I love opening packages! Don't you?

by Monda

This morning my daughter called me at work to let me know there's a package for me at home from CafePress. I asked her to carefully open the package and call me later about the content. Her school was closed today for Teacher's Day, so she went to her friend's and forgot to call me. Tonight when I came home, there was this re-wrapped package that looked never opened. My daughter had done such a nice job of putting everything back together. She knows how much I enjoy opening packages and letters.

Anyhow, as I'm writing this, I'm enjoying my green tea sweetened with honey in my brand new iranian.com mug. The glaze feels good on my lips, I bet it can endure microwave for many years and I love the simple black design on white.

And my daughter is having her hot chocolate in this other mug that we ordered on Iranian.com's online store. That one has a brown vintage looking map of ancient Iran printed on it - again nice design and quality.

Affarin to whoever the designer and maker were. Could they be JJ?! Nah... the man has many talents from ping pong and tennis to literature and political discussions on people's blogs, etc.... but designing clay mugs cannot be his thing. So any artist who did this deserves a nice hug from me and my daughter. Who is presently wearing her "baba vote bedeh digeh" black t-shirt, to go out again. She says the soft cotton feels good on her skin (she doesn't have my habit of washing new items).

Nothing better than simple things in life. I mean emails are great too but opening them is nowhere as exciting as opening packages and letters. Oh, and it just so happens that package had some great contents!


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by Monda on

that remains a mystery to me!  I re-registered with 2 cards, 3 different addresses, 3 different emails and phone #'s,... one of them may have gone through. But I still got emails from paypal to the contrary!

I'll check on my cc statements when they arrive in envelopes :o) 

Shirin Vazin


by Shirin Vazin on


did your paypal problem with the CC finally solve?



by Monda on

Size small fitted women's t-shirt fits my daughter who's a perfect size 4. Bear in mind that even with organic cotton, some shrinkage must happen.  



by Monda on

I'm getting those aprons for my nieces as aidi this Norooz.


I like the aprons

by Anonymouse on


You reminded me

by Princess on

that I have been meaning to order a few items, too.

and yes, I love the sense of anticipation and the tingle of excitement when opening packages and letters.  


Ari Siletz

Got doogh?

by Ari Siletz on

That mug is my favorite. My daughters, and a cousin may each get a package soon.


Thank you Bruce

by Monda on

He should also consider designing t-shirts with his comic book characters. Rostam on men's black t's and Roodabeh on women's (or vice versa).  I bet they'd sell well for Norooz.

Jahanshah Javid

Thanks to Bruce

by Jahanshah Javid on

Glad you like the merchandise Monda. What's great about CafePress is that they have an inventory of all kinds of quality-made products. All we have to do is upload the artwork online and they take care of sales, packaging and shipping.

Most of the current designs, except in the artists section, are done by our long-time good friend Bruce Bahmani. He's also managing the store for us. So if you see him in the Bay Area, give him a big boos :)