Baha'i faith is only the way to Salvation

Mona Tahiri
by Mona Tahiri

As we all know, Baha'i Faith is the only true and latest religion for the mankind. All other religions lack spirit and hence dead.

My appeal to all Iranians is, please accept Baha'i faith and we can all with the support of USA, UHJ and ISRAEL, insho-allah take care of Iranian Islamic Regime.

All those who are against the Cruel Islamic Regime, please come and join us and we can all bring the change in Iran.

The Beloved Guardian's said :

"A mechanism of world inter-communication will be devised, embracing the whole planet, freed from national hindrances and restrictions, and functioning with marvelous swiftness and perfect regularity."

'The World Order of Baha'u'llah', Shoghi Effendi, written March 1936.

This saying is sufficient for all investigating the truth. Has any religion said anything about Internet? It is only Baha'i faith and this saying of Shoghi Effendi proves that baha'i faith is original, compatible with science and a modern religion for this suffering world.

So, please accept my invitation and embrace Baha'u'llah and He will embrace you and we all will make a change in Iran.

Please join us for a better life in beloved Iran and also a better life in Abha Kingdom.


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To why?

by BritnyS (not verified) on

The answer is simple.Look at these comments and blog.Do you still expect that a God's manifestation must come from Paris?
Seconly humanity allways need something to fight about.Can you recomend anything better then religion, dear?
You need the lable "God" if you want to fight!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Ali, it was a JOKE, see? he wanted to see if we were..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

dumb enough to think a blog by 'Mona Tahirih' could be anything other than a satire..and we fell for it, every single one of us. even you--practically the only one who had the good sense to vote no on the referendum (or was it abstain, no matter..). Even me, who "gets" him...

He won this one, fair and square. He made fools of us all.  Like I keep saying, he's your mirror..and now it turns out he's also mine...

Hats off to you, Nur. Hats off to your warped and brilliant head...


Why there came no prophet from Africa ?

by Why? (not verified) on

Why all the prophets (Including this guy Baha), all came from Arab and Persian Countries. Why no prophet came from Arfica ? Any clues from Baha's writings? I m interested in becoming a follower of Baha? Please help me.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Yep, sure enough! I figured it out all on my's

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

a satire. I couldn't umderstand WHY the poster would call himself Mona Tahirih which is so blatantly and patently obvious..until it suddenly clicked..this is a satire..and so I came back here to post my eureka experience, and lo and behold, there was Nur, using the word "caricature."

So, folks, whoever (ahem..) actually wrote this won the game and revealed our obtuseness. Because WE thiought it was supposed to be taken seriously whereas whoever (ahem) wrote it did it as a joke.

We are not as clever as we think we are. 'Fess up. It's true.


Thank you Sen McGlinn

by Djalili (not verified) on

Sen, I know you. Your are a very good Baha'i you have so many works to your credit. I have read "Bahaism and its Claims" by Wilson, which you have OCR-ed and Presented on the internet. It is a Wonderful work by Wilson and I thank you for your efforts. May the 'blessed beauty' give you more opportunities of serving the faith in this way.

Readers are encouraged to read the works by 'Wilson' on baha'i faith.


What is needed is perpetual pluralism

by NUR on

Sen said:

"What is needed is a religious order which will foster global unity, rather than creating a lot of separate religious identities that compete with one another or fight."

And this in itself is a dangerous, utopian undertaking with severe totalitarian implications that will ultimately seek to disenfranchise the Traditional religions or those otherwise who resist such an order and whoever/whatever is steering it. You cannot stop or socially engineer the world religions into the corner of some contrived unity or order that their very ontology rejects and which they don't wish to belong to. With most traditional Christians, such a conception as proposed by you reeks immediately of the apocalyptic scenarios of the End of Days and the reign of Antichrist set-out in the Book of Revelation. Whatever you think of such things, that is the fact of the matter and this is what most traditionalists and fundamentalists think of such attempts. And unless your new religious order seeks to systematically institute re-education facilities (or gulags) to contain them, you will not be able to convince the traditional and fundamentalist constituencies of the three Abrahamic faiths to join you.

Besides unity and a religious order to what end?

