The Bahai Faith is the religion for me--because it teaches the things I've believed my whole life!

Mona Tahiri
by Mona Tahiri

Last year in November, I met my girlfriend for the first time when I went to my cousin's house for the holiday.  It turns out that she and my cousin were almost absolute best friends, so I ended up talking with the two of them . . . when we got to the subject of religion, she said she wanted to be a Bahai, which peaked my interest.  Now it wasn't until a month later when I started dating her that I began to study the Bahai religion.  A half a year later, I confirmed with my inner self that the Bahai religion was the religion for me, not because it was my girlfriend's religion, but because it is the religion that teaches the things I've believed in my whole life--the things that stopped me from believing the religion I was raised on.  I had been searching for almost seven years for a religion.  Every day since I confirmed my faith within myself as a Bahai, I have prayed that my girlfriend receives the ability soon to convert to the Bahai religion.  I hope that her parents see the error of their ways in retaining her to their beliefs instead of allowing her to choose her own path in the beautiful world.  The Bahai religion has made my life feel so much more sensible and I can only hope that it does the same for many more.



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Fer crissake, Mona Tahini,

by Rosie. on

There you go again.

So, for the nine millionth time, for the benefit of the readers: you post these blogs to make the Bahai sound stupid because they all sound like they're written by some kind of seventeen year old 'dumb blond', as it were, and every time you slip in things that will subliminally confirm the stereotypes against the Bahai (usually the ones about wanting everyone to convert and evangelizing to take over the world, plus the dumb tone itself implying brainwashing).

Actually the way you do it is sometimes kinda subtle, which would suggest you have some intelligence. However every single time you do it people hop on the thread to denounce you. And yet you keep doing it. Which would appear to indicate that you are a moron. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, so why don't you just throw in your lot with the intelligent part of you and stop wasting your time posting this crap?

ps i think from now so i don't waste my own time i'm just going to copy-paste this post from here onto all your future blogs. unless of course you delete this blog hint hint.


Dear Mona You are giving

by jamshid_rafie on

Dear Mona

You are giving the fairy tale that any one can directly and ask you to become baha'i. Do you know there are so many division in baha'i faith. lot of confusion. Everyone is claiming to be correct. refer website.

In such situation it is very difficult to believe and accept the true faith