An Idea to Fix the Economy

by Monda

This is from an article in the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper on Sunday. The Business Section asked readers for ideas on "How Would You Fix the Economy?" I think this guy nailed it!

Dear Mr. President,

Please find below my suggestion for fixing America 's economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.

You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan:

There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force. - Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.

2) They MUST buy a new American CAR. Forty million cars ordered - Auto Industry fixed.

3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed.

It can't get any easier than that!

P.S. If more money is needed, have all members in Congress and their constituents pay their taxes...

If you think this would work, please forward to everyone you know. If not, please disregard.


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Dear AF,

by Tdept (not verified) on

Dear AF,

Your check is in the mail.

T Dept

PS. Yaaay...I just turned 51 I'm gonna get one too.

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

i like it!!!

with a million bucks, i CAN pay off my mortgage, buy a new car, buy a new boat, take a trip to ireland and iran, buy aziz a new truck, tuck a little something away for the chiruns', buy my parents a new car... hmmm... what else.  go on a seri-ass shopping spree with my sisters, mom and nieces, totally fix up the house, buy new furniture, install that jacuzzi outside i've always wanted, completely gut the yard and start over...

and still have over 500K left to invest and provide a meager but sufficient monthly stipend on which to live.

so, when can i expect my check?  :-)))


If they paid those people a

by Abdolwahab Shahidi (not verified) on

If they paid those people a million dollars, the houses or condos that they couldn't afford would remain highly inflated and people under 50 would not be able to buy affordable housing. Not to mention the fact that you'd reward the ones who broke the system, including the banks who cheated and won't give credit again.

But not to worry the same people who bought houses that they couldn't afford are now NOT paying their mortgages so they can qualify for affordable loans. Of course they can't afford affordable loans either but they can skip paying their mortagage for several months, more if you rent it!

The winner in all of this like the dot com boom are the big investors who hyped the market and pulled their profits when they had enough. The rest of so called investors and real life taxi drivers, carpet shop sales and cougars were once again left out in the cold.


it did sound good to me because..

by Monda on

I immediately went to that cozy and affordable place in my mind, out of here, where I'd be having a bicycle (or moped), eating fruits off of trees, growing my own vegetables, listening to good music, reading and working! The rest is technicalities!

Considering the amount of inherited chaos in the system, I don't think we can see the real Obama administration capabilities in tangible terms for a very long time, definitely not before you turn 50.


Kaveh Nouraee

An even better idea

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Allow the cyclical nature of a free market economy to operate without interference.

Stop thinking that government solves the problem. Government creates the problem. When a government cannot conduct itself with fiscal responsibility and propriety, they are in fact the last entity to be getting involved with bailouts, takeovers, and so forth.

Government's job is to ensure that the Constitution of the United States is being upheld. Not re-written, Not re-interpreted.

Also, show me where the TARP money has gone. Show me where the $787 billion dollars borrowed from the Chinese is being spent, and stop giving the United Auto Workers Union majority ownership of car companies that they have run into the ground with their exorbitant labor contracts that were achieved through tactics that make the Mafia look like choirboys. Show me the jobs created from that BS stimulus package, because all I see is more and more people out of work.


they made it sound really good

by IRANdokht on

Monda jan, if there are really $40 million people who qualify, giving each of them a million dollars would add up to $40 trillions! That's so much more than what they're fighting to pass.

You'll pay $300-$500 K (at least) to buy back your mortgage and buy an american car. Since you're not working anymore and you're still 50, you end up not having enough money to live on for another  20-40 years... especially if you have children in college or want to enjoy your retirement! 

And then what about the people who turn 50 next year?

These guys think they can prove that Obama's administration is not competent enough to take care of this and/or he has a socialist agenda! but tell them we want a $40 trillions worth of stimulus package only for the 50+ portion of the society and watch them run to the white house and drop more than just their teabags in the yard...