"Mona Tahiri is clearly doing a bit of black propaganda, pretending to be a Bahai and presenting the Bahai Faith inaccurately."

On the contrary, this character is doing a most accurate caricature of the community who disenrolled and declared you a non-Bahai for mildly challenging the sick and twisted Haifan Bahai stalinist culture of triumphalism and exclusivism.

I doubt this person's real name is Mona Tahiri. But whoever they are they have quite accurately nailed it on the head.



Sen McGlinn

"All other religions lack spirit ..."

by Sen McGlinn on

Mona Tahiri is clearly doing a bit of black propaganda, pretending to be a Bahai and presenting the Bahai Faith inaccurately. She gives no sources because there are no sources for what she says. But her blog gives an opportunity to present properly based information. If the Bahai idea of progressive revelation from God through history did mean that all the previous religions had been cut off from the Spirit and now have no efficacy, that would be really offensive to the people of all religions. But that is not the meaning. 

The Bahai Faith does have a fuller measure of revelation, but that
does not mean other religions are simply switched off from the
‘voltage’ of the Holy Spirit. God’s way has been to work through
successive revelations at long intervals, but also to keep inspiring
and transforming previous religions for thousands of years. Baha’u’llah
for instance lived in a world in which Christians, Jews and
Zoroastrians were part of the religious scene, so he must have known
that the life of a religion does not end quickly when a new religion
comes. Rather, the new religion transforms the world, and the old
religions are transformed, but not obliterated. Not for thousands of
years. Abdu’l-Baha says:

"… the breezes of Christ are still blowing; His light is
still shining; His melody is still resounding; His standard is still
waving; His armies are still fighting; His heavenly voice is still
sweetly melodious; His clouds are still showering gems; His lightning
is still flashing; His reflection is still clear and brilliant; His
splendor is still radiating and luminous; and it is the same with those
souls who are under His protection
and are shining with His light."

(Some Answered Questions, p. 152)

Not only do the past religions still have their share of the Spirit, their institutions still have a future, although they like all other social institutions have to adapt to a globalising world and a postmodern society. Shoghi Effendi writes:

"Such institutions as have strayed far from the spirit
and teachings of Jesus Christ must of necessity, as the embryonic World
Order of Baha’u'llah takes shape and unfolds, recede into the
background, and make way for the progress of the divinely-ordained
institutions that stand inextricably interwoven with His teachings. The
indwelling Spirit of God which, in the Apostolic Age of the Church,
animated its members,
the pristine purity of its teachings, the
primitive brilliancy of its light, will, no doubt, be reborn and
as the inevitable consequences of this redefinition of its
fundamental verities, and the clarification of its original purpose.
(The World Order of Baha’u'llah, p. 185)

Baha'u'llah revealed a prayer for the future of Islam:

"He is God – Exalted be He, the Lord of Majesty and Power!

I plead my grief and sorrow unto God, the Lord of all humankind.
The affairs of men have been shaken, the nations have become perturbed
and Islam has been weakened thereby. The enemies have afflicted it from
all sides and it remains encompassed by them. Thus it behooveth the
people of God to invoke Him in the morning and the night-season, to
beseech Him to graciously aid the Muslims, one and all, to do that
which is pleasing and seemly, to exalt them by His Command and through
the power of His Sovereign Might, to make them aware of that which will
exalt their stations, to change their abasement into might, their
poverty into wealth, their destruction into advancement, their distress
into peace of mind and their fear into security and tranquility. Verily, He is the All-Merciful. There is none other God but Him, the Compassionate, All-Bountiful.

In The Secret of Divine Civilization, Abdu’l-Baha proposes
not just ways to revive the fortunes of Iran and bringing peace, but
also ways to revive the Faith of God there (Shi’ah Islam) through a
Reformation analogous to that instituted by Luther:

"Now if the illustrious people of the one true God, …
should adopt procedures for spreading the Faith and should bend all
their efforts to this end, it is certain that His Divine light would
envelop the whole earth
(The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 43)

There and in A Traveller’s Narrative he argues for religious tolerance, so that people of all religions can live side by side.

