Time to Take a Stand!!

by masoudA

We did not take a stand during the Arab attack,
We could not take a stand when the mongols attacked,
did not during WW2,
over and over we either sat around and watched or could not do anything about the events influencing us....
We did not take a stand in 1978, and allowed some 50,000 acticve Islamists, represent and eventualy dictate over 30 million of us.
Well, are we going to do it again - even outside Iran ?
Are we going to let 5,000 mullah exported Iranian Islamists represent 6 million of us Iranian immigrants ?

Time to take a stand - Join the PAC - It is just starting
It's the least you can do.

Our culture holds many keys to future enlightenment of mankind. While the world is fighting over "abortion" and when a human life begins - we look at animals and plants and see life.



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Jamshid/MasoudA are PACing people

by Ye Irani (not verified) on

You did mention:"The first step is to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself are you convinced the IRI is a tyrannical regime that is brutalizing your country men and women? If no, stop and don't read any further.

Honestly speeking to myself, Unlike you, I don't see stuff BLACK or WHITE. IRI is not all BAD or all GOOD.
Az poem says"
Nish e aghrab na az rah e kin ast
Eghtezaye tabi'atash inast

As long as we keep dividing and fighting, we will waste our nations energy. I think the alert majority has chosen to put aside all this nonsense and mind their own business. They will not even give one drop of their blood to any people with political agenda.


MassoudA jaan

by Anonymous4now on

I have to disagree with you on two accounts. 

First, Iraninas did not stand by during or after the Arab invasion.  That is a myth that has been fed to us throughout history, and unfortunately, many Iranians have come to believe it.  I prepared a post for some other thread which I will re-post here.

Second we did not stand around in 1978-1979. We participated in the conspiracy of the Islamists and handed over the nation to Khomeini on a Silver platter. Read the confessions of a paasdaar here:


Go to the bottom right of the web page and hit the download button.

Here is the real kicker:

The greatest myth, which many Iranians have come to accept, created about the fall of the Persian Empire, is that Iranians did not resist the Arab invasion of Iran because they were tired of their depleted religion of Zoroastrianism and accepted Islam with open arms. 

Mary Boyce, in “Zoroastrianism, Its Antiquity and Constant Vigor”, writes: In 651, nearly 15 years after the first major Arab victory, an Arab army appearing in this Seistan for the first time, fought a fierce battle against Iranians in which more Arabs fell than Iranians.  Negotiations led to an agreement in which freedom of worship was guaranteed in return for tributes paid out twice, yearly.   In other places, many sacred fires were extinguished and Arabs harassed Zoroastrians out of religious zeal.  Fierce proselytizing is well documented for the north-east, where in the late Seventh century the Arab armies were commanded by the devout but ruthless Qutaiba. The local history of Bukhara records how he established Islam among its Citizens “with much difficulty.  He…made (their own religion) difficult for them in every way … He imposed the religious laws (of Islam) on them.  He built mosques and eradicated traces of unbelief and the precepts of the fire worshipers.   The poor were bribed to attend Friday prayer and Moslems were put into Zoroastrian homes to keep a constant surveillance on them.  The well to do who lived outside of the city walls were subjected to mob intimidations.   “Yet some Iranians still write of the collapse of Zoroastrianism at the coming of Islam, with all sorts of reasons suggested for it.  In fact the Iranian religion never collapsed, but survives to this day through the courage and tenacity of generations of its adherents.”   


Sir Percy Sykes, in “History of Iran” writes:  It is clear that in the tenth century AD the population of Zoroastrians in Fars was in the majority and in the central regions of Khorasan there were large numbers of people of the Zoroastrian faith.  From my own (Sir Percy Sykes) research and findings the villagers of the regions of the northwest had not yet converted to Islam, till the 19th century AD.   Despite the fact that Iran had lost its independence, Iranian talent and intelligence helped them gain superiority over the Arabs and after a few centuries drove the Arabs, who were completely under the influence of the Iranians in the Sciences and literature, back into the desert lands of Arabia.  But on the other hand the ugliness of the acquired traits and the humiliation Iranians had gone through left an impression that remained for generations, after.    


