What if the Allies do attack ??!!!

by masoudA

Do we have our heads in the sand ? do we have a cultural problem of not wanting to think of and plan for the worst ? Is it because we never want to actualy DO anything, and are always looking for reasons/excuses to sit out and have a good time? I bet right here on this blog I will get many responses from people who will come up with millions of reasons why our country will not be attacked !! rather than taking the time to consider potential reactions. This phenomen is in fact one of the main reasons countries progress - and why others become weak and extinct. Advanced cultures always consider potential events and try to develop proper plans prior to the events.

As an Iranian I certainly do appreciate the "Good Thoughts" concept and try not to be paranoid over uncertainties - but this total ignoring of a potential attack on the Islamic Republic totaly baffels me - especialy when I think this attack that the whole world is talking about may be a blessing to Iranians, saving us from a backward and ruthless theocracy which is dragging a beautiful nation, it's people and culture towards total decay and instinction.


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Have not the Iranian people suffered enough?

by sadegh on

Iran will be torn to shreds by an invasion of US forces. 125,000 Sepah and 2 million Baseej aren't going go away quietly and without a vicious and savage fight to the end; as soon as there is any tangible sign of a US attack they will go to Iran's armament stockpiles and circulate masses of weaponry amongst their allies.  Add to the mix, the Mojahedin-e-Khalq and various other dubious groups (including al-Qaedaesque jihadis) who will surely flood Iran to join the fight and the stage is set for unparalleled disaster (al-Zawahiri has already threatened Iran with reprisals for the IRI's support of the US in ousting the Taliban from Afghanistan). That some people are actually demanding such state of affairs be brought about is totally mystyfying, naive and selfish. Have not the Iranian people suffered enough? Have they not sacrificed enough of their sons and daughters in bloody conflicts and revolutions?


Be Realistic!

by Kamangir on

We the Iranians no matter what our ideology or opinion about the IRI, need to be realistic and see things as they are and not as we'd wish them to be.  IS the US going to attack Iran in order to free Iranians from the vicious repression and tirany they're living under?

Definitely not. They could get rid of the IRI 'without' any attack. Their motives for attacking is non-other than re-shaping the entire region, something only possible amid caos. I do want the IRI removed from power, but this should be done by the Iranians themselves from within. The best thing the West can do is to stop supporting the IRI and that's all. An attack on Iran can have very dangerous and long term consequences, besides causing a more vicious repression by the IRI.

We had the possibilities and the oportunities of having a very good country, democratic and peaceful and prosperous and all those chances were blown away by the West, who was and is after its 'own' benefits. This oil has been a curse on Iran and Iranians.

We ALL should be against a war or attack against our country regardless of who is in charge, even the IRI. 




I have no problem with U.S military, and capable air force

by Jesus (not verified) on

As a matter of fact, I like to see the U.S stealth bombers attack the Northern Tehran Villas of the ruling circle in Iran. Attack the IRGC headquarters, and Mullahs' houses, and mansions. I do not support attack on the infrastructure of the country. Of course U.S will not be this selective. But it would have been wonderful to see how Imam Zaman would come to the rescue of those idiots ruling the country. I like when bullies go after each other, and kill each other. Mullahs are the biggest bullies, killing, and torturing innocent Iranians. I like to see their children suffer the same fate..That is the psychology of bullies, the only way they learn..Go Cruise missile into the Majlis...

Bahram the Iranian

Here is what Bush has to say about it

by Bahram the Iranian on

I just turned my computer on started checking the news. I think maybe president Bush can help us reach an aggrement here.




Currently the economy of

by azadi55 (not verified) on

Currently the economy of Iran is worse than ever with high inflation and high rate of unemployment. The young people don't see a bright future for themselves. And you ain't seen nothing yet if an attack takes place. The price of everything will go up exponentially, people will hold on to the little money that they may have, sending the country into a historical depression which will take years to recover from. People who can afford to escape Iran will do, those who can't will stay and suffer.