It seems that Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi look forward to a
revival of Christianity, Islam and other religions, which, because they
rediscover the universal in their own teachings, will learn to work
together. I do not know anywhere where they look forward to the
extinction of other religions.

What the world needs is not simply a new religion, that Bahai and only Bahai can provide. The need is for a new kind
of religious order, and I think that the new religion of Bahai will
help the older religions to create it together. What is needed is a
religious order which will foster global unity, rather than creating a
lot of separate religious identities that compete with one another or


See more on my blog at


What I can do, is keep my arm
from bringing others any harm.
How can I give the enviers ease?
They are themselves their own disease.
(Sa'di, Gulestan 1:5)

Email: Sen.Sonja[at]Casema.


What is wrong here?

by Observing from a Far (not verified) on

I can't understand why baha'is are shouting, he is a Baha'i and he is not a baha'i. even if Mona is baha'i and she is saying that - what is wrong with it? even moslems say like that, even christian say that way. I don't find anything wrong in mona's writings.


Ali P

by NUR on

Your attempts to hide your Bahai diction (and hence affiliation) aren't working very well. Try a little harder. Some of us have strong noses and can catch whiffs of who is doing hikmat better than others. If the followers of a faith are the gauge for the truthfulness of a given cause, then the Amish and their simple, clean and pure form of Christianity have the Bahais beat a hundred million times over squared!


Perfect caricature of the Haifan Baha'is here

by NUR on

Despite the comments of the Haifan Baha'i Internet Agency lynch mob here, this blog is a perfect caricature of the Haifan Baha'i herd and their various sycophantic hangers-on. Whoever you are, welcome friend.

BTW, alborz, you are wrong. Salvation is very much a Bahai concept as well. The first paragraph of your Kitab-i-Aqdas thoroughly articulates a salvation typology and you will find this notion of salvation (nijat) very much a constant theme throughout the writings of Husayn 'Ali Baha' himself. He is explicitly designated in some places by the epithet naji-i-'alam/savior of the world, and naji/savior is very much a regular descriptive in Bahai writings. But don't ask me to look for examples right away since I burned all my Baha'i books several years ago in a huge ritual bonfire in the backyard!

Tahirih, please stop using that holy name at least in deference and respect to Her Holiness the Tree of Splendor (shajara't'ul-baha'), the Return of Fatima Zahra' (salam'ullah 'aleyha). Even if it be your personal name, in Our opinion you have no right to call yourself or associate yourself with the name of that Mother of the world, that Purest Leaf of the Highest Paradise!

To the first commentator here below, go to any Baha'i event or function and you will see that the Baha'is will be talking in exactly this manner, almost verbatim.


I just laugh at them !

by Souri on

Don't worry, this only show the degree of their bankrupcy.....

Now, they can nothing else but make a fool of themselves

This is another glory for you the Bahai people!

More power to you!


Ali Jaan

by faryarm on

....hope you "saw" right through this one too... 



Ali P.

by Anonymous99 (not verified) on

Ali, Thank you for your words in support of the baha'i faith. Are you really impressed. Have you ever visited the Wilmette temple? It is so full of Spirituality. If you have not been, please come once and you will see what the real Baha'i faith is. For more information on baha'i faith please visit our official website

Investigate the truth and Join our campaign against the Cruel Islamic Regime. Join Baha'i faith and we can make a difference!

Register today and become a Baha'i to avail special offers ;)


Dear MT, All religions at

by Seagull (not verified) on

Dear MT,
All religions at one point or another have made not only a similar buta far more rigid claim, like all the non-believers will go to hell without a doubt.
Mohammad PBUH attempted to convince Jews and Christians to join the faithful and become moslems.
And with pagans he dealt a blow.
Although Bahais claim that their teachings are for the present day, and can make life and thus becoming spiritual a practical and more tangible possibility for everyone, closeness or remoteness from God is taught as the ultimate heaven or hell. This implies that all conscienable people of any religion or no religion are by virtue of the Mercy and Grace of God brought closer to the recognition of this and are more inclinded to yeild to the truth.
May God honer all of us with a religion, whatever it maybe to each one of us, but one that is a religion free from hate, rancor, envy and contempt for the children of God.