Shojaedin Shafa, in “Taarikheh Iran ba’d az Eslaam”, writes: Abdollah Ibn Aamer was frustrated with the resistance he faced in Estakht, Faars, and so he swore he would kill many to punish them.  The number of killed in Estakhr are reported in Tarikheh Tabari to be in excess of 40,000.  Ali Ibn Abitalb told the people of Kufa that this victory had reduced the Ajam and put them in their place. In Kharazm, Yazid Ibn Mohleb ordered the prisoners to be left naked in the cold to die, and in Tabarestan the prisoners were hanged over a distance of 2 farsakh.  During Osman’s Khelafat, Tabarestan had been savagely attacked under the leadership of Said ibn Aas, with Hassan and Hossein, the sons of Ali, as his commanders.   In the year 90 after Hejrat, the son of Ghatibeh, hanged several thousand people in taleghan who had revolted against the Arabs.  In the fight against Gorgan, the bravery of Iranians scared Sa’ad Ibn vaghas into giving prayers (namaz), who in the end promised immunity if they gave up.  The 80,000 Army of Arabs killed everyone in site.  Yazid Ibn Mohleb wanted to eat bread from wheat milled by the blood of the Iranians killed.  But this proved impossible since blood clots.  They had to pour warm water over the blood to make it runny enough to turn the mill.  In Sarakhs everyone, except for 100 people, were killed.  Many of the cities that fell the first time around rebelled multiple times against the Arab armies.    


The names of the cities that revolted against Arab occupation, between 2 to 5 times, are as follows: Bokhaaraa, Samarghand, Kharazm, Soghd, Faryaab, Sarakhs, Marv, Kash, bikand, neishabour, toos, Gorgaan, Rey, Hamadaan, Ghazvin, Dinvar, Ghom, sirvaan, Halvaan (Ghasreh  Shirin), Esfehaan, Shooshtar, Estakhr, Daaraabgard, Shaapoor  in addition to the ostaans of Tabarestaan, Faars, Geelaan, deylamestaan, Aazarbeyjaan, Kermaan, and sistaan that witnessed rebellion against the Arabs, have been documented in these books:  Taarikheh Tabari, Kaameleh Ibn Asier, Taarikheh Ya’ghoobi, Fotoohol Baldaan, Majma’ol Tavaarikh, Mokhtaserol Beldaan, Taarikheh Bokhaaraa, Faarsnaameh.    


E. Herzfield, German archeologist, has been quoted by Shojaedin Shafa to have listed and identified the geographical locations of 100 cities in Iran at the time of the sassanids.  83 of the cities witnessed ruthless massacres and unabashed looting.  Abdol Hossein Zarrinkoob, in “Taarikheh Iran Ba’ad az eslaam”, wirtes: During Osmaan’s and Ali’s reign as Khalifs despite, altogether, 17 years of turmoil, the Islamic conquest of Iran did not stop.  Especially till the year 31 after Hejrat, when Yazdgerd was still alive....... After his death, also, in all Iraninan cities, when ever there was a chance rebellion and resistance continued.  In any case, the advancement of the Arabs in Iran was slow and repeated rebellions ware an impediment to their conquest.  ...After Yazdgerd’s death, there was no real hope left and the local resistance movements were isolated and decapitated movements.  Despite that, the victory over Iran, in contrast to the description given by Seyf Ibneh Omar, did not end during Omar’s reign and continued till the beginning of the Omavian dynasty.   In the beginning of Osmaan’s reign, when Sa’ad Ibn Vaghaas was the Amir of  Kufeh, there were rebellions in Hamedaan and Rey against the Arabs.  Sa’ad left Hamedan in the hands of Alaa Ibn Vahab who enforced Islamic tax (Jazieh) again.  But the relative quiet he gained in Rey did not last long and the people of Rey repeatedly rebelled, and the Arab armies repeatedly attacked the city.   


In all, the initial subjugation of Iranians took close to 30 years and the resistance movements continued for 200 years until the Arabs were driven out of Iran.  Read about all the Iranian heroes who helped win Iranian independence back, in a book by Abdol Rafi’ Haghighat, “Gharemaanaaneh Mellieh Iran”.     


The resistance against the doctrine of Islam continued in literature and there is a thousand year history of it.  Shojaedin Shafa, lists the poets and their poems chronologically, in his book “Dar Paykaar baa ahriman”. 

Hossein Heykal, a great Egyptian thinker, was asked why did Egypt, a country with so much history and so much culture, become an Arab nation?  He responded by saying we did not have a Ferdowsi.  


