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Mr. Abd-Al-Hamid ghassemi, SCREW YOU !!!

by Yassamin (not verified) on

Who is that shit-tank Abdolhamid Ghssemi?
Why don't you show your fucking face asshole?
Why always hiding if claiming combat with those Mullahs?
Why don't you at least show up in Rangarang-TV with a woman Scarf on the head, dark glasses and lipstick? Any single ball that could be a reason you should be called 'a Man' there ???? Hello !!!


Nationalism or 'Kissing Israeli/Zionists deep Rear-End'?

by Independence Fighter (not verified) on

Mr. Abd-Al-Hamid Ghassemi running as 'Omid' (Omid-e AIPAC of-course) or stinky title of 'Massood az Florida';

Have you EVER asked yourself why an Israeli/American 'PAC' who's final goal is collecting enough boosting VOTES for NeoCons and collection of enough MONEY for Zionists in Israel should REPRESENT 'You' and what you call "Your Iranian Nation in US' to bring them in power to accomplish Nuclear-Bombing of my country???

Aren't you the same son of a bitch who barks in satellite TVes 24/7 about nationalism and homeland Iran homesickness??

Then if the fucking answer is NOTHING but YES, what kind of FUCKING nationalist you and your fucking 'PACers' are?

In-case our country gets attacked by ANY Fucking foreign country/S, you should have absolutely no doubt that We'll treat all attackers and infidels to our country the same with a Boiling BULLETS even if some of learned how to speak Persian, just to let you know.
Did your fucking parents ever mention a word "Independence" (Esteghlal) before you during all your raising years??


Abdolhamid (Omid) Ghassemi [AKA Masoud A.]

by Abdolhamid Kirmani (not verified) on

Abdolhamid (Omid) Ghassemi [AKA Masoud A.] is a yellow belly who is targeting Iranian professors in the dark. It is time to remove his veil [Chador] and show his real name and face. My best regards for Susan and Delacarmen who are having fun with you! Be Mehrangiz!!!


Omid Ghassemi [AKA Masoud A]

by Dr. Chagiz- Aazar (not verified) on

Oh yaaa, Omid Ghassemi [AKA Masoud A]
He's a F U C K I N G Kiss-ass to Bush, Blair and dead Sharon and Zionists such as Simon Shakib(Convicted Felon for Arm-Smoglling in a Neo-Fascist Ronald Ragen adminstration).

He's champion of Stupidity and quality kissing colonialism ass on the Satelite TVs.

A little component of Monarchism Waste who will be flashed in the history dump-stares following X-Pahlavi’s dynasty.


Is that all you have Mr. Omid Nodoush ?

by masoudA on

I am not Omid Ghassemian - but agree with all his efforts in identifying the IRI networks outside Iran - I hope your name is on that list of Islamic Republic Collaborators.   As for being a Mossad agent (lol) - I rather be a spy for Isreal than kiss the ars of the Arab terrorist who are ruining my country.    Your day will come soon. - and this time you won't be just arrested and released.

 As for Persian PAC - do you have a problem with Iranians immigrants finaly having representaion ?  or would you rather leave our affairs at the hands of Trita Parsi, and the rest of the IRI Goons ?   

For now - thanks for the list - I will make sure proper people get it!! 

BTW - so refreshing to see IRI allocating so much of it's resources just on me !!  I feel like I am actualy doing something.   Keep cool and don't cheat the university anymore - it's bad for the rest of us good Iranians. 



Omid Ghassemi [AKA Masoud A]

by Savakikoon (not verified) on

Omid Ghassemi [AKA Masoud A] is an Israeli agent among us. A former informant for SAVAK, he was recruited by Parviz Sabeti through his Dad's connection to SAVAK. Just to know what this peiece of sh..t does as VP for Persianpac look at the following posting of his. Every Iraina professor in U.S and Canda who has opposed US invasion of Iran is being listed by him as IRI collaborator!