Save the Alliance!!


by masoudA

This struggle is going to be a long one - even if we take over the government tomorrow it will be a while before Iran is cleaned out of the chagoo keshs and mullah parasts. We need to understand our biggest achievement of the past 10 days has been the strong alliance amongst which has been formed amongst all of us - between those who want to reform IRI from within and those like me who think IRI is not reform-able. We must preserve this new alliance no matter what. IRI will do all they can to break it - and we must make sure the alliance is not broken.

Having said that - One person who can and will try to break us up is Mousavi.

IRI will pressure him to death to do what it wants. What we must all understand is that under the current system no matter who is the president - they can't do ANYTHING for the people of Iran, as it has been the case from day 1 of the revolution. Under the current system, People who hold the REAL power in Iran are those behind the scenes who control chagoo keshs and the tugs. Those of you who have lived in post revolution Iran know very well how even the police (Nirooye Entezami) is afraid to these tugs. So - please - for the sake of the brave souls who have lost their lives - let's take this to the end - and let's not compromise with IRI or allow them to separate us. Again - this is going to be a long fight - and our biggest weapon is our national aliance.

Also, another entity that can cause the break-up of our alliance are groups that may want to hijack this movement. We must not allow Reza Pahlavi, MKO, Hozeh Vahdat, Jebhe Mosharekat, Kargozaran, Ma-Hastim, Oghab.......... or any one group from the left or the right, inside Iran or Outside, to take a leadership role in this movement. Leaders will emerge from within the movement itself.


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