The IRI is still fighting the pre Islamic traditions of Noruz, chaharshanbeh suri, Sizdahbedar.  Don’t you believe for a minute, that our ancestors accepted Islam as Mottahari said “like delicious food that is fed to someone hungry or a refreshing drink poured into the throat of a thirsty person.  Read about the Iranians, who were slaughtered, enslaved and who became second class citizens in their own country, in the name of Islam.


Thank you Jamshid.

by Tahirih (not verified) on

It is time to take a stand against human right abuses against every oppresed group in Iran including women and Bahai's.
It is so refreshing to hear that from a non Bahai.
We did bury mutilated body of so many of our Bahai friends and family so quietly in the early years after revolution,and we cried in silence.We need your support NOW,we are your hamvatan.
Please stand for our rights in Iran ,so someone else would stand for yours.This is how democracy begins.
God bless you and our dear Iran,


Anonymouse 8: You may fool some as Akhouds are doing from Manbar

by aaj sr (not verified) on

You sound like an Akhoud preaching from Manbar. Are you really so blind that you can not see the fatcs
or are you in denial?.
Regarding your questions: When grand master stupid Khomaini was dispatching all those innocent young teenagers to the Front, with the fake "Heavenly Key to Paradise" where were you? prior to that, he masacred entire Iranian army, where there were no airforce, no generals, no nothing, where were you?
When Saudi Arbia offered to pay billions of Dollar as compensation for cease fire and grand master stupid Khomaini declined and continued for 5 more years, where were you? At the end , he had to drink the poison ( I wished he had done it ) with additional hundred of thousands more sloughtered, injured (still Iranian are paying for the victims of the war) without receiving a penny from any one! where were you?.
Where were you when revolution took strong stage and killed most if not all those who helped the grant Satan, Khomaini to come to power including Mojahedin.
Where are you now protesting to another grand master deceiver Khamene-ee instead of sending those "moft khors" criminal Basijis, Sepahis to protect the boarders preventing drugs coming to our country, instead sending them to to streets and beating your sisters, mothers and brothers because of few strand hair, teashirts or style of shoes ?. Where were you to check Iranian officials' statements proudly claiming how they helped Americans to get rid of Taliban; Now you are suggesting we should have taken a stand against Americans? The whole Universe is happy to get rid of Taliban, including filthy mollahs in power. But do not worry mullahs are taking Taliban's place, give them a few extra years with leadership of (toule sag) Ahmadi Nejad and his master sag Khamene ee, the greatest deceiver of all time.

The Amerian pre-emptive strikes against Irag was welcomed by all mullahs initially, after all they got rid of the Butcher (Iran was giving intelligent help as well as allowing Amerian use Iranian teritory for some special air attack, go and read some books), as it was with Afghanistan, why are you complaining about?. Isn't easier to go to Karbala and Najaf than ever before?. (Our so called revolution made all neighbouring countries extremly wealthy, read a few articles, learn how many billions if not trillions left Iran to other countries including Dubai last 30 years) now the time is right to make Iraq rich, where are you to protest that?
Where were you when Iran deceived the entire world up to 2003, according to the latest reports (still they are in the same path, future will tell) working on nuclear armaments? where were you and where are now when President, the Leader and entire government are lying on everything, be it , inflation, unemployment, powerty, prostitution, health, defecit, political prisoners, executions, you name it, do you want anyone believe what Iran is saying?. Where are you NOW to defend Iran's teritorial integrity when in North, they give us 10% of our waterway instead of 50%; in South, "Arab Brothers!!" claiming our three Islands and calling the Persian Gulf something else? and NO F....G A.. H.., including the great "Shayyad" and his monkey and entire government say nothing. West offered Iran a package containing everything including light water nuclear energy/knowlege (except heavey enrichment) why Iran is not accepting it? why doesn't she take it and in a few years start renegotiating? are you suggesting they are looking for Iranian interest? NO Sir , the problen is something else?
Have they ever talked about wind, solar, and other alternative, re-useable, environmentally friendly energy? NO SIR, the problem is something else.

Are they looking after Iranian interest, when they are sending billions of dollars to other countries, our monetary reserved system is empty, people are suffering, most people have to work more than one job, juvenial crime is the highest ever beacause parents are not parenting anymore, they are pre-occupied and worry for bringing the bread on the table, where are you, where were you?

