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Mohammad Alireza
by Mohammad Alireza

Steven's site is blocked in Iran as is Salon which is where his recent article "Why Bush Won't Bomb Iran" has been published. Using a proxy to gain access (won't work with Salon unfortunately) from Iran I can say that the issues Steven has raised are extremely important and need to be taken into account by all Iranians.

Here is the link to Steven Clemons post on Iran:


He also provides many links in his post that should be followed as some excellent information is available.


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JPost Posting

by Alan R (not verified) on

Mr. Alireza,

I saw an OpEd piece in the Jerusalem Post today (6 November 2007) that has your name. Is this you? I'll assume yes.

First, as one who has attempted much letter-writing myself, I congratulate you for getting into JPost.
I did not want to respond in the Post's comment sections, most of the entries there are nonsense. So I looked you up on Google and found this website.

Having spoken to an Iranian-born acquaintance in the U.S. about the situation in your country, she confirms much of what you say about the Iranian people. They sympathize with the Palestinians, but do not support outside intervention (she says that most people see it as a matter to be worked out by the two sides). She also says that Iranians don't really want a nuclear weapon, but just to let the world know that they have the "right" to have one.

I did manage to get a letter to the Editor of the New York Times published in October 2006. I decried the fact that World leadership and media attention was moving towards "extreme" views, and we need people such as Mandela to offer an alternate vision. We need leaders that will not influence by using fear.

I'm not as optimistic as you that the current power in Iran is a "temporary condition". It is possible that you will elect a new President, but I cannot see lessening the clerical authority as being easy. What do you think?

Here in the U.S. there are a couple of Presidential candidates who support unconditional negotiations, but I'm only mildly optimistic that things will change.

Yet I'm hoping your writings can be of some help to the cause of peace. While I don't agree with some of your assessments, it does give me some more insight into other views. Let's keep the dialogue going.