Baha'is in Pakistan

Mona Tahiri
by Mona Tahiri

Hope you are fine and keeping well. I know for sure this will make you happy and overjoyed.

On 2 May, the Government of Pakistan was the host for the 12th day of Ridvan inviting some 500 participants from all Minority groups of Pakistan at a dinner reception during which the Government declared 21 April as a recognized Holy Day for the Baha'is.

On 28 May, we yet had another surprising event here in Islamabad as the Government organized a Minorities Solidarity Convention in which followers of all the Minority groups in Pakistan did participate. We were around 900 Baha'is coming from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Mansereh, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar and Lahore. It was a good event to mention about the Faith as in addition to few Federal Ministers, the Prime Minister, Ghulam Reza Gilani was the Chief Geust. The Baha'i Community had its repsresentative to speak on the event with the presentation of a cheque contributed towards Prime Minister's Special Fund on Victims of Terrorism.

It was a luncheon which povided us with a good chance to answer to many queries on the Faith from the participants side.

3 important announcements for the Minorities by the Prime Minister were, allocation of 5% of government employments to the minoritities, 11 Agust was declared as the National Day for Minorities in Pakistan, construction of an Interfaith Centre in Islamabad which all minorities will be accommodated! !!!!!!!! Isn't all these thrilling and just a dream at the neighborhood of Iran where our beloved brethren can't even breath normally in social terms!!!!!! Ya Bahaul Abha!


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