Obviously, this argument can go on and on , but if you are not mentally disturbed, brainwashed individual, if you are not an agent of the regime, then do something, doesn't matter what, but do something for god's sake or whoever you believe, do something, doesn't matter what' do something, may be start with an appology to the reader in this site.


I agree with NR, it was 500 Million Iranians

by shahre herte (not verified) on

to vo, Karim agha va baghie hatman dorost migin. Man ham ghabool daram. Vase hamin goftam 120 Million Iranian. Valie mesle inke in ham kam bood, 500 Million chetore? Khoobe?


Masoud A = Shahollahi Propagandist

by Iranian nationalist (not verified) on

Why has Iranian.com become a forum for the Saddam-supporting Mojahedin and the CIA- and Mossad-backed Shahollahi scum? These vermin supported Saddam when he invaded Iraq, just like the piece-of-garbage U.S. and European governments who gave Iraq chemical weapons. The Iranian people will defend their country against traitors like you, just like they defended Iran in the 1980s from the Iraqi/Mojahedin invaders and their masters in the U.S. and Europe.

Where were these animals when Iraq was invading Iran and dropping bombs on Iran's cities? They do NOT even blame Saddam for the invasion, even though everyone knows that the war was started by Iraq; they put the blame on Iran. These desperate viruses will help Iran's enemies just so they can sit in Niavaran Palace again. Keep dreaming, you subhuman Pahalavists and Rajavists. Keep dreaming. Wait another 30 years and see what happens...


RE: Jamshid

by IRANdokht on

Good job!

You are clear on what you're standing for, and you can write and explain it well.

I noticed MasoudA was not even capable of answering a simple question about what PAC was. Too busy slamming others and not clear enough about his stand...

when people are asking for clarification it doesn't mean they're against your ideals, they might just need to know what your ideals are! 

Maybe you should have posted "take a stand" instead

Thank you



All I have to say to all the Iranians

by Eshghi (not verified) on

I just love Iranians and am proud to be one. We are just too lucky to be Iranian. Damemun garm :)


Share hert: You need to take

by NR (not verified) on

Share hert: You need to take that up with Karim Sajadpour who wrote the article. However, Khomeini did kill more than 500,000 Iranians for his egomaniachal lust for power and expansion by extending the war needlessly for 6 more years than it had to be. Your defense of 'Mullahs reign of terror' speaks volme.

Also check out holy crimes of the Islamic republic with names here:




Islamic IRGC kill 120 Million Iranians!

by shahre herte (not verified) on

NR joon, eshtebahe, sade bist hezar ta naboode! sado bist mellyoon irooni ra koshteand! kojaye kari dadash? ingardr doroog nagoo!


بچه ها جون

Watch the Video (not verified)

بچه ها جون ...........بروید اینجا و این ویدیو را نگاه
کنید یه آخوندی داره از بازگشت به زرتشتیت جوانان
حرف میزنه
من که شاخ در آوردم

ديدنيها >> امسال سال جلوگیری از جوانان شیعه برای زرتشتی شدن است!



Iranian Revolutionary Guards

by NR (not verified) on

Iranian Revolutionary Guards Perpetuate Terror Within and Without

Majid Sadeghpour, Ph.D. - 1/21/2008

"Cold blooded murders", a friend of mine cried out recently as she recalled gruesome memories from Iran while reflecting on the newly levied sanctions against Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Encouraged and emboldened, her voice was filled with anger, determination, and a newfound hope that echoed the braveness of dissident university students in Iran of today. All a reminder that the Presidential executive orders 13382 and 13224 carry a subtle but dual benefit affecting not only Iranian regime's activities abroad, but also its enemies within.

Our knowledge of IRGC's past and present terrorist behavior within Iran is abstract, at best. The real example she provides would perhaps serve as a reminder of their brutality. Recalling a memory from a sleepy Caspian Sea town north of Tehran, she describes a mid-summer afternoon's horrifying memory. As it is a Muslim custom, a neighbor's family was washing their recently executed daughter's body, in preparation for burial. Fresh blood streamed out of the house and onto the neighborhood pavement, she recalls. "I stood there wondering; why so much blood". Little did she know at the time, as she evokes the memory today, that post-execution, a certain part of the young woman's body had been mutilated by IRGC members. For those who wonder, the medical term is Hepatectomy. Historical context of such brutality is beyond the scope of this article. For what crime, one might ask? She was 18 years old, and member of a dissident group called Fadayan Khald who opposed the mullah's undemocratic government.