The attack will be on nuclear plants, military installations, and maybe oil fields using high tech missiles and stealth bombers which Iran can't defend itself against. So if you are thinking about going to Iran to fight against these types of attacks, though very patriotic, it will be useless.

An Attack on nuclear plants will most likely cause a nuclear fall out, making vast areas uninhabitable after winds carry the radioactive particles around. Food will be rationed, gas which is already rationed will be further rationed.

Will an attack unite the people? I highly doubt it, people's lives will be so miserable that everyone will be looking out for themselves trying to survive day by day. There will be looting, stealing, diseases, and misery like our country has not seen before. Complete chaos.

The only way to defend Iran is by being proactive now, cause once it starts, there isn't much that can be done to recover our country from it.


Re: Anonymousdd

by jamshid on

I agree with you. Their punishment should be by the hands of Iranians themselves. War will only hurt the ordinary citizens of Iran.

However, we must not allow the IRI and its supporters to use the possiblity of war to hold 70 million people hostage, and to freely continue its oppression of Iranians. IRI's supporters are using the prospect of a war to turn attention away from the crimes the IRI is committing, as well as to tighten their stranglehold on those who oppose the IRI.

The people of Iran, the majority of which hate the IRI, are cornered from all sides.

Bahram the Iranian


by Bahram the Iranian on

you see Q?this is the problem with answering a hypothitical question. the writter ask us to assume that US will attack Iran no matter what!!!in order to assume that I first have to make another assumption that the general view in US would be supporting another warjust like you rightly mentioned they did after sep11. Iranians aboard will surely do what you have suggested what elsee??however I have serious doubts about the effectivness of such campagin assuming americans are behind their president to wage another war, those who were living in the west at the time when sep11 happened and all the way to Iraq invasion in 2003 would know what was the general belief of westeners in general and americans in particular.

this question is based on assumptions and can only be answered by making assumptions.personaly I think the writter should have adressed this question to Iranian authorities as I heard they say, they have thought of any eventuality.for now I mnt making any assumption based on other assumptions.

sleep tight my firend, Iran isnt a country to be dealt in that way.


what can we do?

by reza fakhari (not verified) on

base on my experience from being an irani in U.S.A for the last 30 or so years, we will not do anything, watch events unfold and hope for the best !i give you 2 reasons !
#1...what did we do here in U.S.A during all those years of wars between iran and iraq ?
#2...what did we do when U.S.A attacked iran when ''reagan '' was the president ? chah haye naft dar khalij fars yadetoon ast ? ]

i think the best thing that we can do is to step up our anti war movements before the war started. if we do that, once and if the war starts, we will be much more organized and so on . ''ta inkeh on vaght bekhahim hool holaki kari bekonim ''..



by Kurdish Iranian (not verified) on

Unfortunately some of these IRI apologists are not in touch with the reality, on what is really going on in Iran. Spending time in Tehran doesn't exactly give you an overview of how underdeveloped, poor our nation is. Not only that but also how, the harassments, killings, torture continues, especially in Iranian Kurdistan or even Baluchistan. What these people don't understand is that the more we ignore theses issues the more problems we will face, to unify all the Iranians, after all none of us want another Yugoslavia.


Jamishid: The mullahs and

by Anonymousdd (not verified) on


The mullahs and their cronies definitely have to be punished and pay for all of the atrocities they have perpetrated and continue to do so, however, this punishment should not at the the hands of foreigners and in form of war. I do believe there will be no war, and this will even make justice sweeter when the time comes...


Re: Q

by jamshid on

Quote: "The fact is that most Iranians have already rejected your formulation."

1. What formulation are you talking about? Being against the IRI?

2. Define: "most Iranians". Have you been in kurdestan lately? I have. Ask me questions about what people think in there and I'll be more than glad to answer.

Quote: "IRI may have problems, but I think we can all agree that morally, statistically and ethically that Saddam Hussein was far worst"

3. What's your point? So Saddam was horrible. Should Iranians now cheer the IRI and accept its crimes, just because its ruthlessness is not in the upper 5 percent bracket, and it's only in the upper 20 percent bracket?

