Anti-Baha'ism, an Echo of Anti-Israel and Anti-American Sentiments

Mona Tahiri
by Mona Tahiri

Anti-Baha'ism, an Echo of Anti-Israel and Anti-American Sentiments

In 1868, after increasing differences between the two branches of the Babis, and reciprocal killings between the Azalis and the Baha'is, the Ottoman government took Mirza Yahya Nuri and Husayn-Ali Baha, who had been sent to Istanbul from Iran, to court.

The court exiled Mirza Yahya and his family and followers to the island of Cyprus, and Husayn-Ali Baha and his family and supporters to Akka, near Haifa (Palestine).

The Ottoman government was mostly under the influence of rumors spread by the Iranian authorities, who persisted in suggesting that Husayn-Ali Baha and his followers were in contact with Bulgarian revolutionaries and were a threat to Ottoman rule.

Baha'u'llah made Akka and Haifa the headquarters of his religion. Around the same time, Theodor Herzl in 1890s established the Zionist movement. The government of Israel came into being in 1948 in a region known as Palestine. The inauguration of the Zionist movement, formation of the nation of Israel and geographical position of the center of the Baha'i Faith were coincidences that became a new pretext for advancing conspiracy theories about the relationship of Baha'ism with the Jewish government of Israel.

In the context of anti-western proclivities, the closeness of the United States to Israel, and protests of western countries (as well as Russia) against anti-Baha'i repression, made the Baha'is targets of vehement attacks -- particularly once clerical rule was established, the Baha'is of Iran were stripped of their citizenship rights.


The Baha'is of Iran and Contact with Foreign Nations

By Mehdi Khalaji

IPW, March 31, 2009


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Ali Akbar

tisk tisk Zulfiqar110....

by Ali Akbar on

is that the best you can do???

you are indeed slipping

 I guess that Turkish hash you bought from your Basij brother at the Bazaar was not as potent as you had hoped... I herd the Mexican mafia is looking for another mule to slip more of that Columbian coke to your buddies....




Skewed History

by Anvar on

*fozolie*  - Let me in a calm and non-emotional way share my thoughts with you.  You may not have any idea or read anything IRI has written, as you claim.  The ideas expressed to you, in earlier posts, apply to the wrong impression that most Iranians have about the Baha’i faith.  That is because of the persistent attempts to systematically erase the faith from all facets of Iranian culture and academia in the last 160+ years.  As if it never happened!  At the same time, opposite and hateful materials have been allowed to flourish and fed to the people leaving a disfigured impression of reality.  Talk about the gullible!  

It is obvious from your writings (“pearls” of wisdom – “Only True Manifestation” – “British patronage” – “charlatan” – “support for zionism” - ”mumbo jumbo Arabic” – and on and on and on!) that your knowledge of this faith is based only on anti-Baha’i materials to which you have obviously been exposed.  Regardless of whether the disinformation was disseminated pre or post IRI

You may be against all religions, and that is OK.  It is also possible that you were born a Muslim and were at some point dismayed by it, so now you feel that your rage against Muslims can be justifiably transferred to Baha’is.  That is not fair.  None of it really matters anyway.  What matters is that you do not perpetuate lies or make incorrect statements about something you know very little.

You gave an excellent advice to a poster here: “…however go check your history.”  I humbly recommend that you practice what you preach (I mean real history).
Until then, please do not make ridiculous and ignorant statements about what you only have skewed misinformation.  In other words, unless you know what you are talking about, with all due respect, “fozolie” nakon. :)

BTW - *zulfiqar110*, my pal!  I hope by et al, in your subject line, you meant me too.  I felt left out. :(
Of course, James Bond had his Dr. No.  But since you lack Dr. No’s sophistication, why don’t we just call you Dr. Evil?  Better yet, come to think of it, you are just a Mini Me.



Zulf#, Nima Hazini, Wahid Azal : You are Your own worst enemy..

by faryarm on


Clueless assumptions ,personal attacks against me and other perceived identities( who is ali akbar ???) further demonstrate your state of mind.

You are so lost , delusional and confused in your self created theories and  fog of anger and Hate that ,It has made you your own worst enemy.

So why waste  time to even bother with suing you ; time is your own worst enemy; history has proven this for people of your kind.

As a human being, as an Iranian and a Bahai, so sorry for you, your family that you have succombed to this level. where do yo think you will end up?



Basiji Faryar/Ali Akbar, et al

by Zulfiqar110 on

I don't believe you are competent enough or have the kind of backbone to be able to work for British intelligence. Also you are the kind of vain, unstable personality who could never survive in the intelligence business. A supporting role in a B-grade movie aired late night on HBO is another thing. BTW put a cat on your lap in that picture and don a scar on one of your cheeks, and the James Bond villian role is all yours. Incidentally if you feel slighted or actually libeled, I am sure with your kind of cash you could easily sue me. I would be most delighted to blow your case out of the water by showing any reputable judge or jury (like the one in Illinois) of your kind of libel, like for example your two legally actionable blogs on me back earlier in the year.
As for National Geographic, yep, that's where you belong alright.
And to your Ali Akbar identity: like I told you earlier I have never used opium, nor have I ever taken hashish. But let's talk about the allegations of Mulla Ja'far Niraqi, Subh-i-Azal and Baha'u'llah's sister, Izziya Khanum, about his (i.e. Baha'u'llah's) lifelong opium addiction. Also it is a well-known fact that Mirza Abu'l-Fazl Golpayagani was also an opium addict - which is probably what ultimately did his health in.