Ali P.

Now seriously...

by Ali P. on

How low can you go?

Hmmmm...maybe there is something to this Bahai faith.

Every day - at least on this site- I am impressed by the followers of this faith, and appalled, by it's enemies.


Such a nice name!!!

by Tahirih on

How original!! I have a hunch who could this be, but I will leave it to the readers to guess who this disturbed mind belongs to?

As the original Tahirih on this site , I declare to the readers that this person has nothing to do with me, or Bahai faith.

this person should try to grab a life, and find his own name, and goal in life. 


Mona 19

Hojatieh 101 trick !

by Mona 19 on

Your choice of user name and content of your blog reflect your real intention!


rosie is roxy is roshan

Sorry folks, just couldn't resist...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

this was originally a double post and I marked it for deletion but then I saw the Bahai prayer beads ad in the upper right hand corner. Google found the key words and posted for their client. Who for sure ain't Bahai.

It was the same during the Gaza war. Everyone was screaming Israel bloody murder and google posted for hebrew lessons and jdate. LOL

rosie is roxy is roshan

Mona Tahiri-joon, lovey ducky, you joined the website today and

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

you don't even have a goddam avatar.

That's why I think it's so amazing, so incredible, that you came here just when there's been such heated debate about the Bahai. It must be divine destiny. True revelation.

I will join tomorrow. Just tell me where to go and I'll pacik my bags tonight.


Oh plesae

by sarbaz (not verified) on

here we go with NUR and his IRI antics.
I guess sophia wasn't a good enough name so he started with Mona tahiri!
multiple personality anyone??!


Tthis is another attemp to

by amigo19 on

Tthis is another attemp to undermine the Baha i faith.  Mona or whoever he or she is,is not a Bahai CLEARLY and is trying to intreague and cause misunderstanding
Just registered a couple of hours ago ,obviously is someone who is trying to cause mischief under another name



by A friend of Bahais (not verified) on

This blog is clearly intended to smear the Bahai community by showing them in a falsely arrogant and condescending light - somthing the Bahais are certainly not.

No one in their right mind, or if they have the slightest of care for their faith, these days would shout such hollow slogan as: We are the ONLY faith to follow if you need to be rescued from the vices of this world or the punishment for following them in the after life.

Such a statement would bring an immediate violent response by the opponents of that faith and verbal condemnation by its critics. There is no such thing as The ONLY way or the ONLY faith for mankind. These statements and its variations are elitist, discriminative and defy divine justice and are not fitting the God of Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and Bahaullah.

The Bahai bashers who try to resort to such laughable methods need to learn about the faith they are trying to smear and then write about it. If they do, they will find that there is nothing there to smear about.


nothing lasts forever

by manmad ghorrishi (not verified) on

Why not.


"Mona Taheri" what is your purpose...

by faryarm on

"Mona Taheri"

Since you registered and joined us approx. 1 hour 18 minutes ago, 

what is your real purpose by trying to write something like this?

Clearly, you are not a Bahai.

Kindly, identify your motives and express your intentions.

Thank You.



Mona Joon

by jimzbund on

Since you have done your Tahara and are Tahir, how about I embrace you and you can have a better life here and in eternity !!!



Bund, Jimz Bund


Thank you for Promoting the Baha'i Faith

by Believer (not verified) on

The many "shades" of "Nur" do so much to
promote the Baha'i Faith. Thank you for
your support!

The sad part is that bloggers who keeps obsessively posting mockeries of the Baha'i Faith are as transparent as air. Bloggers llie this assume that readers here are ignorant. Blogs like this one have an opposite effect than intended

. . . they demonstrate the darkness of ignorance AND THE FOLLY OF PREJUDICE.


Clearly NOT...

by faryarm on


What's Next?



This one gets an F for content and style...

by alborz on

... so expect to see a repeat submission from this character.

Hint: Salvation is a Christian concept !




Not by a Bahai

by Reza 106 (not verified) on

I'm not a Bahai, but I have many Bahai friends. No Bahai would ever write nonsense like this. This is clearly by some coward enemy of Bahais trying to discredit them.

Shame on you for writing such trash!