Death to the Dictator in Iran

Mohammad Alireza
by Mohammad Alireza

"Marg baar diktator!" is now the slogan heard being shouted at night in Tehran and hastily scrolled on urban landscapes.
What is the meaning of this slogan?
Is it referring to the inherently dictatorial nature of Islam? Or is it referring to Ahmadinejad-Sepah-Mahdist-Modjtaba gang?
Or maybe it is referring to the dictatorial character of Iranian society?
In the home, in the factory, in the office most Iranians live and work under a dictatorial system. Solving problems or arriving at decisions through a democratic process is alien to most Iranians.
Talk to any Iranian women and ask them how their father or mother behaved in the home and what kind of restrictions she had to face and you will see the clear outlines of how dictatorship has passed on from one generation to the next.
Killing the dictator in Iran is the responsibility of Iranian women.
Do not allow your home to be run like a dictatorship. Do not create obedient oppressed children. Educate yourself on how the democratic process works and implement it in the home.
Only after Iranian mothers and daughter fully understand and appreciate what democracy is, and eliminate all vestiges of dictatorship in the home, will the dictator die.
Mothers can kill the dictator by giving birth to democracy. Once it takes root in the home it will bud in the workplace and spread throughout society, including our government.
The future of Iran is in your hands, not Ahmadinejad, not Qom, not America; your hands!
Diktatoro Bekosh Zan!!


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Maryam Hojjat


by Maryam Hojjat on

to you for very true & factual blog.  I agree with you %100, democracy starts from home how we treat our children whether we bring up submissive or independent children.  However, in free Iran we must teach this concept at school and this with some other subject as Vatan parasti must be part of curriculum in school instead of Talimat Dini.

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