Was He an Idiot?

by masoudA

He was called an idiot - by many Iranians.
No wonder we are where we are.......
About 8 years ago Bush called Iranians "hostages of their government". He separated people from the government - he asked us to get up and count on his support - and we did nothing. Please spare me the: They are all the same rethorics...... I just can't help but wonder what would Bush have done if he was in the White House. Obama's first reaction: Let's wait and see how it plays out !!! and yet he is today a hero to many Iranians...
And no I am not saying USA should play our savior - but I do know (as Beatles said) we can get by with a little help from our friends.

PS- This was posted with an Iranian prespective - other than that the hell with all Republicans or Democrats. Whatever faults and defaults Bush had - He was the only world leader to stand with the PEOPLE of Iran - and I will always appreciate it.





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Setareh Cheshmakzan

MasoudA - Bomb them or kill'em with fag; make your free pick!

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

"Do you like the Mullahs?   Do you know they spent a lot to make sure McCAin does not get elected?  Do you know why?"  

No, I don't at all like the theocracy in Iran.  As for the "Mullahs" I like some and dislike the others!  If they spent a lot to make sure McCain does not get elected, I would say money very well spent and thank them for it.  McCain was a warmonger who could not even contain his genocidal aggression towards Iranian people.  I don't believe you have not heard of his "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran' gaff, and hoping that cigarette smoking would do the job and kill Iranians.  


Bush was not just an idiot

by IRANdokht on

He was also a criminal. He also called Iran one of the three countries of "axis of evil" and demonized Iranians. It was the recent media coverage of Iranian youth that finally changed that. Don't be too hung up on a couple of things he said that might have sounded sincere to you, talk is cheap, look at his track record how he invaded and destroyed a country to give no bid contracts to his own buddies and all the while the people were dying he was sending the troops to safeguard the precious oil wells. If given the chance he would have done the same to Iranians.




by masoudA on

Do you like the Mullahs?   Do you know they spent a lot to make sure McCAin does not get elected?  Do you know why?  


Bush was an idiot

by Q on

but not more so than anybody who thought he is "our friend".

- one Iranian