I agree with the rest of your comments regarding wars. However, the thing to consider is that the IRI is doing nothing to protect Iran from the possbility of a war. What's worst, the IRI is leading Iran directly into the wolf's mouth.

The IRI is the root problem. If we had a sensible government in Iran in the past 30 years, today Iran could have been a prosperous country with no war in the horizons.


Bahram we can do a lot

by Q on

It's not a coincidence that most Americans are now anti Bush and anti War. It wasn't like that after September 11. It took years of dedication to educate and spread the antiwar message. It is not that it has become ineffective. It has become mainstream.

This is why Iraq is a losing proposition for America. Nobody is ready to listen to any "success" story about Iraq. This is also why they want to shift focus to Iran where years of negative propaganda (aided, by many Iranians, unfortunately) has created a picture very close to Iraq's Saddam Hussein in the mind of Americans.

We must work, write, speak, send letters, organize against war MORE. As Iranians, our antiwar message carries heavier weight than the citizens of US and Israel. We must use it. Support organizations that are antiwar. Don't be complacent or else it may be too late.

Bahram the Iranian

Mr Q

by Bahram the Iranian on

Sir how could you not enjoy Jamshid?He is great thinker, unique ideas supported by science like math ans statistic.his art works deserve world wide recogniton, for instance He could tell you in second 'what is 75% of 50%of iranians-kurads and baluchs...?'like computer,on the top of his math skill what could amaze you further more is his knowledge and count of recent history(invasion of Iraq)and he is also able to predict the future. dont believe it!!!!! read one of his article addressed to me and enjoy it(read :Bahram the iranian  wanna be)



Our country needs to be liberated. One way or another..

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

First of all, theses are all empty rhetoric. Attacking Iran is bad for the world’s economy. Second of all, I personally including many others in different parts of Iran won’t fight for the mullahs. If they attack Iran which mostly will be the governments’ institution then I guess this the best kick to rise and fight our number 1 enemy (The Mullahs) from within. I’m sick & tired of those illus ional individuals who still believe in reform and will fight alongside Mullahs. If you who are nationalist and will fight the aggressor, why haven’t you risen yet. I don’t believe that America’s intension is only to free our people, however if that’s what it takes to remove these murderer’s who suppressed us since it’s creation, well I guess so be it.

Bahram the Iranian

what can we do?

by Bahram the Iranian on

I think what Massoud meant, is what any of us would do in case of an invasion be it areial or ground from the sea,,,,,on Iran's territory?or rather what we all should do unifiedly?

my best guess, few of us with more zealous approach will go back ,few other will enjoy it and the overwhelming majorty of Iranian diaspora community will get together and launch some sort of anti-war campagin a hopeless one.neither of us will be able to do much in the case of an attack, the first 2 group of us wouldnt tell you what they think about it because this is the ultimate for them 'the end day'.however there will be many of us who already booked rabson square (for intance here in vancouver) for the promissing sunday @11 after having coffe at starbucks to vent their anger against war mongers, demanding a halt on military campagin on Iran and call for a free election and then @6 pm they can watch themselves on ctv and end the beatiful sunday with a delicious barbique.


Jamshid: terrible indeed, real terrible

by Q on

your metaphor is terrible from a long line of terrible metaphors.
You seem to think you can replace "IRI" with the worst thing imaginable and then say "Why are you supporting that?" It's called "straw man." It's like saying IRI=Hitler, "don't you think Hitler should be attacked?"

The fact is that most Iranians have already rejected your formulation. If what you paint was true, there would have been another revolution long ago. Iranians are very capable of it. So, unfortunately for you, that's not how people see things.

IRI may have problems, but I think we can all agree that morally, statistically and ethically that Saddam Hussein was far worst for the people of Iraq going as far as using WMD against his own people, and keeping most of the country oppressed. That beats anything you can possibly concoct about treatment of Iran's minorities.

But there is not one sane person on earth who would prefer the slaughter, civil war, blood and detestation that Iraq is now drawning in. There is no comparison. War is always worst.

