Sharing Baha'i Stories with Children

Mona Tahiri
by Mona Tahiri

There are suggestions for telling stories in Baha'i Children's Classes here

and here and in a number of other stories on that wonderful website. Here is another. Ah, wonderful, there are lots of resources for telling stories in Baha'i Children's Classes. An idea presented in the story above about the Universal House of Justice, is to use a picture book to show photographs of the Seat of the Universal House of Justice. (This also enhances stories told to adults.)

Marguerite Sears told me that when she and her husband, the Hand of the Cause William Sears, pioneered to Africa, at first they had difficulty sharing the Baha'i message with the people, as the people were wary. Bill was experienced with using puppets, having once hosted a television show. The Sears then drove into villages, and stopped their car. Mr. Sears would raise a puppet above the door, leaning out the window, and the children would approach. They would not talk with him, but they would talk to the puppet. Gradually, the adults came over to see what was so interesting to their children, and in this way, Mr. and Mrs. Sears were able to share the Baha'i message with more people.

The same approach is used worldwide:


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