Tanz on Khatami's Candidacy

by miracle0818

Nima Dehghani's Funny Poem on Khatami's Candidacy.

It's really good, enjoy!


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I thought Iran is

by ghasemi (not verified) on

an uptight society. That is great.



by ahvazi on


Damet garm, kheyli chasbid. There might be still some hope...


Simply great!

by Khar on

As long as we have folks like Nima there's yet hope for Iran....there are thousands if not millions like him out there!

PS. Fear not my friend, this Mullah' era (Error) shall pass too!!!

Jahanshah Javid

Damesh garm

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very clever and witty. Although I keep telling people that I will laugh out loud if Khatami enters the presidential elections and loses to Ahmadinejad. Don't be too surprised... :o)

(How long are we going to be stuck with these forced/limited choices? When will we grow up and allow free elections? So sick of this theocracy...)