Time to Take a Stand!!

by masoudA

We did not take a stand during the Arab attack,
We could not take a stand when the mongols attacked,
did not during WW2,
over and over we either sat around and watched or could not do anything about the events influencing us....
We did not take a stand in 1978, and allowed some 50,000 acticve Islamists, represent and eventualy dictate over 30 million of us.
Well, are we going to do it again - even outside Iran ?
Are we going to let 5,000 mullah exported Iranian Islamists represent 6 million of us Iranian immigrants ?

Time to take a stand - Join the PAC - It is just starting
It's the least you can do.

Our culture holds many keys to future enlightenment of mankind. While the world is fighting over "abortion" and when a human life begins - we look at animals and plants and see life.



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Areh dadash

by XerXes (not verified) on

ajab maghaaleyee neveshti dadash. haal umadam. Atisho rad kon bebinim