Who has Class?

by masoudA

More and more I feel the need to discuss class and not just for the sake of this board or Iranians, but for all.

Unlike the popular belief - I think class has nothing to do with social class boundaries drawn by way of wealth. Class is derived from the word classic, which means appreciating the established “good” and not fall for the fashionable “bad” at every turn. As most of you will do now, I did not search the net for definitions or history of “Class” and philosophers who have discussed it because whatever has been said and done in the past, I find inadequate based on what I observe, especially amongst the younger generations. Hence, this effort on my part in trying to reopen the concept and further explore it.

The best and simplest way I can think to explore class is to provide some examples of what or who is classy.

1: A person with class can easily admit past mistakes, and is fully incapable of going through life pretending to be perfect.

2: A person with class would respect knowledge, talent, even strength, but never wealth.

3: Having class means never finding yourself in arguments because of useless self inflicted rivalries or ego trips.

4: A classy person is not loud and never follows fashion, but he/she sets it. A famous Iranian fashion designer used to press for “understated elegance” in how a person should chose clothes.

5: Having class is to never pull “Titles” on others – there is nothing more ridiculous than observing a person insisting to be right because he/she graduated with high marks from some fancy school!

6: A person of class chooses his/her standards carefully and sticks to them.

7: A classy person is just as comfortable amongst the rich as amongst the poor. Just as comfotable with Shah or Darvish.


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Thanx Guys...

by masoudA on

8: A person of class does not carry hang-ups, he/she can tune the world in or out anytime, anywhere.   Molana adapted class only when he took off his mullah attire in the middle of Balkh Bazzar and started dancing (samaa) .......he did that for hours.    That was his turning-point, giving up all hang-ups....  of-course akhoonds are the epidemy of hang-ups. 


Let’s deCLASSify “honor”

by incognito on

With all due respect, I suggest that your “honor” be replaced with self-respect. “Honor” has a negative connotation these days. It shows up often in the perfunctory and disingenuous speech, such as “the Honorable Mr. x”, or “the Medal of Honor”. It’s also used – as in ‘honor killing’ – as the English translation for anachronistic words like “naamus” and “gheyrat”. ‘Self-respect’ however is a cardinal virtue, and much closer to what espoused in this blog.


Classy vocabulary

by پندارنیک on

Let the nouveau riche, or those who miserably act as such call their vagabond status whatever they want and define it however they wish. The word which sets one apart according to your thoughtful CLASSification is: HONOR.