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Every day we are reminded of Iran eminent threat to the region, and to the whole world.. As headlines warn us. “Iran's growing influence in the region”. Or “watch out for Shi'ite Crescent engulfing the region, from E. Saudi Arabia, all the way to Lebanon by way of Iran & Syria. “or Remove Israel from the map”, as quoted from their pathetic president.

The biggest question is, do these Mullahs in Tehran project real force and influence in the region, or like a male turkey, they just bluff their feathers to look much larger then their true size, in an effort to impress the rest of us with its purported military might..

First, lets look at some data about the “Islamic Republic of Iran”?.

Here are few statistics. (Source: CIA Almanac).

Population: 65,875,223 (July 2008 est.)

Age structure:
0-14 years: 22.3% (male 7,548,116/female 7,164,921)
15-64 years: 2.3% (male 24,090,976/female 23,522,861)
65 years and over: 5.4% (male 1,713,533/female 1,834,816) (2008 est.)

Ethnic groups:
Persian 51%, Azeri 24%, Gilaki and Mazandarani 8%, Kurd 7%, Arab 3%, Lur 2%, Baloch 2%, Turkmen 2%, other 1%


Chiefof state: Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-KHAMENEI (since 4 June 1989). Prior to his election, no visible knowledge, or experience of international relationship.

GDP - per capita (PPP): $10,600 (2007 est.)

Source of income – 85% from oil.

Oil – production: 4.15 million bbl/day (2006 est.)

Oil – consumption: 1.63 million bbl/day (2006 est.). Only 2.8% of world consumption.

Oil - exports: 2.52 million bbl/day (2006 est.)

Oil – imports: 153,600 bbl/day (2004). Mainly Gasoline and Diesel.

Military Force: from all one can tell, Iranian military forces are of a 3rd rate force with second rate technology. The backbone of it air force is is made up of Vietnam era US made phantoms F-4s. They are no match to the US F-22, F-117, F-18, F14 & F16, and Israel's similar advance planes, and better trained fighter pilots.

International allies: Iran of late, it has been isolated and ostracised by the international community which fears the Mullah's nuclear program,and its intended military purpose. Syria, Hizbollah & Hamas are the only groups which have close military and political relationship with Iran.

Now, let's analyze the data, to see how this regime fares in time of conflict with outside forces.

Minority within a minority: Iran's current leadership is made of Farsi ethnic group. They are only 51% of the total population of this ethnically diverse country. With reported 80% disapproval rating among the population, where these mullah will get their popular support?

Shiites vs. Sunnies : The Mullah's Shi'ite sect of Islam, makes up only 11% or so of the total Muslims in the world. Despite their pretentious mantra of “Islamic unity” with other Muslims in the region, it is a known fact, that Iranians look down at their Arab neighbors, loath and view the Arabs as backward and primitives. A factor which has not escaped the Arab's attention, and one of the reasons for Arab mistrust of the Shiite-Farsi.

The other conflict is the Shiites vs. Sunnies sects, which goes back to 1350 years (who is the rightful successor to Muhammad).

In reality, Iran today is surrounded from all sides with US and other western military forces. With no real and viable allies who share cultural and fundamentalist religious values with the Mullahs, Iran has no one else to rely on support, except on its Farsi sect. These Mullahs can't even trust, nor rely other non-Farsi minorities in the country to come to their aid when needed.

Even groups, or states, such as Syria, Hizbollah & Hamas, those Mullahs have to buy their support with hard cash money. (Iran is reported to have paid over $1B to finance Syria's purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missiles, and pays more then $300M to Hizbollah to keep it alive).

On the diplomatic front. Look at that little akh-mag-e-nejad (aka ahmadinejad). He is considered a burr and backward, even to the Iranians themselves. With his bizarre behavior and pathetic posture, he is a joke in the world arena.

On the internal front, these regime is loathed and despised by 80% of the young population, whom are by far more worldly and sophisticated then their leaders.

It reported that, there are more then 60 opposition groups to this regime. The most insidious and effective one is the dreaded MEK.

At anytime, the west can (and will) stop the flow of refined oil product (Gasoline, Diesel & Lubricant) imported from Kuwait to Iran. Crating a civil unrest in Iran (remember the riots when Gasoline was rationed to 100L a week). At same time, other Gulf Arab states will increase their oil supply to make up any lost shipments from Iran, thus blunt the treat of oil supply shortage.