In the past 3 decades, IRGC's have been responsible for the execution of over 120,000 dissidents and students, including some of Iran's brightest minds. From mullah's "cultural revolution" of 1980-89, to the current wave of executions, or the recent crackdown of protesters (at Allameh, Tehran, and Polytechnic universities), the revolutionary guard's main goal was and still is to safeguard the regime against internal social, political, and security threats.

Apart from other intended reasoning, the blacklisting of IRGC and QODS Force is a breath of fresh air for the Iranian people amidst the murky environment of oppression. For the first time in 30 years, the United States, and perhaps the international community have edged themselves closer to recognizing the will of the Iranian people. With every decisive measure aimed at weakening the clerics and their apparatus of fear, more chants of "death to dictator" will be heard in the Iranian streets. Irrespective of the "moderate", "pragmatic", or "hard-line" faces the Foxes in Tehran put forth, Iranians have always known that the carnage in Iraq, the devastation in Lebanon, assassination of dissidents, bombing of embassies, nuclear weapons program, and countless other deeds are directed by the mullahs in Iran and their IRGC/QODS force.

So, what to do next? Will Iran adapt to fiscal pressure from the West? Will Iranian people rise and overthrow the regime?

However elusive the answers may appear, one thing is for certain: that Iranian people will weather the storm of sanctions in the near term, for it will hasten regime's demise. Additionally, and as the cost of doing business with Iran increases, mullahs will eventually have to face the Iranian people. The key, therefore, is not only comprehensive and universal sanctions, but also reliance on the enormous democratic potential of the Iranian people. Admittedly, organization and mobilization of this great force in the present environment of absolute oppression is no easy task. No one should dream of a fantasy laden, soft or velvet revolution in Iran. Armed with the richness of Iranian natural resources, stone-age ideological prowess, and an immense self awarded righteousness, this regime is the most barbaric mankind has witnessed in the modern era. However distant it may seem today, Iranian people and not their government have the needed democratic capacity. In fact, resolving this enigma requires the full capability of the mostly Muslim, secular, and democratic minded people of Iran. They and their resistance are the true antithesis to the darkness of fundamentalism.

Let us listen then to the wishes of the Iranian people. Let us attend their gatherings without, watch them protest within, and hear the organized voice of their democratic opposition. Such, and not the voice of the self appointed "Iran experts" who continue to advocate capitulation to the mullahs, remains the only way to avoid a calamitous war. They "experts" have never seen the IRGC-shed blood paint the pavements of Iran.

Dr. Majid Sadeghpour is a human rights activist. He works with the National Coalition of Pro-Democracy Advocates (www.ncpda.com).



anonymous8: You're truly a

by NR (not verified) on

anonymous8: You're truly a fascist. You Islamist fascist think you're any better than that coward Aryamehr. At least he wasn't as retarded as you hezbollahis.

It's ironic that All Islamists share a similar mental profile; a common invisible thread that unites their fascist instincts into a series of common themes (e.g, bigotry, racism, extermination of their opponents) -which are all in turn reminiscent of the Third Reich.


Take a stand...

by jamshid on

I had to post another comment in which I am suggesting a few hints to those who ask "how" can they take a stand.

The first step is to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself are you convinced the IRI is a tyrannical regime that is brutalizing your country men and women? If no, stop and don't read any further.

If yes, then ask yourself if you are convinced that you want/must have a role in making the voice of Iranians be heard? If no, stop, don't read any further.

If yes, then ask yourself do you believe that a huge social accomplishment is the result of many SMALL individual efforts? Do you believe that collective efforts could gain momentum once they pass a threshold? If no, stop, dont' read any further.

If yes, then ask yourself are you willing to spend 45 minutes per week to voice the Iranians' struggles against the IRI in Iran? If not, stop, don't read any further.

If you answered an "honest" yes to all of the above, and if you are living abroad, then here are a few hints for what YOU, alone and by yourself, can do. When you read this list, it is so much important to remember two things:

1. That your only goal is to be heard and to have the voice of your struggling country men and women to be heard. That all these are only a "first" step: Being heard as loud as possible.

