANIANS (high School and above) had the audacity to look another educated Iranian in the eye and admit or brag about supporting Khomeini and IR. As you can see - that percentage is now about Zero.

Many of you justify selling your soul by way of: Majority of Iranians are idiots and want IR ..... fine, live the lie - but my question is: How does it feel going against EDUCATED IRANIANS ? - and I mean not AN like educated.

As you can see we have all kinds here - but when it comes to the Islamic Republic - or whatever that chaos is, we are pretty much united about the evil component of what you help preserve.


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I keep telling sargord ...

by yousef on

To go and get some psychiatric help before causing physical harm to himself and his family, but he does not listen. I think too much American freedom he is not used to, has gone into his head and made hime carzy.... 



and certainly not Sargord Educated !!

by masoudA on

How does it feel Sargord to know the Iranian mind is working against you?  

Mardom Mazloom

Sargord, Zohr-ha chi mizani ingadar shingooli baradar?

by Mardom Mazloom on

چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد

Sargord Pirouz

Not AN educated, no. And not

by Sargord Pirouz on

Not AN educated, no. And not Mirandi educated, no. And not Khatami educated, no. And not Salehi educated, no...