Some Suggest !

by masoudA

IRI was responsible for assassination of Imad Mughnieh, in an effort to get rid of all evidence tying the mullahs with the international terror network.

Others say;

Don't put it past the mullahs to plan assassination of their pet monkey Ahmadinejad in order to divert attention - and claim themselves as victims of terrorism. 


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This is a good sign, the

by KavehV (not verified) on

This is a good sign, the beginning of the end for IR terror proxies. These thugs are the largest of their terror network that have sucked tens of billions of dollars of Iran's national wealth have murdered many Iranians outside and inside Iran. Next is the cutting off of the financial and material sources to these thugs.

These murderous thugs owe Iranians A LOT, from their murderous rampage against Iranian youth in the 80's, to the billions of dollars they stole. I suggest sending bills, on behalf of all Iranians, to the Hezbullah office in Beirut every year. The stolen sums are considered loans and they have to pay back.


Must be wrong News !!

by masoudA on

Since the IRI resident goons on the board did not try to discredit the news !!!