2. It does not matter if you are alone and just a few. That's how everything starts, with a few! Be one of those "few".

Here are some suggestions: 

* Support the freedom fighters in Iran, be it worker unions, students, women groups, etc. Read about their activities. Try to be in touch with them. Then become their voice wherever you go. Repeat to others, Iranian or not, about their plight.

* Contact the Human Rights organizations, as many as you can. Protest torture under IRI, protest politcal prisoners, protest political executions. Do so by email, phone calls and hand written letters. Make yourself as loud as possible. Remember, at first, your goal is just to be heard.

* Expose and protest IRI Islamists frauds and lies, wherever you are, be it in this site, or elsewhere. Be merciless.

* Anytime you find out about an organization that serves as an IRI front lobbying for the IRI right here in the US, immediately find out who the target audience of that organization are. Spend a bit of time doing that. Then contact that target audience, be it a company, a Senator, or otherwise, by email, letters, or phone calls and expose the organization's true nature and goals. You may think to yourself "what will that do against the IRI petrodollars"? You'll be surprised what just 10 phone calls and 10 letters by different people can do. You'll be surprised.

* Protest the presence of pro-IRI Islamists in the USA, or France or wherever you live. It is important to remember that you don't need to know a specific individual, and that your goal is NOT kicking them out. Your goal is to "protest" only. Call the Immigration, write to your congressman, senator and governor, and ask them why are they allowing supporters of torture, child execution, aparthaid, stoning, fascism, human right abuse, freely roam in this country? Remember, your goal is NOT for an action to take place, NO! Your goal is just to be heard and make people think, that's all!

* Support organziations such as SCE. Do what they are asking you to do, obssesively.

* Contact and recruit your American co-workers, friends and so on. They love being involved in human right activities. Show them the stuggles of Iranian freedom fighters in Iran against the IRI, and the brutal ways the IRI is dealing with them, by providing dozens of intenet links they can read or watch. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

* Then ask them to sign petitions, or contact human rights organization to protest IRI's inhuman treatment of Iranians in general, but also specifically the treatment of women, children, Bahais, etc. Ask them to recruit their friends.

* Recruit as many of your Iranian friends as you can, to do the same.

* Keep stinging IRI and its supporters, howEVER, whenEVER, whereEVER you can.


Credit to MasoudA

by jamshid on

MasoudA, just the fact that you succeeded in annoying so many Islamists, is much credit to your standing in here.

I too, love it, when Islamists "bash" me. It is a badge of honor.

As far as your blog goes, I have to disagree with one thing and agree with another.

You say that Iranians did not take a stand when the arabs attacked Iran. I disagree.The Arabs just caught us in a time that Iran was weak. They decimated Iranian soldiers during a few battles, and then turned their attention to the civilians after their victory, eradicating the population of entire cities. Iranians did take a stand. History is proof.

But I do agree with you that we should take a stand against the Islamists wherever we are, in the US, in Iran or anywhere else. Some complained that you did not show them how. The answer is that one has to just be creative and get off his butts and do anything, even if it's small, as long as it's something. We don't need a leader, we don't need to deliver a knock out punch, we don't need violence. We just have to sting them wherever and whenever and however we can.


This is an order

by Ayatolla Khatami (not verified) on

You better do bazi bazi with your atish; this is too much for you. Stay khomar.

I told you 1000 times you are in secret assignment. You are not supposed to open your big mouth and give all our secrets out. Say 100 times Allahoo Akbar, and 1000 times ghalat kardam. Until next order keep your mouth shut.


Please type slower

by XerXes (not verified) on

I can't read so fasht, please type a bit slower. Thanks dadash va abjee. bah bah che forumi raah oftadeh


you don't have the brains, you mean

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

I totally understand. Now run and kiss the picture of your beloved aryamehr. This is about you and masoudA assholes:



You're a uninformed and

by NR (not verified) on

You're a uninformed and uneducated. I really don't have time to educate you...maybe later when I'm not pressed for time.


NR: you are stupid

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Sanctions have everything to do with Iran's economy. it's the US sanctions that are stopping investment in and out of Dubai, much of which was backed by Housing tavarom in Tehran. It's the sanctiosn that are making it difficult for IRan to even export its oil to India.