In lieu of these facts, how these Mullas are going to survive, once a decisions of regime change is made by the west. One would guess, not much.

Stay tune and get ready for showdown with this regime – regime change is on its way, and those Mullahs know it.


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Hi oldschool fellows!

by Saraamin on

am kinda pretty new  to this bash meanwhile i always ve been around here , Dear JJ(well i can call you cool JJ) , just please tell me how old this people are ?i mean people writing article here ?i bet some of them have never visited IRAN after Revelution !first of all people take a deep breath and relax , for the first unregistered comment actually darling everything is blocked in IRAN!even .FYI and if you are a heard head muslim , then what can I say !you may also be pro-Al qaeda !!if you are a true believer in islam , then again you may also be pro-taliban !!the point is , anybody here who writes anything , do they also write for Economist , Newsweek , Times , Newyorker , Financial times ,...etc???the answer is obvious a big bubbly NOOOOO!!they are people who writes for pleasure of writing not a profession , they care about iran and majorly they read newspapers , books ..and they vent here !!they cant change anything in IRAN right now ,they are coming from different backgrounds , some of them left iran more than 50 yrs a go i suppose , for the rest some of them can't even read farsi and some may like me , recently I -RAN Condition , of course not very recently !!anyway some of you may be an Ex-Communist , Ex-
Pro-Khoneini or whatever , think about this , all of us hate what has happened in IRAN and still happening regardless of our background and religion which I myself have none and believe in none!!

Gesundheigt people!

P.S. for unregistered comment , go drink sometimes , its good for you , St.Henri , Shiraz!!so goooooood!!




To "Afshin"

by Unfair (not verified) on

Afshin said: So long as the articles this website embody Islam bashing, Israel worshiping, and against the IRI, they are allowed to be published.

Mr. Afshin I think you are being quite unfair, if nothing else, this site definitely has the largest number of pro-IR articles (apparently your favorite kinds) published in a given day or week glorifying the mightiness and eternal power of the ruling mullahs in Iran. Haven't you seen those written by Mahvash Nasehi (real name or alias?), Soraya khanoom Ulrich, Hoder, Kaveh Afrasiabi, and so many other real and fake authors quite fond of the IR establishment.

In fact, I still do not understand why the access to this site for average ordinary people inside Iran is blocked.

Mehdi Mazloom

afshin - it seem we are on the same size.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Sorry if the title of my essay somewhat mislead the real purpose. What I meant to say, with their grandiose pipe dream of becoming the next super power in the region, these akhoondah will not get their wish. Sorry if I was misconstrued. and in regard to your comment:

Next time you copy and paste material you'd be well advised to at least name your source

Well, I did name my source.

First, lets look at some data about the “Islamic Republic of Iran”?.

Here are few statistics. (Source: CIA Almanac).

I do agree with most of your reply. thanks 


CIA Factbook

by afshin on

Nice job as always plagiarising your so called "articles".  Which sort of exemplifies the quality of material placed on this website.  So long as it embodies Islam bashing, Israel worshiping, and against the IRI it is allowed to be published.  Otherwise the material is simply removed without explanation.  Next time you copy and paste material you'd be well advised to at least name your source.  Also, you may want to use a more current issue and not rely on a two year old factbook.  Having said that, I would like to say as some one who visits Iran frequently and does not isolate himself in the northern Tehran suburbs, your claims are without foundation.  And if you think about it, it's sort of expected.  I mean the source you're quoting was unable to even predict the fall of the Soviet Union or the Shah's regime.  Now in their infinite wisdom they have predicted the demise of the Islamic Republic of Iran?  Gimme a break!  There are a few reasons why this regime isn't going anywhere.  First and foremost, this regime has effectively destroyed all opposition or anyone capable of leading an opposition.  All the guys you see running the country, didn't appear out of thin air after the revolution.  They were well known to SAVAK but they were allowed to live and were even released by Bakhtiar before the revolution.  The new government learned an invaluble lesson.  Decapitate the opposition, and there will be no opposition.  Another reason is the presence of an existential  foreign threat.  Thanks to our current American leaders, the government has quite effectively united everyone behind a nationalist flag.  You even have former officials from the Shah's era including Ardeshir Zahedi backing Iran's nuclear efforts.  The third and most important reason this government is not going anywhere is that when you leave the wealthy areas of the country, the people are genuinely behind the government.  They may lack the fervor of yesteryear, but they have completely bought in to the idea of good and evil the government has fed them with for the past 30 years.  Perhaps it's from this very playbook the neocons have drawn their most valuble lessons.  And if you look it closely they are more similiar than you think.  The akhunds much like roaches will outlive all of us.  Because religion, that opiate of the masses, is eternally intoxicating!


