Testing Uncle Sam!!

by masoudA

America, you are facing a test. It is time to see if our democracy is real. It’s time to see if our media has completely sold out or freedom of speech and press is still alive. It’s time to see if our elected officials still have the power to implement our wishes. In my 40 years in America, I have never ever witnessed a US government so ridiculously disrespecting and disregarding wishes of the majority. This goes way past the Arizona Immigration Law – it is a test of our system which may require some adjustments – as Uncle Sam has done so many times in the past.

PS - Regardless of how we do in this test – we are still the best Country on earth.


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All these arguments will stop if US made employers responsible..

by MM on

If the employers were responsible to check for work-permits, with heavy fines for failure to do so, we would not have an immigration problem.