YOur point on sanctions is wrong. But why don't you answer all my other points too, smart guy?


Fourty percent of Iranians

by NR (not verified) on

Fourty percent of Iranians have lived below poverty line at least since 2000. The sanctions have not affected those people. They are still just as poor. It has affected the thieves like you (reformer et al) who are used to stealing...


Sanctions have nothing to do

by NR (not verified) on

Sanctions have nothing to do with the misery in Iran...you're a propagndist and mouthpiece of IRI...shame on you. Iran's oil revenues have been unprecedenat in recent years and the mullahs and their cronies like you pocket the money and move to the West or Dubai or whatever. The money goes to rebuild Lebanon and Hamas to buy arab mercenaries to buy loyalty in case of attack on the regime. The IRGC runs the drug industry in Iran and you claim it was Americans fault? You must be kidding. Iran has had the highest number of drug addicts for years way before the invasion of Afghanistan?

And who helped Americans to invade Iraq and Afghanistan? Your hypocritical Islamic Repbulic.

You're a dispecable terrorist islamist cell in the US and you should be sent back to Iran.


Yes, I agree, but you missed a few things:

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

we did NOT take a stand when US, UK and France were helping Saddam Hussein kill Iranians,
we did NOT take a stand when CIA and Mossad were helping and training Mojaheds to blow up Iranians and attack Iran,
we did NOT take a stand when Americans shot down an Iranian airliner killing 300 people,
we did NOT take a stand when Americans attacked Afghanistan and reinstated the drug production that is killing our children without doing the slightest thing to help prevent drugs from entering Iran,
we did NOT take a stand when Bush changed US policy to make it OK to do "pre-emptive strikes" against other countries including Iran,
we did NOT take a we did NOT take a stand when western powers decided they know better what kind of energy sources Iran needs to have for the future,
we did NOT take a stand when 3 rounds of sanctions paved the way for misery and economic devestation on the PEOPLE of Iran,

we did not take any of these stances. Or I should say, more accurately ASSHOLE OLD SALTANAT TALABS LIKE YOURSELF did not take these stands. So now you want Iranians to listen to your sorry ass?

Boro gomsho az sare mellate iran va sho, to hich kare-i, bichare.


how does one take a stand?

by IRANdokht on

If you're taking a stand please take a specific one and explain it to others!

or you just like to throw slogans out there and sound like an intellectual?



What PAC ?

by masoudA on

The PAC !!  

I will not turn this forum into an advertisement board.

Just do what you can   




Ummmm, what PAC??? You

by mani321 (not verified) on

Ummmm, what PAC???
You forgot to give the name!!!


baba shakht nagirin

by XerXes (not verified) on

chera shoma inghad shakht migirin baba, to ro khoda beh mash-oolin maa ro nadin, agha rahm konin. agha Anonymous1, ageh ghalb daree beh maa rahm kono maaro az amrika birun nandaz. hala atisho rad kon beeneem.


Anonymous1 : The enemy within?

by Samad_agha (not verified) on

The enemy within. When two kids try to change and country and a "khomar" didn't let them. A film by Anonymous1 aka Anonymous-ghonboli. Directed by MasoudA. A film that should not be missed, The enemy within. When XerXes Wants to fire his hash, and they refused to give it to him, the revolution begins, the enemy within. Coming soon to the theater around you, Rated D for Dumb.
--"dadash atish"
--"atish bi atish, mikoshamet"
--"badbakhtiye maa hamineh keh mibini"..
If you like Gavazn-haa, you love The enemy within. A Film by Anonymous1 aka Anonymous-ghonboli.


RE: I am saving the Atish for...

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

Precisely, this is why we have to be vigilant. These are the enemies from within.They assume Iranian identity and then totaly destroy anything Iranian by their alien behavior and thoughts. In the last 30 years, they have been the source of ill repute for us all. This has gone on for too long and now is the time to stop them. They are NOT us and we will fight them right here in US, we will watch them, inform authorities on them, lobby their deportation, fight them in our communities and the courts. Their time has come!


I am saving the Atish for

by masoudA on

I am saving the Atish for your ignition - my dear Akhoond Zadeh. 

Just the fact that you have chosen Xerxes for your handle name - shows a lot about your character - or better yet lack of it.