To Mehdi Mazloom

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Dear Mehdi

The bigger question is: are you sure that the majority of Iranians in Iran and outside want him to lead? is he capable of leading? DOES HE WANT TO LEAD? and above all, do Brits and Americans want him in a leading position?

I do not think so, otherwise mullahs had been gone long time ago.

Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

Who's going to replace them?

That exatley the point. IOne can be sure, the great leason from Iraq has been learned. I am sure there are enough secular Iranias headed by the shah own son, whom are ready and able to lead Iran into the 21st century as secular state.


Who's going to replace them?

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

FOR AS LONG AS THERE ARE NO VIABLE RELIABLE TANGIBLE AND above all ACCEPTABLE TO ALL, ALTERNATIVES to this regime, mullahs are going nowhere and remain in power for eons to come.

We saw what happend in Iraq after Saddam's fall, Maliki's government is so shaky and will never be accepted as a genuine representative government of ALL Iraqis!

Babak Khorramdin

sanazi you need to be fair

by Babak Khorramdin on

If you need to scold sb ,it's pop who insulted Kurish Wariror and used offensive words constantly ,and our dear kurdish Warier is a good example whose pop needs to follow ( for having debates in civilized way). many times pop's comments are deleted because of bad mouthing in his expression, and he knows it very well.


Kurdish Warrior as we say in farsi sangaret ra hefz kon and stand up tall as usual for what you belive. :D



What an absolute piece of crap!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

you sound like someone who really doesn't understand Iran at all. Relying on meaningless CIA statistics only proves it. IRI leaders come from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Khamenei himself is Azeri. Larijani is Rashti. There are high ranking pasdars who are Arabs.


Dear Sanazi

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I never called anyone a liar...If you find that word anywhere on this site I would appologize.. ..and I have never been bad mouth to anyone like some on this page...I only said from my POV that, this wasn't case...You can alos see from many pov that they agree...we are here to discuss and address the issues..right??? As for fanatic..You are ab wrong..I'm actually very open minded person and that is why I'm one of few Kurdish Iranians who choose to come on this site express our feeling and share our ideas including discuss many subj..I'm always open to suggestions...I never had problems with anyone except ultra nationalist Persians or Shia Mullah supporters..Still I'm ready to have debate with them in civilized way...
Ps I never mentioned Azeris (I said majority of Kurds, Balouch and Arab Iranians are against the regime..


Kurdish Warrior

by sanazi on

Whenever someone posts a comment on kurdistan or the kurdish people, you get all sensitive and attack them just cuz you have a kurdish background...I've been reading this whole page and every time Pope makes a comment or shares his experiences in Kurdistan, right after I see you attacking or insulting him (ex: you called him a liar for his personal experiences in Kurdistan). It's not because you're a kurd that you know eveything about that region. And how do you know Pope is not from a Kurdish background?? He sounds very Kurdish to me. Anyhow, I also dont think that all kurds are against this regime, there may be Kurds supporting this regime, as Pope says. ALSO ALWAYS REMEMBER that the Islamic rep. is notorious for planting informants inside each region, and particulary planting informants among different ethnicities (by using their own ethnic people, of course). ALSO REMEMBER Iran is known for bribery.

Furthermore, Pope has a great point that IT'S NOT all the minorities of iran that are against the Islamic republic. He gives a very good example on Azaris who are considered a minority (however a majority in number!) and are also huge supporters of I.R. regime.

With all due respect, but sometimes you sound like a fanatic who's too
sensitive on the subject. Winston Churchill once said: "A fanatic is
one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject...."

YOU SEE, you dont have to be a kurd to know about Kurdistan. As mentioned before, this is a public forum and we are here to learn from each other and from our experiences. So try to be more open minded!!

This is just something I had at heart to share with you, and dont get defensive, rather just reflect upon it. And, you dont have to reply back to me...