What the Iraq fiasco has exposed to many Americans and Iranian-Americans (many of whom were very enthusiastic about USA liberating Iran in 2003, but have since accepted reality), is that US involvement will lead to disaster period. If that fact has crushed Iranian native dissidents against IRI, you can thank Washington for it's big mouth and global arrogance.

Yet a group of extremely idiotic Iranian Americans are still convinced that they can somehow "outsmart" the American Military Industrial Complex. These fools think they can get America to overthrow the IRI, but then leave Iran alone after that for them to establish some fantasy ideal government. These people are Iran's worst enemy because they have the power to be used like cheap whores by American neocons for their own end. (See "Iraqi National Congress"). They represent the greatest potential for death destruction and permenant historic damage to Iran.


Jamshid Jan

by Abarmard on

As much as I like to accept your argument, I just cannot accept a foreigner attacking our country. That's the nationalistic part that kicks in and suddenly makes IR a khodi and the aggressor naa-khodi. IR will of course benefit from this.


Too much film, he should try acting

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its very difficult to predict these neocons,
but such an attack would cause unacceptable retaliations in the area and it would be too messy.
As the Persian saying goes "Sange bozorg dallile nazadan ast" or beware of quiet dogs.


Arz Nakardam ?

by masoudA on

There is a good reason why a nation or a population does not progress. 

K Nassery

IRI agents only?

by K Nassery on

I bet these pages are monitored since they are in the public domain.  Just try to be careful about threats, guys. 


Re: Abarmard

by jamshid on

Abarmard, you wrote, "Other than that any foreign aggression or attack on IRI is considered attack on Iran - must defend Iran, absolutely."

I apologize in advance for a terrible sounding example that I must use, but does that mean that if someone is raping your sister, and he is from a distant neighborhood, then it is considered an assault, and she must be defended, but if the rapist is a "khodi, e.g., from your own neighborhood", then we must not get too exited about it since it is just an "internal" problem?

Abaramard, you sometimes disappoint me. The IRI is raping and brutalizing Iranians. Are you up to defending Iran against the IRI? Or are IRI's acts of aggression against the kurds, balouchis, azaris and even farsis just an "internal" problem, and so there is no need to rise to their defense?

The IRI is now taking Iran to a deeper abyss by doing NOTHING to stop the US bully from attacking and devastating Iran. Their irresponsible behavior is only raising the prospects of a war. What kind of imbeciles are at Iran's helm?


Some people do NOT get it.

by Javadagha on

How many times does one need to tell Masoud the same thing? 

I hope this is the last time: Anyone who attacks Iran must walk over our dead bodies!!  I hope you get it this time.

Iranians fought with the whole world with bare hands.  They will fight again.  Any country touches Iran will pay a high price.

Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Mr. Ali P made a good point; for a military intervention the West would provide an environment of justification. Israel probably does not care about such preperation of opinion publics, but for such a military is not in a hurry. The IRI needs several years to build the bomb.

A ground attack is unlikely. Only air stikes come to idea.

I morally reject any attack on Iran. The casulties of such an air attack must be irreparable. Furthermore, there is no a guarantee that the whole IRI disappears: a frction of it can manage with the West to hold the power.

After all, if an attack takes place , we, Irainas abroad, must try to stop it, at the same time condemn both aggressors; the one from outside and the one inside, which has occupied our country since 29 years.


Ali P.

We and the world will not stand for it now, but...

by Ali P. on

 Bear in mind: The allies are well aware of our sentiments. Any attack on Iran, will be accompanied and supported by a huge global propaganda machine, justifying the attacks, just like when they invaded Iraq. A theory will be put out, the IRI atrocities will be shown all over the media, a coalition of opposition leaders will be put together as the alternative to gain power, making it very tempting for the world public opinion to tolerate such action.