I see you are guilty of the same as you accuse others

by fozolie on

I have no idea what IRI has written or read it at any stage. 

I don't see why you are getting so emotional about it. The "Only True Manifestation" did enjoy British patronage or is that to be swept under the rug like some of his "pearls" of wisdom as well?

Mr Fozolie


Mona 19

Mr.Fozolie, which history?

by Mona 19 on

The history that was written by IRI and was taught to us in school?...or false and nonsense speeches by moalem haye dini that Baha'is including my husband had to tolerate and listen to?



Ali Akbar

gee Zulfiqar110 I see that you managed

by Ali Akbar on

to emerge from your usual opium and hashish inspired journeys to the nether regions again....


thanks for your words of wisdom....


you now can return to your vodka induced stupor.... 

Ali Akbar

poor poor Mr fozolie

by Ali Akbar on

you failed to deliver my Gold to me....


My faith in you is shattered.... 


Why not, if you need a God Ali Akbar I will be one

by fozolie on

I will be the ONE and THE ONLY MANIFESTATION, because I say so and if your gullible enough YOU will send me all your gold. Henceforth I shall be known as:

M'r! FôzóLïéè

I will shortly come up with some mumbo jumbo Arabic that after hiding the originals you can translate into some soothing nonsense mixed with some turgid language about spirituality to sell to some more gullible people.  You must also go and convert at least 10 others in the next 6 months.

From now on my house will be known as  Màzràąé and you don't need to attend, just send the virgins over.

As for you Ms Mona you can throw all the names you want, however go check your history. 


Thanks for the picture.. Zulf/Wahid Azal?/Nima Hazini/ etc

by faryarm on

Nima HaziniWahid/Nur/Azal/Zulf and other aliases to come...we hope !

Thanks for making me a blogspot. and the picture you stole off renowned Photographer Gary spector's page , which he took relating to my film work for an award in a National Magazine.

As usual with your dishonest and distortionist and consistent habit, you like to present everything and skew things in a desperate attempt to make baseless arguments...what a sad existance.

In this case  you have stolen a picture of me to somehow portray  faryar as a sinister characater, when in context, the photographer's purpose and theme for the article was a cinematic film noir look, not James Bond; although you would love it to some how make me a member of British Inteligence service.

get a life, will you?



Anti-Bahaism = Anti-Fascism or Anti-Mafiasm/Anti-Cultism

by Zulfiqar110 on


Also, regarding Faryar Mansouri and the role of his multiple aliases. 




to much

by Waters on

taghieh muna tazahori will turn you into a schitzophrenic. Look around you and see what these shizoids are doing to their own brothers, mothers and children.

For years you have seen evil done evil and spoken evil, its time to wake up from this nightmare.

When are you going to learn when?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baha'u'llah made Akka & Haifa the headquarters of his religion??

by faryarm on

Baha'u'llah made Akka & Haifa the headquarters of his religion??


Baha'u'llah visied Haifa Once; He died near Akka in 1892 after forty years of Prison, house arrest and confinement.

This IRI Mona Tahiri needs to become better at twisting the facts.



Mona 19

British Mandate and support for zionism !!!

by Mona 19 on


Your comment shows the depth of animosity and prejudice as well
as the degree of ignorance regarding the basic principles and history
of the Baha'i Faith.

IRI does the samething to justify the persecutions by charging the Baha'is with a wide variety of unsubstantiated accusations.

FYI this blogger is NOT a Baha'i.





Ali Akbar

So Mr fozolie are you a god???

by Ali Akbar on

because if you are then I want you to snap your fingers and give me 3 metric tons of Gold Bouillon

 here are the map co ordinates you can place the gold....




No thanks

by fozolie on

Thanks to Akhoonds everyone has seen the futility of religions. He was just another charlatan. If you had any sense you would believe in yourself instead of message of this charlatan.

Mr. Fozolie

PS: If you want to know where the link comes from and why your charlatan has no credibility it is the support the British gave him. I am sure you know about the British Mandate and support for zionism.

Anis Cyrus

correct information

by Anis Cyrus on

Please refer to the oficial Bahai site for any information.( literature, history ,news , etc) Today a great deal of effort is spent in vain by the Iranian Government,directly or indirectly ,to misguide people who seek to deepen themselves on the Bahai Faith and the Message of Bahaullah. As if every one  could be easilly fooled by lies and false Propagandas of regime and its contrlled press like Keyhan. The world is able to investigate by itself and discover the truth.