Mehdi Mazloom

Kurdish Warrior - reply

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Kurdish People are the wonderers of the region. 30M of them, are scattered among 4 nations, for centuries they have been seeking for their independence, where they can live in peace, under their own governance according to their own long heritage and distinct language.

Unlike you-know-whom other Arabs in the region, once given their opportunity of self autonomy in Iraq, Kurds had demonstrated to the entire world of their capability to build themselves a viable and democratic AND prosperous self autonomy. In fact, Kurdistan in NE Iraq, is the most prosperous, the most democratic and peaceful state in the region. After All Kurds are also Muslims. So Why is it?. Kurds can do it and other Arabs or Iranians can't?

maybe someone else can shed light on this enigma  


which minority group(s) exactly is/are supporting IRI??

by beenaam (not verified) on

Sunnis ,Christian,Jewish,or Zorasterian

I don't believe it, and as far I know Kurdish people, who have warm and friendly nature, are NOT supporting IRI.


I really want to drop

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

this issue and but I have to make this right...Majority of Kurds are Sunni, however we have shia Kurds as well, in Kermashan (kermanshah)for example. We also have Yazidis, Jews and Zoroastrian Kurds....However majority of Kurds are secular ..they believe in God and thats all there is to it...Many take their ethnicity prior to their religion...


You asked: "To whoever you

by ThePope on

You asked: "To whoever you replied this comment"?                      I wrote to a "not verified fish", a kurd who thinks the whole kurdish community inside Iran is against IR (maybe you think like him too!). I really wish that he's right and I'm wrong...

Anyway, why you brought up the name; Abdullah Ocalan, a Turkish kurd who has nothing to do with Iran!!! The leader of a communist party, Pkk, which is recognized world wide as a terrorist group, including your US and Isreal.  Unfortunately, much more than 20 Iranians (kurds) died  in those protests...And some of them were actually(!) killed by the hands of the kurdish security forces serving under the flag of IR.                                                              (Don't forget that the kurds are men of God and they TOTALLY believe in their religion, Islam, and they do not tolerate atheism in any form).

I was in kurdestan in 2005 when S. Ghaderi, a true BRAVE KURD was killed in a vahshi way by the hand of kurdish IR supporters... And believe me, you know nothing about this incident and this brave kurd, and his fearless actions... And most importantly you have no idea why his corpse was dragged around cruelly and displayed as an example to the kurds...(One of the reason why he was dragged, was because of his name and his name speaks for itself....!)  Don't believe these incomplete info you find in the media...                                God bless his soul.

Overall, the situation in Iran is not like you think. Unfortunately, these "mullahs in Iran are going nowhere" just like "Mola nasredin"  explained it sarcastically down below on this thread...

As long as the mullahs have $upport$ of the minoritie$, with deep regret I have to say, the IRI will be in power for years to come. I hope I'm wrong again.




News Goffer and Mehdi Mazloom

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

News Goffer
Thanks for the support..As a kurdish Iranian I know how the people of that region is treated so when someone who is not from that region make up stories you have to critsize him/her, offcourse in a civilized way..
As For Mehdi Mazloom
All these points you mentioned clearly proves how unsatisfied we are with that regime...
Thanks for bringing this up...

Mola Nasredeen

brother mazloom, lets send the mullahs to Israel

by Mola Nasredeen on

I suggest we grab some Palestinans' olive groves or villages and build a settlement for the mullahs. They'll like that. 


Mehdi Mazloom

The Bottom line

by Mehdi Mazloom on

I like to ask all warring factions here to please, stop the squabbing among yourself (Kurdish vs. Mullahs, or pollow keshmesh vs. Ghorme' sabzi) and lets get to the main topic. In your opinion, is there a viable future for these akhoondah or not. Should US start with construction of colony in Alaska to house the Mullahs there when they are exiled for good.

Also, let discuss Iran-after the Mollahs. Any ideas.

I remain mazloom.


Mehdi Mazloom


by Mehdi Mazloom on

you write:

If Mr. Mazloom or Zion or anyone else writes a more precise, educated
piece based on the historical realities, an essay type articles would
probably be better. That requires one to do a bit of research rather
than just note the current events on the news media.