Response to "What if the Allies do attack"

by peacefuldream (not verified) on

As an American, I do think you should take a possible attack seriously. Unfortunately a predominante way of thinking in this country is you CAN NOT negoiate with terrorist, and many view your leaders as terrorist. It is also our religion that stands in our way of real brotherhood, many support retaliation of an attack on Isreal, you know armageddon drama and all. I think the most "terrifying" armageddon of all would be if we all just stopped fighting and started appreciating each other. I think the real end of days would be if we just started loving each other. Hope we can all just get along sooner than later. I would love to be able to visit your country and learn more of your culture, would love to do it without my hair covered


You See ?

by masoudA on

Again we have people who NOT EVEN KNOWINGLY disturb the subject.

Agha - Khanoom - the issue is ABILITY OF US IRANIANS to digest and discuss even the most undesirable of alternatives and think through proper plans of action.  Yet again you suggest how we stop such attack !!!   Is it because you are clueless ?  if so - please say I am clueless.   This Abarmard guy - although I disagree with him totaly - but at least he is addressing the issue and expresses his plan.   Again the objective is for us Iranians to learn the "What If" process.   And Remember -  it's only through these discussions that all angles come out - and the best solutions are offered.  

Now Here is my question to Abarmard - Let's say that you live in America and America attacks Iran - Now;

1- Will you stay in America and fight America?, or

2- Will you go to Iran and fight America? 


Of-course if you are the true Abarmard the answer is obvious 


Iran must be defended by all Iranians

by mobarez (not verified) on

IRI is a problem that needs to be solved by Iranian people and not by USA and other western powers. America won't bring democracy and freedom to third world countries because it is against its policy. It is important for USA to control oil and defend Israel, anything else is just propaganda and good for evening news. Americans already nominated the MKO(mojahedeene Kahlge Iran) as the next American elected goverments in Iran and you are well aware of the ideology of those people. MKO has a long history of crime and disloyality in Iran. I would say : attack on IRI is considered attack on Iran - must defend Iran.


patriotism is strong

by IRANdokht on

Even in the relatively short history of IRI, it's been proven that a foreign threat to Iran will bring the whole nation together and strengthen the central government. What Abarmard said is the sentiment of the majority of Iranians and they will put aside all differences and defend the country.

I agree with Mehdi, we should support NIAC in any way we can. Dr Parsi has the right ideas and a military attack will be costly to the attackers, and to the nations of both countries, even a real danger to the neighboring states if any chemical or nuclear weapons are used. It will only work in favor of the IR government.

The best policy would be for all of us to get together and support the anti-war and pro-peaceful negotionations organizations like NIAC, and forget the false notion that Iran might actually be rid of the government as the result of an attack. It'll be civil war and it'll be a disaster we should not wish on our country and our people.

Thank you



Attack on Iran

by BBZ (not verified) on

Masoud Jan,

As you mentioned, Killing people is not a solution. What is the problem? In my opinion to fix a problem, we need to first admit that we have "a problem". We need to stop blaming the whole world for our failures to set our own destiney. It was "Englisia" once, "Rosha" another, Americaia another time and "Araba" before that.

Come on, if everyday, someone Sar Man Kola Bezare. You blame others or me.
Our problem is not our culture, it is religion. Whether we are Mosalman, Masihi, Kalimi, Zartoshti or Bahai, Iranian are so deeply religious. They can not see beyond Mohammad, hassan, Hossien, Esia, Mosa, Bob. If you are Mazhabi Saret Kolah Mireh.
The First Step, it is to seperate the Din Az everything else ( Goverment, school, Daneshgah, Baghali, Chaghali, Dastshoi, Ghaza Khordan).
BTW, The bombing has already started. financial companies don't issue letter of credits for Iranian importer/exporters. It will take 8-12 months, but Iranian will suffer very badly. It is sad, but average people will suffer from act of Mahommod, Rafsanjani, and company..



by Mehdi on

I think there are in fact Iranians who are wroking hard to avoid such a potential disaster. I personally support NIAC and its approach (improving relations between Iran-US). But aside from such efforts, I think a lot of people feel hopeless. I think if such an attack did in fact take place, frankly, there is not much anybody could do. The force of the West is simply too overwhelming for Iran or anybody. It is sad that with such a force, the western leaders are so incompetent that they still feel the need to use it.