We don't have much problem doing so. The problem is, many innocent Iranians here are so brainwashed into denial of the Holocaust and other historical evidences about Jews and Israel, it will be next to impossible to share our side of the story with, and make them understand Israel's side of the story.

For that to happen, one needs to adapt independent thinking, instead of group one, where everyone and every body follows the diktat of the clergies whatever they say - however irrational or ilogic it may be.

Mehdi Mazloom

ali reza - perhaps you should give up

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

Anytime you publish something here,you receive a lot of negative responses.

I write to engage in polemics and good conversational exchange. I write what I think I should write, not what you think I should write.

Even I would write essays blindly praise the Mullahs, you can be sure another Muhammad raza would write the same as you wrote.

You are getting so many negative responses about your pro-Israeli comments that you do not have time to respond to them all.

You see, I do have time to respond to your comments.

Mehdi Mazloom

ThePope - reply to your comment

by Mehdi Mazloom on

you wrote:

Not only in major cities like Sanandaj (markaz-e ostaan) where the majorities of Kurds (sunni) totally support IR, but in more sensitive Kurdish regions (ex: Baaneh and Bazarcheh Baashmaagh) where
you'll find major Kurdish (sunni) IR supporters who are very active and
ready to die for the Mullah Regime!!! And they're fuckn' "
vahshi". At least, I hope you know the Kurds!!?

To whoever you replied this comment. the information published by widely acceptable source (below), suggests otherwise. Kurds don't have it as good as you try to depict them here on this forum. As you had affirmed. Kurds are Sunnis, and Sunnis treated by Shi'ites the same manner as they treat the Jews, or Christians

Read below, and tell me which one of the paragraphs don't you understand.?

999 Demonstrations

In February 1999, Kurdish nationalists took to the streets in several cities such as Mahabad, Sanandaj and Urmia and staged mass protests against the government and in support of Abdullah Ocalan. This was viewed as trans-nationalization of the Kurdish movement [34].
These protests were violently suppressed by the government forces.
According to Human rights groups, at least 20 people were killed [35].

[edit] Discrimination against Sunni Muslims

In present-day Iran, while Shi'a religious institutions are encouraged, SunniSanandajTehran, many of them Kurds, no Sunni mosque exists to serve their religious needs[36].
In a rare public protest, eighteen Sunni parliamentarians wrote to the
authorities in July 2003 to criticize the treatment of the Sunni Muslim
community and the refusal to allow construction of a mosque in Tehran
that would serve that community[37].
institutions are blocked. In 1993 a newly constructed Sunni mosque in was destroyed by a mob of Shi'a zealots. Despite the fact that more than one million Sunnis live in

[edit] The Shivan Qaderi incident

On July 9, 2005, a Kurdish opposition activist, Shivan Qaderi [38] (also known as Shwane Qadri or Sayed Kamal Asfaram) and two other Kurdish men were shot by Iranian security forces in Mahabad.
According to witnesses, the security forces then tied Qaderi's body to
a Toyata jeep and dragged it through the streets. Iranian authorities
confirmed that Qaderi, "who was on the run and wanted by the
judiciary", was shot and killed while allegedly evading arrest[citation needed].

For the next six weeks, riots and protests erupted in Kurdish towns and villages throughout Eastern Kurdistan such as Mahabad, Sinne (Sanandaj), Sardasht, Piranshahr (Xanê), Oshnavieh (Şino), Baneh, Bokan and Saqiz [39] (and even inspiring protests in southwestern Iran and in Baluchistan in eastern Iran) with scores killed and injured, and an untold number arrested without charge[citation needed]. The Iranian authorities also shut down several major Kurdish newspapers arresting reporters and editors[citation needed].

In 13 March 2006, Saleh Nikbakht,
a well-known Iranian human right lawyer who is Mr Qaderi's lawyer
announced that Qaderi's murderer was a member of Police who shot the
victim illegally. He also added that the murderer and the one who
ordered the act are under investigations and the judiciary system has
been cooperative up to now[citation needed].
Previously government authorities accused Qaderi of "moral and
financial violations." Saleh Nikbakht rejected all these allegations.


Mehdi Mazloom

observer - Reply to you

by Mehdi Mazloom on

you wrote:

you were an Iranian who had moved to Israel when you were young

That is true. I was born there, after which as a child moved to Israel. Never went back to Iran. Although, I am not ashamed of that background, and since I do not share Iran's values and religion, or its nationality, it is correct, why pretend?. I am not an Iranian national.

It all depends how you define "Iranian". American, or any oher nationality for that matter.    


News goffer

by ThePope on

I totally agree with you that one should use polite language to have a good result out of an argument. If you go down this thread and read what I wrote to the writer of this blog  (M. Mazllom) advising  him not to insult others for no reason at all... And actually, he was polite enough to apologize to mr. khar. So, I know very well what a "civil discourse" is! But you sir, before jumping to conclusion and advising others, read all the comments below and you'll see that this kurdish wannabe "wOrrior" (as his friend calls him) insulted and called me a liar for no reason at all!!!.  So, I just replied back to him in his own language and manners that made his blood boil so much that he keeps posting more idiotic comments in order to empty himself (with the helps of his idiot/moron friend, if it's not himself!)...

News Goffer, you should advise this imbecile "arab cultured" Ibn-sam (Son of Sam) to mind his own buisness and not to insult others...Just because his poor family were some cheap drug dealers (pushers) or because his father was a "pimp" to earn extra $$$ so they won't starve, doesnt mean he can put his father's title on others...

ALSO, this is a public forum, people can agree or disagree with you, however if they insult, THEY should know that it will backfire at them.


News Goffer

Kurdish Warrior

by News Goffer on

And I believe no one can conduct an intelligent and fruitful conversation unless he/she uses civil and constructive language.  Using offensive language against anyone on this site is unacceptable, least of all those such as Kurdish Warrior, who has never used offensive language anywhere on the many discussion threads in which he participates.  The Pope, who is a registered user, should learn something about tolerance and civil discourse from an unregistered user such as Kurdish Warrior. 


No sweat ! Median Worrier

by Son of Sam (not verified) on

Remember my phrase from the past..

""Calling Iran as Persia is kinda racist since there are more to Iran than just Persians""

wink wink!!

I just don,t like minorities being belittled.


Son of Sam

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Thank you for the support.


Pope: how many words like "shit,fag,fu,k,dumb,stupid,wussy etc"

by Son of Sam (not verified) on

can you fit in a pragraph to insult Kurdish worrior?

in short you write like a half breed malakh that u are one of those morons who know nothing and haven,t been around anything to form a judgment of any sort...what kind of a choghaz are you? don,t even make sense for sanity sake..are you trying to tell us that you were a DRUG PIMP in kurdistan and know kurds better than kurdish worrior .. you imbecile?..Iran suffers because of brain dead junkies like you..go smoke your pot..and be ashamed for what you called kurdish worrier..

what a waste for humanity!!


Hey Pope

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

or should I say Heez or maybe Sagif...don't talk to me in Kurdish coz I will get back at so bad that you will have tears in your eyes...Try to respect other Iranian groups and have civilized conversation...


shalom akhshav And Mehdi Mazloom

by Abarmard on

You have said it wisely. I hope when we talk about politics, we don't mix the race, gender or religion with it that insults any groups of people.

Mr. Mehdi Mazloom has every right to say and post as he wishes. You and I can argue with him as long as we don't use insults.

unfortunately for Iran and the Iranians today, the issue of religion and "mullah' has become more of a political discussion rather than religious, and with it people can get offended. Here would be the solution:

If Mr. Mazloom or Zion or anyone else writes a more precise, educated piece based on the historical realities, an essay type articles would probably be better. That requires one to do a bit of research rather than just note the current events on the news media.

Also one should disagree with unjust acts regardless of the regional or nationalistic angle. Then we would have a fruitful discussions and understandings.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

First of all with your so called sophisticated writing it seems like you are neither educated nor brought up within normal family...I responded to you in a civilized way.I couldv'e done it other wise Bacheh soosool. Do you think you know me...My family fought for Iran and some lost their lives..Some even got killed in battle with IRI ...Don't come up to me as if you know everything....People like you are nothing but cheap talk so I can't even bother to discuss this argument...As for what proof do I have rgds Iraqi Kurds...If you are the wise guy you think you are then you should know that many of us has family members cross that borde so we visit eachother. I guess thats not normal for you.If you are not an idiot as you claim you are then you should know this....try to think before you respond..and don't try to diss me...I always advocate for unification of keep your racist accusation to yourself myfriend, it doesn't work here..I will keep cool..